Cannabis Facts for Creatives

Cannabis is known as many things, but one thing is for sure, it offers a lot of potential for people who work in the creative department. Read on to know 3 facts creatives should know about this plant.

It Stimulates Your Imagination

Ever wonder why the 60s and 70s were such a breeding ground for creativity? Notable songs, artworks, movies and other similar cultural products were made during the Psychedelic Era and it is thanks to marijuana amongst others. From the vibrant posters of Rick Griffin to the timeless masterpieces of GOAT bands such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles, this plant has aided in the creative endeavours of many people not only in 60s and 70s but also from ancient times until today.

This herb contains the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), which is known for giving a cerebral high that not only stimulates your cognitive faculties, but also your imagination. So, the next time your brain fails you, try consuming cannabis products. You just might come up with the next sensational idea that will surpass the test of time.

It Gives You the Energy You Need

Aside from an exhausted imagination, another greatest enemy of creatives is lack of energy. After all, producing creative outputs can be exhausting. While coffee is a staple for creatives, it might just not cut it on days and nights when deadlines approach and clients hound you. So, as a creative, you might want to try consuming cannabis not only to boost your imagination but also to get the energy you require. CBD and the mildly psychoactive tetrahydrocannabivarin (TCHV) can help you stimulate both your mind and body.

It Helps You Get the Rest for Another Day

The work of creatives is not contained within their designated working hours. In fact, a burst of creativity can come just as you are falling asleep and you need to immediately take action by taking notes, sketching or even by full-on working. With the eccentric nature of creativity, this can drain the life out of you if you don’t get the rest you need. If you desperately need to catch some sleep, consuming cannabis is a good option.

Cannabis Products to Boost Your Creativity

With the variety of choices in the market, you may be confused as to what product is best for your work, schedule and needs. Worry not because we can help you choose! Check out the list below:

Weed-Infused Cookies, Brownies and other Baked Goods

If you have a sweet tooth that requires you to get sweet snacks every now and then, these goods are perfect for you. Cannabinoids bind well with fats, and being made with butter and milk, you are guaranteed to get the full effects of weed from these products.

CBD Oil Mixed into Your Drinks

If you are always busy and you need to keep your hands clean and available, eating while working may not be the best option for you. Good thing you can have a mug or glass of your favorite drink laced with CBD oil. This way, you can get a taste of your much-loved beverage whilst benefiting from what cannabis has to offer.

The Good Ol’ Joint

Once you are done for the day, why not enjoy a puff of your favorite strain? After all, nothing beats the highs that blazing up gives. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your blunt!

So, all you creatives out there, make sure to have your cannabis product on-hand and you can get the boost you need to follow your creative instinct and drive!