Every successful business is built upon the dreams and passions of its founders. Combined with brilliant innovative ideas and sheer persistence, business owners find themselves riding the high of their flourishing business. Perhaps this is what Cody Alt found himself in when he entered entrepreneurship. Known as a serial entrepreneur, he has been the mastermind of various companies including one business that took the cannabis world to far greater heights.

From One High to Another

Hailing from Maxville, Montana, Cody moved to Scottsdale to pursue his lifetime passion of becoming a successful businessman. He entered the business landscape with an idea for a meal preparation kitchen with only $5,000 to his name. Building this company, BodyFuel, from the ground up, his journey proved to be eventful as he encountered the greatest challenged in his career: getting a DUI for 30 days just when kitchen business was picking up. Without the convenience of his own vehicle to open his retail sites, pick-up meals and deliver them, Cody found himself rushing from one place to another for 30 days to fulfil his duties as the owner.

To him, this experience was certainly one of the most mentally and physically taxing obstacles he had to go through, especially with the feeling of helplessness and loneliness he had to deal with during the ordeal. Fortunately enough, Cody’s entrepreneurial spirit overcame this temporary impediment and went on to establish PureKana, his cannabis-focused business.

The Cannabis World and PureKana

With the recent positive developments in the US regarding hemp and hemp-infused products, the country was ready for a hemp business that takes ‘dealing weed’ to a far more sophisticated and innovative level. PureKana’s objective is simple: it wants to be a trusted source for all things about hemp. To some extent, the company is indeed achieving this. It has been serving as a reliable source for enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients alike for their cannabinoid needs.

“Cody’s entrepreneurial spirit overcame this temporary impediment and went on to establish PureKana, his cannabis-focused business.”

For Cody, PureKana is not simply a business; it is also an advocacy. Aiming to spearhead the arrival of hemp and cannabidiol products in the mainstream market, PureKana seeks to give people access to the benefits cannabis oil has to offer. As part of its advocacy, Cody also makes sure that his products are 100% non-GMO, organic, and are sourced from plants cultivated without pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals.

From Hemp Oil to CBD Vape Oil

Being a cannabis-focused company, PureKana offers a wide variety of products, from CBD gummies and CBD oil to capsules, vape pens and e-juices. Enthusiasts and patients alike are likely to find the best CBD-infused products for their needs. In fact, Cody ensures that his customers will have the best experience by offering varying amounts of CBD and THC contents per product.

Customers are likely to enjoy the company’s own manufactured gummies made with all-natural ingredients, guaranteeing a real fruity taste with a satisfying kick of CBD. Moreover, customers can choose from various ointments, tinctures, pure picks and bath bombs. They can even share the cannabis goodness with their dogs with the company’s hemp dog treats with different flavors and a wide range of health benefits.

To this day, Cody is running five companies with an annual revenue amounting to a whopping $10 million. Aside from PureKana, Cody is also managing Kushly, another cannabis-focused company that delivers a wide selection of cannabis-infused products to customers in Arizona and California.

Other companies Cody manages include Elevate Media, Slapps (a men’s underwear line) and Never Sell Dope (a streetwear apparel brand).