As more people are getting curious about marijuana both for medical and recreational use, you need better assistance from people knowledgeable in weed. Like you, many people are still clueless about cannabis. So, when shopping in cannabis stores and dispensaries, you still need the help and advice from a budtender.

Budtending as a Profession

Budtenders, just like pharmacists, can provide you with the best weed brand or product for your specific needs. These professionals are well-versed in the types and potencies of different pot strains. Now that more doctors and politicians worldwide are pushing for a more liberal stance on cannabis, the demand for this career is expected to boom in the coming years.

But you should be cautious in choosing the budtender you are dealing with or consulting. Buying pot is not easy, especially in states where the plant is only legal for medical use. Aside from screening buyers, budtenders need to become experts at hundreds of cannabis strains; each of which has a unique flavor, texture, and effect on the body. These professionals also need to familiarize themselves on the different methods of consuming pot. With all these complications, you should trust a professional that has mastered these skills, noting that the cannabis industry has just started going mainstream.

Traits of Good Budtenders

Finding a competent budtender to assist you in shopping for the best strain is crucial. You don’t want to endanger your health and safety because of a mediocre attendant at a marijuana dispensary. The next time you shop for weed, find out if the budtenders have these qualities by asking these questions:

  • Strict in Complying with the State Regulation

As of this writing, only thirty-three states have legalized medical marijuana, and ten of them decriminalized the use of the plant for recreational use. To avoid encountering problems with law enforcement, you should test the knowledge of budtenders in the dispensary, especially in complying with the state laws such as the need to check IDs.

Cannabis Law on Each State

  • In-depth Knowledge About the Products

You can buy hundreds of cannabis products in dispensaries. You can find marijuana in different forms. Hence, dispensaries should train their staff to familiarize themselves with the products. An able budtender must be able to assist you in selecting the products that cater to your needs and preferences.

  • Passionate about Cannabis and Its Different Strains

Budtenders must have a deep understanding of marijuana. Aside from the hundreds of strains available in their stores, they should know their effects on the body, especially for patients. They should also know the flavors the strains give so that they can suggest the ones that would match your requirements. Moreover, they should know the history of weed, especially for curious buyers. Just like a pharmacist, they should be able to recommend the right strain that you should use.

  • Capable of Assisting Buyers and Patients

Aside from being marijuana experts, budtenders are sales and customer service professionals. Hence, they must have superior social skills, especially in educating and assisting people who are trying weed for the first time. They should also display patience and composure under stress, considering that many shoppers in dispensaries are patients of different kinds of diseases.

  • Follows the Proper Etiquette

Their demeanor at work can make or break the sale. They must observe proper etiquette by being polite in assisting their customers. Moreover, they should extend their politeness in the adequate handling of marijuana. Professional budtenders usually use tongs or chopstick in handling the flowers and leaves to avoid contaminating the entire bunch.

Professional budtenders need passion, dedication, and a friendly attitude to work. To make sure you only get quality cannabis products, you need to find one who has the traits mentioned above.