Thursday, April 25, 2019
Recipes for Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis: 4 Ways to Improve Recipes

For most people, the only thing more fulfilling than eating is preparing the food itself. If you are a foodie with a penchant for...
Herbal Teas

Taking Weed to New Heights: 4 Herbs to Consume with Cannabis

By now, you are surely aware of how wonderful cannabis is. Whether it is for health or recreational purposes, this plant has something to...
Cannabis Teas

Top Five Cannabis Teas Every CBD Lover Swears By

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world apart from plain water. Drinking this healthy beverage is a crucial part of many cultures,...

Three Fun Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

Cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream considering the favourable responses to its legalization. Because of this, many people are starting to get interested...
Weed Drink

Things You Need to Know Before Drinking Weed

The legalization of medical marijuana in 33 US states and many other countries has spurred on the now booming cannabis industry. With...
Recipes for Cannabis

3 Cannabis Recipes to Prepare in Less than 1 Hour

Getting bored with vaping cannabis? It’s more fun to taste and experience a good hit than to simply inhale and exhale the goodness of THC. There are tons of cannabis edibles you can make at home without using complicated equipment or waiting for too long. Learn the basics, from the appropriate dosage for the edibles to how to store them so as to preserve the flavor and hit.
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420 Celebration

How North America Celebrated This Year’s 420

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Top Cannabis Influencers

5 Cannabis Influencers That You Should Follow Now

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