Thursday, April 25, 2019
CBD Coffee

When Pot Meets Joe: Benefits of Mixing CBD and Coffee

For many Americans, their breakfast is not complete without a cup of coffee. As the nation's third most consumed beverage, behind water and carbonated...
Cannabis this Valentines

Under the Influence: Cannabis in the Time of Love

As Valentine’s Day comes near, there is no doubt that love is certainly in the air. However, with the month in full bloom, one...
Cannabis Infused Drinks

4 Innovative Cannabis Drinkables You Shouldn’t Miss

Along with the rise of edibles, more and more Cannabis drinkables are also available in the market. If you have done your exploration of...
Marijuana Candies

Marijuana Candy: A Guide to Consuming These Treats

With the public becoming more aware of medical marijuana, it is not at all surprising to see just how the cannabis industry is thriving....
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International Worker's Day

May Day: Where Cannabis Stands in Industry and Employment

The end of April is coming fast, which brings us closer to Labor Day, also known as May Day. On May 1st, we will...
420 Celebration

How North America Celebrated This Year’s 420

4/20 came just a day before Easter, making the weekend sweet and memorable for weed enthusiasts and practicing spirituals alike. For those who are...
Top Cannabis Influencers

5 Cannabis Influencers That You Should Follow Now

Because of the overwhelming support of many politicians and doctors, the demand for cannabis and CBD oil skyrocketed. But even so, many are still...