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How CBD Can Provide Relief for Psoriasis



How CBD Can Provide Relief for Psoriasis

The months-long lockdowns and quarantines issued by governments around the globe have left people around the world reeling from the effects not only of stress and living alone, but also with battling a global health crisis and dealing with a pandemic. For a lot of individuals living under extreme stress and in unprecedented times, dealing with psoriasis in a pandemic can be quite challenging.

The uncertainty of the current landscape and the volatile events happening in between are certainly not helping. As a matter of fact, these can even trigger psoriasis flare-ups and other skin conditions, leading individuals suffering from this to encounter even more pain, that is, beyond the mental and emotional feelings that the person in question is already dealing with.

This is where cannabidiol comes in. All the buzz surrounding this compound leaves many individuals wondering what CBD oil can do in alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by red, itchy, and scaly patches that are often seen in the knees, torso, scalp, and elbows. Some of the most distinct symptoms also include silvery scales, cracked skin, itching or burning, bleeding, thickened and pitted nails, and swollen joints that are often stiff.

This condition is seen as an immune system issue. It is caused by the fast regeneration of skin, resulting in scaly and red patches. While the root of the problem is yet to be discovered, triggers that can result in flare-ups are very much known. Triggers include stress, infections, cold and dry weather, smoking, heavy alcohol intake, some medications, or withdrawal from corticosteroids.

It is a chronic disease that does not have a cure as of yet. Instead, it comes and goes in cycles, making the condition difficult to manage. This is not to say that the condition is unmanageable. In fact, what patients can do is to manage it in order to prevent it from negatively affecting their quality of life.

Discover How CBD Can Provide Relief for Psoriasis

How CBD Can Provide Relief for Psoriasis

CBD is one option patients should consider when looking for ways to manage this skin condition. As mentioned, the main effects of psoriasis include itchy, scaly, bleeding, and painful patches. Using CBD products can help relieve these symptoms, especially as this cannabinoid is known for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating substance.

Because it is easy to find in infused form, patients can choose to use topical products, so it can be applied topically. This gives users an option to directly rub it over the affected site, offering more immediate relief. Plus, research shows that it can regulate skin cell growth, in this case, stop the process.

Aside from addressing the condition as it appears, CBD can also be used to hamper the cycle of flare-ups. While most triggers require major lifestyle changes, CBD can tackle one of the least controllable triggers of all: stress.

When consumed, this substance interacts with the nervous system in such a way that it can uplift the mood of the consumer. It can also boost the user’s energy, enhance their creativity, improve the quality of their sleep, and elevate their cognition. With these effects, patients can lower down their stress levels with the help of various products such as CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, and many others.

The Bottom Line

Psoriasis may be a condition many patients have to deal with for many, many years but with the help of CBD hemp oil and other infused products, they can live knowing that their condition is managed efficiently. Combined with lifestyle changes, patients can make sure that this skin disease does not affect their quality of life.

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5 Negative Things About Smoking Weed



5 Negative Things About Smoking Weed

Currently, 18 states including Washington, DC has legalized the recreational use of cannabis, while its medical use is legal in 37 states. These law reforms surrounding cannabis indicate the rapidly changing views on the plant, especially as researchers continue to uncover its medicinal value.

In light of the therapeutic benefits shown by the plant, it is important to remember that smoking can have negative effects.

5 Negative Things About Smoking Weed

  1. Effects on Lung Health

The American Lung Association noted smoke is generally harmful to the lungs, whether the source is from burning wood, tobacco, and cannabis. Smoke contains toxins and carcinogens, which can be harmful to the lungs. The thing is marijuana smoke contains such substances, as well as irritants that cause negative effects on the lungs.

Cannabis smokers also tend to inhale deeply and keep the smoke inside their lungs for longer compared to cigarette smokers, which increases the exposure to harmful substances. Damages from marijuana smoke can lead to chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, phlegm production, and acute bronchitis.

  1. Effect on Young People’s Brain Health

A study published by Curr Pharm Des reveals that people under 25 years old who heavily smoke marijuana can see a decrease in neurocognitive performance. It can also impede brain development and alter brain functions.

This is because adolescents’ and teenagers’ brains are still being developed and frequent, heavy usage of cannabis can affect this development. This can result in impaired memory, focus, learning ability, and other brain functions.

  1. Increased Heart Rate

The National Institute on Drug Abuse said that inhaling marijuana smoke can increase a person’s heart rate. Normally, an average person’s heart beats 70 to 80 times per minute, but smoking cannabis can increase this rate by 20 to 50 beats per minute. It can even double the rate, depending on the person.

Consuming cannabis can also result in the expansion of blood vessels in the eyes, which is why users are typically known to have red eyes.

5 Negative Things About Smoking Weed
  1. Possibility of Use Disorders

Before we talk about the possibility of use disorders, it is important to learn the difference between dependence and addiction. According to the Addiction Center, dependence refers to a physical need to consume more of the substance because of withdrawal symptoms and tolerance build-up. Meanwhile, addiction is a behavioral need to consume due to changes in the brain.

Given this, there is evidence that marijuana consumers can develop use disorders, whether dependence or addiction, depending on the plant’s effects on the individual. Research shows that 9% of consumers can develop dependence. Keep in mind that a person can be dependent even though they are not addicted.

  1. Weakened Immune System

Some studies suggest that heavy and prolonged cannabis use can have effects on the immune system. According to one study, THC can stifle the immune system due to its anti-inflammatory function.

While this can be a good thing for sufferers of asthma, epilepsy, and other inflammatory conditions, it can have negative effects when an actual infection occurs. It is important to remember that inflammation is the body’s response to a harmful stimulus such as infections. Suppressing this function of the body during an infection can minimize the ability of the immune system.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana definitely has medicinal value and numerous studies are showing its positive effects. However, it is important to note that it can have negative impacts, especially as the plant has varying effects on different individuals. Knowing this 5 Negative Things About Smoking Weed, users can make informed decisions when smoking it, promoting safe and responsible cannabis use.

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“HEALTH IS WEALTH” – It is true! Have you examined the present worldwide scenario? The COVID Pandemic and several other viruses have conquered our Universe. However, we can find a way if we stay motivational and stand together. God has created the world for our living, not for deaths! Though there is a struggle, God has kept the solution for our life somewhere in nature. Science and technology have collectively taken our health into account. Their interminability of backbreaking work was never a loss. Our historical records often contain the core tools that the twentieth century has consigned to oblivion. Among the many natural
resources, Kratom is a blessing that has gained high popularity lately. Though it has a historical, traditional value of use, science has expanded its utility strength with development.

What is Kratom? It is a natural compound that exists as a mixture of two or more alkaloids. Its secret of success is the varying types and unique, attractive properties that help one follow a healthy lifestyle. So, where can we find it? It comes from the different parts of Southeastern Asia. However, few particular types have raised the consumer’s demand. Hence, they are
available worldwide to fulfill human desires. One of the trendiest types among the multiple Kratom forms is the Super Green Malay Kratom.

Malay is a popular Kratom version that varies depending on the color:
● Red
● White
● Green

Green Malay is most famous for providing a balanced range of benefits. However, one must acknowledge every piece of information regarding the Green Malay strain to encourage and enhance its productivity. Let us examine the origin and relevance of the compound in depth! Let
us devour a brief history before you buy super Green Malay Kratom.

Green Malay signifies ‘Ketum’ in Malaysia. The structure of the leaves is oval and appears dark Green. It has 100% green veins. What makes it different from other green-veined strains? As we know, evergreen trees are the source of the naturally occurring drug. Mitragyna and 7-hydroxy
Mitragyna is the core alkaloids present in every Kratom type. However, the Green Malay has the maximum intensity of providing the best results for longevity and survival in adverse circumstances. Its ancient discovery became a backbone for the early inhabitants of Malaysia. It was a traditional aid that helped to enhance focus in the medical sector. It has grown as a commercial strain with potential benefits.

Consumers have believed in the efficacy of the Mitragynine derivative. The particular strain provides the ideal proficiency in pain elimination and energy enhancement. However, scientists do not support the approval of the incredible results due to severe controversial issues. Thus, it is
legal in minimal states for now.

Many people in today’s generation do not trust these natural strains. They opt for allopathic medicines for treatment. Though they are quick in relieving the patient’s pain, they may carry harmful side effects. It may make one even worse with addiction. The consumer becomes
dependent on these medications forever. Thus, avoiding the medicinal chemical substances and utilizing a natural selection will ease your life.

How come Green Malay grew as a super strain? It is multi-purpose for the reason of boasting over 40 alkaloids. The particular type is available through the High alleviation of the deforested areas.

It acts as a mediator between red and white versions of the Malay strains. It is a mixture of the sedative properties of the red vein and the euphoric nature of the white vein Kratom. The extraction of the green Malay includes the harvesting of selective giant leaves with higher alkaloid content. That is the reason it is a super strain! The leaves replicate the Elephant’s ears.
Thus, it is often known as “the Elephant Kratom”!

The Malaysian drug has a deep earthy aroma and smooth feel. What if it is stale? The particles feel rough and dusty if they become worse. Likewise, the older the powder forms, the stinky it smells.

Every product has a positive or negative role. It just depends on the way you prefer it and the way you consider its dosage. Let us explore the pros of the super Green Malay:

  1. It acts as an ultimate energy booster for enhancing brain function and body strength.
  2. It is an excellent pain reliever, not only for joints and muscles but also for curing bone
    weakening (Osteoporosis).
  3. It is a boon for those suffering from Migraines. It can empower your concentration with a
    consistent routine.
  4. It is a mood regulator for those with depressive traits. It can respond to the body and
    mind within twenty minutes of consumption. It can fill one with positivity.
  5. The herb brings a feeling of euphoria among the ones combating negativity. Insomnia is
    curable through the ingestion of the Green Malay.
  6. The Malaysian herb is capable of reducing wrinkles. Its anti-aging properties keep the
    face fresh.
  7. Its anti-oxidative property can invest in our immunity. It is responsible for the
    management of hormonal imbalance and immune system with mild recovery.
  8. The heavy alkaloid concentration increases its potency rate. One can experience
    appetizing effects in the body that often acts as a powerful relaxant.

Though the Malaysian Green strain is close to perfection, it has few drawbacks. The side effects are mild, and hence, no one needs to worry! However, recommend a professional before its consumption and keep a strict diet plan for its dosage. Let us explore the side effects that can hit
one due to overdosage:

● Sweating and giddiness
● Trembling and shaking of hands or legs
● Makes the eye vision poor for a while
● Makes one weak due to a reduction in appetite
● Headache and constant puking may occur

Therefore, one must ensure that the herb is suitable for your body. Despite several benefits, one can not utilize it without correct acknowledgment of the Kratom strain.


The Super Green Malay Kratom is the supreme strain of the Kratom family.
People opt for the particular Malaysian strain for its high potency and devastating results. Though science has revealed only minor benefits till now, one can rely on its effectiveness. Several consumers have expressed a positive attitude towards its quality and efficiency.

However, it is never a loss to refer to a drug specialist before opting for the herb in your daily routine. One must optimize their ailments and look for appropriate dosages that can not affect them with harsh consequences.

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10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis that the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You



10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis that the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You

There are interesting facts about cannabis and for decades, through entertainment and ‘information’ mainstream media has gone to great lengths to shape how the public views cannabis. This could be for any number of reasons, political agendas, and economic incentives. At worst they will propagate myths and misconceptions (“reefer madness” being an old one). At best they will downplay or not even talk about cannabis at all until they absolutely have to. 

Nowadays we have the internet. The internet has made it possible for people to access information outside what the mainstream wants to propagate. Though you should always check your sources and your sources’ sources. 

With all that said, here are 10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis that the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You:

10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis that the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You
  1. Cannabis Dispensaries Do Not Attract Crime

According to The Journal of Urban Economics legal cannabis dispensaries seem to have a deterring effect on crime within neighborhoods. In a study, researchers from the University of Southern California found in various parts of Los Angeles that criminal activity went up nearly immediately following the closures of legal dispensaries. They compared the rates of criminal activity to those in areas where dispensaries were able to stay open.

  1. Nine in Ten Americans Favor Some Degree of Marijuana Legalization

As of an April 2021 survey the Pew Research Center found that 91% of adults in the United States say that marijuana should be legalized to some extent.  Of that, 60% say it should be legal to use medically and recreationally. 31% believe marijuana should be restricted to medical use. A mere 8% believe it should not be legalized at all.

  1. Marijuana Prohibition Does Not Protect Kids

The New York Times found in 2011 that 1 in 15 of nearly all students in high school said they smoked marijuna a majority of days. It has also been discovered that between states that have legalized pot and those that haven’t there is very little difference in the rates at which teenagers smoke the substance.

  1. Legalized Pot Does Not Lead to More Traffic Fatalities

Despite the arguments otherwise, One of the interesting facts about cannabis is that the Federal traffic safety data does not show an increase in traffic fatalities following the legalization of cannabis. In an evaluation of crash fatality rates before and after pot was legalized in Colorado and Washington, which were compared to eight other states, investigators from the University of Texas-Austin could not find any association between marijuana legalization and traffic mortality rates.

  1. Marijuana Does Not Itself Cause Cancer

The book Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know points out that even the heaviest of pot smokers do not consume as much weed as tobacco smokers do cigarettes. Yes marijuana smoke contains carcinogens but according to a 2006 study from the National Institute of Drug Abuse there was “no association at all” between marijuana itself and cancer. After all, it can be enjoyed in other ways besides smoking. 

  1. Legalization Does Not Lead to More Marijuana Abuse

An article published in the journal Addiction and written by researchers from Columbia University stated they could not find an “associated increase” of cannabis abuse among young people after marijuana was legalized. Their findings are paralleled in many other studies.

  1. Most Marijuana Smokers are NOT Heavy Users
Most Marijuana Smokers are NOT Heavy Users

As Marijuana Legalization also points out, about 40 to 50 percent who have used marijuana cite only having dones so 12 days or less out of their entire lives. Over the course of 2011 only approximately 1 in 3 of marijuana smokers say they smoked pot for no more than 10 days. Household survey data found only a fifth of marijuana users over 12 use weed every day or nearly every day. 

  1. Marijuana Does Not Cause Kids to Use Other Drugs

The Institute of Medicine reported “no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs.”

  1. Less Than Half of US Adults Say They Have Used Marijuana at All

A 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health says only 46% of adults in the United States have consumed or imbibed marijuana. Compare that to the 80% who’ve consumed alcohol or the 61% that has used tobacco.

  1.  Recreational Marijuana has Been Legalized in Washington D.C. and 17 States

As of April 2021, it is legal to at least have limited amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes in 17 states and the District of Columbia. The latest of states to join this number were Virginia, Mexico, and New York this year. 

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