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Vaping CBD Oil, CBD Vape Pen

Top 5 Best Portable Cannabis Vapes for Beginners



Cannabis Vaping

With more states legalizing the recreational marijuana use, people may be intrigued and try cannabis products that are accessible. In addition to smoking cannabis strains, one can also get into vaporizer or most commonly known as vape or vape pen. Beginners can agree that there’s a host of vape products available, and it’s easy to get confused on what to purchase.

Before jumping into the top portable cannabis vaporizer for beginners, it’s integral to know some facts about smoking marijuana and how it’s different from using a vape. Read on to find out everything a beginner needs to know about these things.

Smoking and Vaping Marijuana: Difference

When talking about smoking marijuana, people would always compare it side by side with smoking tobacco. There are differences, especially with the amount of pyrolytic compounds as compared to smoked tobacco. And if one uses a vaporizer, there have been studies that backed the fact that this method reduces the amount of the pyrolytic carcinogenic compounds in the process of heating marijuana.

Although it’s said that the compounds are almost the same, the pyrolytic compounds in vapor are relatively smaller than of smoke. There’s also a report citing how respiratory irritation was lessened after an individual switched to a vaporizer for a month. Lung function improved and symptoms linked to bronchitis were somehow lessened following the use of a vaporizer instead of smoking marijuana.

With all these studies, it suggests that vaping can still cause lung irritations but it causes fewer issues as compared to smoking. Looking at it scientifically, with smaller pyrolytic compounds, it’s safe to say using vape is a better alternative in case a person develops serious issues with smoking cannabis.

Best Cannabis Vape for Beginners

Cannabis Vape for Beginners

Safety is the number one priority when choosing a marijuana vaporizer. Of course, nobody wants to use something defective and cause even serious damage to the body. The experience follows through, as the quality of the vape affects or change the experience. By far, here are some of the best vaporizers to get if you’re just starting with using marijuana.

1. Atmos Jump

This is one of the cheapest and decent vaporizers for beginners, that works well with plant material. The only downside is the single temperature setting, but overall, it’s best enough for vaping cannabis. Atmos Jump consistently ranked as one of the best in the market for the affordability and performance, not to mention sleek look.

The build is impressive with powerful carbon fiber housing and a 1200mAh battery for longer-lasting use. This product has a convenient and comfortable mouthpiece. The Atmos Jump has a hard anodized heating chamber that provide a silky and rich vapor.

2. KandyPens Slim

The first choice for an ultraportable vaporizer is KandyPens Slim, with the same diameter and dimension as a standard ink pen. What’s surprising about this product is the buttonless body, one simply needs to pull air in through the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor. This vape pen can be refilled with oil and e-liquid, then heated with standard 510 threading.

3. Vessel Wood Series

If you’re looking for a sleek and unique vaporizer, the Vessel Wood Series don’t disappoint. It features a smooth-looking and luxurious wood finishes in a compact design. It has a 240mAh battery with three power settings and a magnetic charging cable for a hassle-free charging. Best of all, it can hold a standard 510 oil carts.

4. Linx Hermes 3

For advanced vaporizer, the Linx Hermes 3 is a serious investment. It produces tasty clouds with no effort, thanks to the sophisticated ceramic heating tank. It’s constructed of medical-grade components that can hold 0.5mL of oil, topped with a 290mAh battery.

5. DaVinci IQ

Beginners would need something with adjustable temperature settings just like what DaVinci IQ can offer. It’s sleek and with hybrid conduction or convection style for marijuana. What’s more, it can be paired with an app to easily monitor and adjust the temperature as needed—totally cool and unique.


Getting to know the options for consuming or using marijuana is crucial to find the best one that perfectly works for any individual. While some people enjoy smoking cannabis, one can have better experience inhaling silky clouds, produced by a vaporizer. Consider getting the products mentioned which have exceptional quality and performance.

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Vaping CBD Oil, CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pens: Do They Work?




If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping THC, then CBD vape pens are a great option. But before you buy one, there are a few things you should know. First off, not all CBD vape pens are created equal. There are plenty of products out there that put cheap ingredients in their cartridges and call it a day—but luckily for us (and for your lungs!), there are also some really high-quality options on the market right now.

What are CBD Vape Pens?

A CBD vape pen like uncut nature carts is a device that heats up concentrated cannabinoids to deliver them directly into your body. Vape pens and other similar devices are often used for medical purposes, especially in the case of chronic or severe pain. They can also be used recreationally, though they’re not recommended for first-time users because they are generally more potent than other products on the market.

Many people use CBD oil instead of CBD vape pens because it’s easier to take and cheaper. However, there are some advantages to using a vape pen:

  • It’s discreet—you can take it with you wherever you go!
  • There aren’t any lingering odors after vaping like there might be with smoking something like marijuana leaves or flowers (aka “buds”).

-The heat used during vaporization is lower than what’s found in cigarette smoke, so it could be easier on your lungs. -Using a pen allows you to get more control over the amount of CBD being vaped. For example, if you want less than one puff at a time, then this could work for you! You can also set up timers for when you need another dose without having to worry about refilling or recharging batteries. Vape pens are portable and convenient.

CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety

If you have anxiety, CBD could be a great treatment option for you. It’s not like any other drug we’ve discussed so far—it’s more like an herbal supplement that has a variety of effects on your body and mind. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is made up of endogenous cannabinoids that affect how you feel in response to stress, pain, and inflammation. Research suggests CBD helps the ECS work better by improving its signaling mechanisms, which can reduce the frequency or intensity of symptoms related to anxiety.

If you’re using a CBD vape pen for the first time, carefully read the instructions that come with it.

These pens are easy to use and portable, but they’re also discreet and convenient. In other words, they’re not for everyone. If you don’t want to be walking around with a device that looks like a cigarette or e-cigarette, this may not be right for you. However, if discretion is important to your lifestyle and medical needs, then vaping could be an option worth exploring further.


If you’re new to the world of CBD vape pens, rest assured that it’s an exciting time to get into them! They have a lot of potential and can make your life much more enjoyable.

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Vaping CBD Oil, CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vaporizing Pens: What To Know



Vaping CBD Oil

CBD vaporizing Pens
allow CBD to be inhaled directly into a person’s lungs and absorbed into the
bloodstream. CBD vape pens come in a variety of sizes and hundreds of different
models to allow the customization of one’s experience. Overall, CBD vape pens consist
of a battery, atomizer, wire coil or ceramic unit, storage chamber, and
mouthpiece, with a range of available optional extras. The e-liquid contains a
pre-measured dose of CBD and is added to the device’s storage chamber, or the
device directly, via a cartridge. The battery collects charge and transmits
power to the atomizer, which then heats either a ceramic unit or wire coil to a
specific temperature. The required temperature varies according to the e-liquid
and individual’s preference. Some devices allow modification, while others have
a pre-set temperature. The e-liquid then comes into contact with the heated
ceramic unit or wire coil and vaporizes. This vapor is an inhalable mist that
allows the user to absorb all products in the e-liquid directly. CBD vape pens
are activated via a pull-to-draw system, which means the device turns on
permanently when the user takes a puff, or via a button. There are two main
types of CBD vape pens; disposable and battery-powered. 

 Disposable CBD vape pens come with a
pre-measured amount of e-liquid and hold a certain amount of charge. These vape
pens are not rechargeable and the battery usually lasts for 30 days after
turning on with the initial puff, with a total of approximately three hundred
puffs available. After use, as the name suggests, these pens are disposed of,
and a new unit must be purchased. Disposable vape pens are self-contained and
are therefore unmodifiable. If problems arise during use, there is no option
for troubleshooting. Depending on the issue, the unit may be returned, and a
new unit must be purchased.

 Battery-powered vape pens are rechargeable and can be used over a longer period if maintained correctly. The battery must be charged, coils cleaned, and temperature set correctly to avoid burning the CBD e-liquid. The coil can be primed by gently blowing on it and taking dry hits without the battery. The storage chamber devices allow users to purchase e-liquid separately from the vape pen and refill in any quantity, as needed. 

 Cartridges provide a pre-defined quantity of
e-liquid to the user, are a removable part of the vape pen, and are disposed of
once empty. Cartridges always contain the e-liquid storage chamber and
sometimes other parts of the CBD vape pen. If a CBD vape pen cartridge stops working, there are
several things to troubleshoot. The holes of the cartridge may be clogged with
oil and must be cleaned. The cartridge may be cold making the oil too viscous,
which requires gentle warming. The cartridge may no longer be connecting with
the battery contact, which may need re-alignment and cleaning. Or the vape pen
settings may need re-adjusting. If problems persist, the CBD cartridge and vape
pen should be taken to a dispensary for further diagnostics.

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Cannabis Blogs

How to Start Vaping



How to Start Vaping

If you haven’t tried vaping yet but are considering giving it a try this article is for you! Vaping is easy and efficient but you need to choose the right oil and dispenser. So, let’s get stuck in and find out on how to start vaping.

What type of vaporizer?

Firstly, you need to choose a vaporizer. There are different types of vaporizer on the market. Each has their pros and cons, but the easiest and most affordable option when you are starting out is a vape pen.

  • Disposable Pen – These pens are low cost and come prefilled. Each pen is disposable, and you cannot refill it can once you reach the set number of puffs. The range of flavours and ingredients change depending on the manufacturer.
  • Reusable Pen – These use prefilled cartridges that you load into the pen. The cartridges can differ in shape so pay attention to ensure your pen and cartridge are compatible. Again, flavors and ingredient vary by manufacturer.
  • JUUL – JUUL is a brand specific reusable pen that special vape pods. JUUL takes nicotine or CBD pods so you can use it interchangeably.

Can you Vape CBD oil?

Yes, but only CBD oil made for vaping. Regular CBD oil is for oral consumption, and if you try and vape it, the results won’t be pleasant. You should only vape specially formulated CBD e-liquid known as vape juice. If in doubt, ask for advice when you shop.

Choosing an Oil

First of all, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients of vape juice. Avoid oils that contain harmful ingredients such as diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione. These ingredients are toxic may cause bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as popcorn lung. Health and safety should be your primary concern, followed by cost. Also, try to always buy quality oil with known ingredients.

How to Start Vaping

Once you choose your vaporizer and vape juice select, you’re ready to vape! Before you start, please read the manufacturer’s instructions for your vape pen. If you know how to use it properly, you won’t cause damage to yourself or the pen.

Vape pens fall into two categories: draw activated and powered. All disposable pens and JUUL are draw-activated. So, once you have fitted your chosen pod to the JUUL, all you need to do is place the vape pen into the mouth and draw. Some cartridge pens are also draw-activated. Again, install the cartridge, place in your mouth and away you go.

If your reusable vape pen has a power button, install the cartridge, press the power button five times, and then you’re all set.

As you can see, once you have the right product and the corresponding device, vaping is easy. Experiment with different flavours and brands but remember to pay close attention to the ingredients!

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