If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you know that cannabidiol (CBD) offers a world of benefits. From treating diseases like cancer to providing pain relief, this plant has shown promise in addressing your health concerns. Cannabis is also starting to grow in popularity in the areas of cosmetics and skin care.

Top Cannabis Strains for Skin Care

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s gift was named after the prolific breeder, Lawrence Ringo. This aptly named strain is a gift to those struggling with acne. With 24:1 CBD to THC ratio, this variety can help reduce inflammation and soothe irritation, minimize pimple growth and reduce acne attacks. What’s better is that you can smoke a joint of

Ringo’s Gift and experience a cerebral high without the couch-lock effects of THC.

For people who prefer a topical application, you will be glad to know that there are skin care products infused with Ringo’s Gift extract such as the Black Label.

Charlotte’s Web

This variety is known for its potential to save lives due to the high amount of CBD it contains. With a THC content as low as 0.3%, you can rest assured that smoking a joint of Charlotte’s Web can give you all the positive effects, and you can still go to work. In fact, its cannabidiol content is so impressive that there is a line of skin care products utilizing the entire plant. From nourishing skin creams to soothing balms, you can take your pick from these marijuana-infused products and add them to your beauty regimen.


Another worthy contender you shouldn’t miss is the Harlequin strain. With its low THC content, it is unlikely to get you high. At the most, this can help improve your mood and simply stave off some of your pent-up stress and anxiety. Like the other strains mentioned, this can help relieve pain and even provide calming properties to your skin. Products infused with Harlequin, such as lotions and oils, can also alleviate itchiness and provide extra moisture. Despite being a rare and difficult strain to find, finding a stash of this for yourself is definitely worth the effort.

Sour Tsunami

A strain that can contain as much as 30%, Sour Tsunami is a viable parent for cross-breeding CBD-rich plants. In fact, it is one of the breeds that gave us Canna-Tsu and Harle-Tsu, also known for their high cannabidiol content. Just like other strains that are rich in cannabidiol, Sour Tsunami can be your go-to variety to relieve pain, soothe inflamed areas and treat itchy spots.


Those looking for a hybrid with equal parts CBD and THC, this strain is perfect for you. This 70% indica, 30% sativa hybrid has less psychoactive and more pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help you treat skin conditions such as acne, itches, and even psoriasis. Products infused with Pennywise can also help treat dry skin as cannabinoids work both ways: as a regulator for excess oil and as a moisturizer for dryness.

With various discoveries related to the many uses of cannabis and cannabinoids, more people have access to the benefits this plant has to offer. This year, many brands have emerged to provide us with the most effective and CBD-rich products that will not only treat our most difficult-to-treat skin conditions in an organic and natural manner but also to eliminate them. Aside from skincare products, you can also get health and body care products, or you can simply take the tried and tested method of lighting up and smoking. Both ways of ingesting the products are equally as effective in helping manage your skin and health concerns.