It’s every weed lover’s dream to shop cannabis-infused products in malls and department stores like it’s a normal thing. And this is actually happening at the Barneys Beverly Hills flagship store this coming March.

Barneys is opening its doors to cannabis lifestyle and wellness. The luxury department store is adding a new section called The High End, that features CBD-infused beauty products, exclusive vaporizers, pastilles, vintage trays and a lot more. The brand is proud to announce that they are the first department store that has a section devoted only for cannabis products.

In case you’re wondering, the High End section will reside in a 300-square-foot space in the fifth floor of the Beverly Hills store. Considering that California legalizes cannabis, it’s a great location to launch High End. Brands like Saint Jane, Lab to Beauty, Body Vibes, Malin + Goetz, Heretic, Boysmells, Flora and Bast and Foria will be spotted at the department store.

Barneys President Daniella Vitale said in a statement that the brand has been the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle and that they treat cannabis as no exception. “Many of our customers have made cannabis a part of their lifestyle, and The High End caters to their needs with extraordinary products and service they experience in every facet of Barneys New York.”

Rise of CBD

Following Canada’s legalization of cannabis, more US States joined the movement and there are now a total of ten. Given this growing number, many manufacturers are taking advantage by developing more cannabis-infused products that will likely benefit weed lovers.

CBD or cannabidiol is a great example of cannabis’ popularity among people. This is another active compound found in the marijuana plant but the thing is, it doesn’t give off any psychoactive effects, which means, you can’t be high by using CBD products. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the one responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana.

Now that CBD is greatly popular, there are products in all shapes and sizes that are popping left and right. There’s some alternative for coffee, skincare, vape, body lotions, capsules, topicals and even drinks. This explains the reason why Barneys is actually jumping on the bandwagon so that it can cater to the increasing number of people who uses CBD products on a daily basis.

Cannabis – In the Name of Health and Beauty

Another reason why people are getting obsessed about cannabidiol is because of its ‘magical’ pain relieving properties. If you’re suffering from backpain, chronic headache, stomach ache or indigestion, joint pain and even arthritis, taking CBD might give you peace of mind.

CBD can also help skin become fairer, more glowing and fight off acne. Barneys will be partnering with different skincare brands for a full spectrum of CBD products available online and in the Beverly Hills flagship store. Because many are already CBD fans, with its skincare benefits, expect this number will increase once cannabidiol products are already at Barneys’ roof.

Choosing Quality Cannabis Products

Not everything you’ll see available on the market are good quality–unless you’ve really done your research. To get the most out of your money, make sure to read online reviews of the products and see if customers are loving it. In addition, if you’re only a beginner, get products with lower potency first. This will help your body adjust to certain changes brought by CBD.

Finally, don’t forget to consult your doctor first before purchasing any products. If you’re suffering from constant headache, maybe there’s something going on in your body that needs to be diagnosed and treated. Always go to the physician first then use the CBD as an alternative.

Happy High Shopping!