For many people, playing Scrabble has always been part of their family fun day. This game certainly creates a healthy competition among friends and family, while exercising the mind. If you love Scrabble and you love weed, then you will want to celebrate Scrabble Day with a twist.

What is Scrabble Day?

Celebrated on April 13, Scrabble Day is the commemoration of the beloved word game. It is also the birthday of Alfred Butts, the inventor of Scrabble. If you are wondering how Butts came up with this wonderful game, the first thing you should know is that Butts had a brilliant mind. He was an architect up until 1931 when he lost his job. Intent on creating a game that combined skill and chance, he started various prototypes of the now-famous board game until he came up with Criss-Cross Words, which was later renamed to Scrabble.

Celebrate Scrabble Day with Cannabis

Now that you know why this day was called such, you may be thinking of ways to commemorate this day without leaving out your favorite herb, weed. Here are some of the best weed-filled ideas for Scrabble Day.

Organize a Weed-Themed Game Night

Of course, you cannot play all by yourself which is why you should organize a game night with some of your toker friends. While the main attractions are various games, including Scrabble, your event can never be complete without cannabis edibles and drinkables. These edibles are bound to make your affair a much exciting, creative and overall, fun experience. Make sure you have weed-infused treats such as gummies and jelly beans, as well as space cookies and cakes. You should also prepare normal snacks. After all, this plant is known to give consumers the munchies. Moreover, make the night more fun by getting cannabis sparkling water, beer and liquor.

Simply Consume Pot Before Playing

This game tests your vocabulary, critical thinking and luck. If you are a logophile or a lover of words, you definitely find this exciting enough while sober. However, think about the prospects of fun when you play it while riding a cannabis high. You are sure to think of the right words for your set and even dream up new ones, especially as cannabidiol (CBD) is known to stimulate cognitive and creative functions while giving you energy. On the other hand, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will be in charge of all the wacky invented words you and your friends will come up with. If this does not make policing other players much more fun, we don’t know what will. That is if you are sober enough to do the policing.

Play Stoner Scrabble

If you have not played this game before, then this day is the best time to start. This variety of the game is played the same way, with the same rules and procedures. However, what makes it unique is that you are only allowed to place words that are related to marijuana. List down every single name for marijuana you can think of and you are sure to win.

Elevate the Stakes

So, you have your cannabis drinks and snacks, right? Why not elevate the stakes by forbidding each player who passes from getting their fix of these cannabis goodies? You can also give out various cannabis products as prizes. This will surely motivate your friends to attempt to win, making the game night a successful one.

Everything can be fun with marijuana. Start calling your friends now and organize a night of games, words and a whole lot of weed!