With National Siblings Day just having passed, you might be reminiscing about your childhood with your very own brothers and sisters. As a matter of fact, you might be travelling down a nostalgic road as you look back on your wonderful relationships with your siblings. If you happened to miss this day altogether, there nothing like setting up a meeting at your place (or theirs) and catching up about everything that has been happening in your lives.

What better way to chill and talk than with a joint in hand, right? Better yet, you can take your get together to another level and using your favorite CBD vape pen cartridge and share it with your sibling who is just as enthusiastic about cannabis. Both fans of the plant? Below are some creative ways you can spend the day with pot and weed each other (excuse the pun):

Brunch at a Cannabis-Friendly Café

Start your day in a more modern wake and bake session: by dining in a hip café. If you are coming from the city of Angels, trying out Gracias Madre would do you a wealth of good. Apart from getting to try one of the first restaurants to serve CBD oil in their meals, you also get the chance to experience another kind of dining adventure.

Afternoon Delight

People say that it is always five o’clock somewhere and they might just be true. If you want your day with your brother or sister not to end, taking them at a cool bar serving CBD oil-themed drinks will make them want to stay just a bit longer. Never mind that it is not yet five in the afternoon, you will make happy hour happen any time you wish.

According to Los Angeles Eater, Pattern Bar is the perfect place to go to if you want to add CBD oil to your drink. For an additional $5 dollars, you can add this precious extract into any drink. The brand has created a drink named Armani, filled with sparkling wine, New Amsterdam gin, muddled lime, orange, mint, elderflower liqueur, a green ice cube, and the star of the show: CBD oil.

If you prefer to make your own drinks at your place, Goop features a mean Mint Julep that will certainly refresh you after a long, hot day. You can also try your hand at a classic Mezcal Margarita. Finish these off with your reliable CBD hemp oil and you are good to go.

Watch Your Favorite Stoner Movie

To wind down, watch your favorite stoner movies and look back and see just how far you have come from what you used to watch as children. Jordan Peele’s Get Out is one of the best films you can watch. A heady mix of horror, thriller, suspense, and all the intellectual implications, this film is one you won’t want to miss. Apart from talking about your lives, you can also talk about this ground-breaking film.

Roll It Out, Take a Hit

End your day with a bang by taking out your trusty bong. You can even go the old-fashioned route and roll out a joint you bought from your favorite dispensary in the area. However, if you are interested in a more novel experience and want to share this with your beloved sibling, a CBD oil vape pen can give you a fresh and new feeling unlike anything you have tried before.

National Siblings Day may have passed without you noticing it. However, with these tips and bonding activities, your dear brother or sister will always feel special, whether it’s a holiday or not. After all, your love for pot and all things weed is enough to have you get together once a while.