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Cannabis Legalization

How Cannabis is Starting to Shape the Workplace Drug Policies

Jordan Webber



Workplace Policies

The cannabis industry has been penetrating various sector, especially in light of its legalization. It now plays a huge role in medicine, business and even in more creative fields. It has also been making waves in the workplace. Read on to know how it is starting to shape the workplace.

Changes in Employment Policies Drug Concerning Cannabis

Along with the development in the cannabis world, the plant is also slowly changing the work landscape. Here are some of the workplace-related updates you should know:

Workplace Drug Policies in Nevada and New York

Nevada gets the title of the first state to ban employers from rejecting candidates after they fail a marijuana test. According to the new policy, applicants who get a positive MJ result can pay for a second one within 30 days, which will be honored by the employer. For occasional marijuana user, traces of it can stay to our bodily fluids from 1-30 days. This longer for people who used marijuana on a regular basis.

However, this bill will not be applicable for firefighters, EMTs and drivers. The law also states that employers can decline applications for positions that will put other people at risk. This new law will be in effect next year.

In New York, also implements a law that makes it illegal to discriminate marijuana users in terms of employment, school admission and rental qualifications.

CBD is not Tested for in Drug Tests

Another important development is that drug tests for employment commonly do not look for the presence of CBD. These tests are usually made to detect the presence of illicit substances in your system including LSD, cocaine and THC. However, if you are worried that you will fail these evaluations because of CBD, then you can rest assured that your employment prospect is safe.

Benefits of Pure Cannabidiol

As hemp-derived CBD is legal, using it to enhance your work performance is a viable idea. Check out its benefits to members of the workplace.

  • Clearer Mind

Whether you are a supervisor or a simple team member you will certainly benefit from the mental stimulation CBD enables. This compound is known to improve creativity, focus and cognition, allowing you to perform your work in an organized, timely and productive manner

So, if you are a leader who allocates and oversees your members, this cannabinoid can certainly improve your discernment for equitable delegation and systematic management techniques. For members of the team, this enables effective work completion, efficient execution and improved outputs.

  • Improved Feeling of Calmness

Stress, anxiety, tension and exasperation can negatively affect your work performance. These can lead to decreased motivation, low energy, burnout and even mental illnesses. Good thing CBD can help induce a feeling of calmness, as a way to take care of your health. This cannabinoid can help you maintain your composure during high-stress events, such as a nearing deadline and accountability situations.

  • More Fulfilled Feeling

There would be times when you cannot help but feel unfulfilled and drained due to many factors in your workplace. This is why it is important to have time for yourself and do what you know will maintain your mental and physical health.

To do this, taking cannabidiol is a great way to improve your mood and give you the energy to do things that you love during your free time. In fact, CBD comes in many forms which allow you to discreetly intake the stuff without the prying eyes of other people. Eating CBD edibles gummies or gulping a CBD drink are just some of the best ways to do so.

The contributions of cannabis and CBD in various fields are truly remarkable, given that it has been antagonized by various groups throughout the years. With cannabis legalization in many parts of the world, more individuals can take advantage of what it has to offer.

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Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana Breath Analyzers to Make Possible Appearance by 2020

Jordan Webber



Marijuana Breath Analyzers

Marijuana breath tests are slated to come out in the latter part of 2020. According to news sites, these roadside breath analyzer tests will determine if drivers have smoked marijuana within the past three hours.

Numerous firms are taking strides towards providing products for this endeavor. Some companies involved in this industry include Hound Labs from Oklahoma and SannTek from Canada.

Hound Labs will be creating a dual breath analyzer that can determine the presence of both alcohol and cannabis.

Mike Lynn, a co-founder of Hounds Labs, reveals that their company currently rolls out tests to gauge whether an individual has used marijuana within a three-hour time frame. In a statement to the Sacramento Bee, Lynn states they “had to completely create the device. It’s like looking for [a certain] 25 grains of sand on a beach a mile long.” Creating the devices necessary for immediate detection posed problems for Hound Labs, saying the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds are significantly lower compared to alcohol, making it difficult for the substance to be easily identified.

The same technology is currently being employed by SannTek nanotechnology engineer Noah Debrincat.

Hound Labs worked closely with the University of California at San Francisco for further research, with input and assistance coming from Dr. Kara Lynch, a pathologist whose expertise lies in looking for sample cannabis molecules.

Both companies have reportedly used their creations to test whether employees are complying with the current workplace rules and regulations.

Reason for Using Marijuana Breath Analyzers

The creation of these devices comes as more and more individuals in different states gain access to medical and recreational marijuana. In a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, approximately 15 million Americans drove even under the influence of cannabis, notes Newsweek. Studies from the Hound Foundation, the research arm of Hound Labs, say with the drug five times more powerful compared to the past 50 years, individuals who smoked these are more likely to get into a car accident.

Despite making great leaps in the field of technology, it appears that police and other similar agencies are reluctant to use devices, especially when there’s a huge financial undertaking at stake. Dino Lawson, Madera Police Chief, said “I think it’s interesting technology, but we don’t want to be the first to jump on it.” However, Janelle Dunham, the public information officer from CHP, said they are “always interested in testing and evaluation new and emerging technology.”

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Cannabis Legalization

Pennsylvania Rep Files a Bill to Allow Recreational Marijuana in State-Run Liquor Shop

Jordan Webber



PA Bill to Allow Recreational Marijuana on Liquor Store

A lawmaker from Pennsylvania introduced a bill on Wednesday, Oct 2, that would legalize the sale of recreational marijuana and allow cannabis to be sold in over 600 state-owned liquor stores.

David Delloso, a Democratic state representative, introduced House Bill 1899, which allows individuals aged 21 and above to legally possess and consume marijuana. Under the bill, sales of cannabis will be limited to businesses licensed by the state. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) would be responsible for administrating the production and sale of marijuana at the state-controlled stores.

“What I’m afraid of is, without this bill, if we don’t sell cannabis in the state stores, big corporate interests throughout the United States are going to come to Pennsylvania and they’re going to put corner stores up,” Delloso said. “They aren’t going to provide family-sustaining jobs, and all the profits are going to leave Pennsylvania.”

The medical marijuana in the state has been approved last April 17, 2016, with 17 initial qualifying medical conditions.

Economic Benefits to Pennsylvania

According to Pennsylvania’s Budget and Policy Center, over 18, 000 new jobs could be produced once recreational marijuana is to be legalized within the state. The bill also proposes that retail sales of cannabis be taxed at 19%, which could generate around $581 million per year for the state in new tax revenue.

“As an administrative agency tasked under current law with responsible, effective, and efficient regulation of the sale of wine and spirits in Pennsylvania, we generally leave policy discussions regarding the future of this agency up to the General Assembly and the Governor,” said press secretary for the Liquor Control Board, Shawn Kelly. “If, however, a new law presents the PLCB with additional or different duties and responsibilities, we would adapt accordingly.”

With the said measure, individuals convicted of possession of marijuana would have their criminal record expunged while inmates currently confined for such offenses would be released.  Employers would also no longer be able to fire or discipline employees if a drug screening shows the “presence of a nonintoxicating level of cannabis.”

“It is time for us to not just have a conversation but sit down and really look at details on how we can do this in Pennsylvania understanding that the support is there, the revenue will be there for us and we could do a lot of good things with those resources,” added State Rep. Jordan Harris, (D) Philadelphia County.

To date, the House Bill 1899 has been raised to the House Judiciary Committee for its consideration.

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Cannabis Legalization

Australia allocated $3m Fund for Medical Cannabis Research

Stacey Wellington



AU $3m Fund for Medical Cannabis Research

The Australian Federal Government allocated A$3 million (US $2.03 million) for medical cannabis research in the country. Greg Hunt, the Australian health minister, made the announcement last Sunday, October 6, 2019, alongside Grease star Olivia Newton-John in a wellness walk held in Australia.

Research in the field aims to address the growing number of cancer patients within the nation and the potential ability of cannabis to provide relief and cure to these patients. The research will build upon existing studies to gauge the effectiveness of the plant in pain management and its potential side effects on users.

The government’s decision to fund research comes as more than 11,000 patients have been approved for medical marijuana use.

In a statement, Hunt said that “there have only been a limited number of well-designed clinical studies on medicinal cannabis, and we need to increase the evidence base to support medical professionals.” In line with the safety and security measures observed by the Australian government and its healthcare institutions, individuals who are given access to cannabis medication are required to only obtain these from accredited medical professionals.

Despite more than 10,000 individuals being given access to medical marijuana, the Grease star voiced her disappointment for other patients and individuals having little to no access to cannabis. She said “I’m a great proponent of it, for general health, for pain, for sleep, for anxiety. I really believe it is important in my journey”. Olivia Newton-John had been diagnosed with cancer, and she has admitted to using cannabis to manage her pain.

Newton-John spearheaded the annual Wellness Walk and Research Run held in Melbourne, Australia. The actress supported the event in the hopes of raising awareness about the plant and the wealth of benefits and possibilities that could come from using it. In a statement, the Grease actress said “they’ve discovered it hasn’t caused all the problems that people are afraid of. People need to let go of that old hippie thing,” when asked about the lack of advancement and accessibility of medicinal marijuana in the nation.

ACT Cannabis Law

While the Australian federal government is providing funding for medicinal cannabis research, recreational use is still largely prohibited on a federal level. However, through the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), six states and two main territories have filed to legalize the recreational use of the plant.

The ACT Law is slated to start on January 31, 2020, with some of its provisions conflicting with the current laws in place.

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