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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Effects of CBD to Your Body After Consumption

Stacey Wellington



CBD Effects

Fitness gurus and experts are actually turning to CBD or cannabidiol for its powerful healing properties that can ease symptoms linked to pain, inflammation, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, muscle soreness and other skin conditions. Although some are still exploring the options available in the market, the idea is there that this active compound derived from marijuana hemp actually works.

In America alone, there are flock of people visiting different states that grow marijuana and sell products infused with this plant. In medical tourism, there’s an increase of people visiting Colorado, California and Maine. These states are actively producing and growing top-quality weed for medical and recreational use.

Despite the popularity of CBD, there’s still a big chunk of the population that haven’t heard or tried this compound. For first-time users, here’s a guide on what your body can experience after consuming cannabidiol of any variants:

CBD Effects  – Medical Perspective

Shift in Mood

Cannabidiol interacts with many receptors in the body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These receptors are found in the bones, skin, GI and other organs. The ECS is body’s master regulatory system, which regulates sleep, mood, appetite, memory and pain-sensation.

Once CBD is consumed or applied to certain areas in the body, one can immediately feel a shift in the mood. Cannabidiol relaxes a person, therefore, symptoms linked to anxiety and depression can be relieved, including the palpitation of the heart. Some doctors even recommend the use of CBD as alternative for anti-depressant drugs prescribed by psychotherapists.

Cannabidiol’s ability to balance the function of the endocannabinoid system promote good mood, stress-free feeling that would benefit those with chronic stress and anxiety conditions.

Reduce Pain and Swelling

For the most part, CBD shows significant results for inflammation and pain. In fact, some athletes are permitted to use this compound to help muscle soreness heal faster. Athletes are known to put a lot of stress into their bodies because of intense training and practice. To improve their endurance and recover after each training, some consume or use topical CBD products.

Pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium promotes health hazards if taken daily. Therefore, cannabidiol serves as a natural medication to let muscles and bones heal faster from injuries and pain.

In terms of inflammation, there are studies that show how CBD help reduce swelling due to some infections. This is commonly observed with acne in the face. Once CBD oil is applied, the inflammation is lessened significantly.

Improve Concentration

Pure CBD promote focus by allowing more serotonin to flow in the brain, similar to the serotonin retake inhibitor (SSRI). The increase to this chemical leads to less anxiety and more focus. In addition, CBD also helps improve symptoms related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Helps Cure Insomnia

Because your mind can be calmed and body starts to relax, it will be easier to fall asleep. By incorporating cannabidiol to your night routine, insomnia can be put to bed without you noticing. Some products to try are CBD oil, capsules, vape and other variants.

Drinks infused with CBD are also popular these days, in the form of water or juices. Before sleeping, drink these beverages to stay relaxed in a few hours.

Overall, effects vary depending on how the body reacts to the compound. It’s also important to note that dosing must be lower at first as you’re introducing something new to your system. Increase dosage later once you already know the effect in your body. Also remember to talk to your doctor first before trying all sorts of alternatives.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Interested in CBD Yoga? Here’s What You Can Expect

Jordan Webber



CBD Yoga

While CBD products are not new to the market, what remains a hot trend these days is CBD yoga. As a matter of fact, more and more wellness studios and private yoga practices are being hit with the bug. New Jersey-based Tribe Hot Yoga, owned by Melissa Jackson, is no exception. Here, individuals looking to relieve pain and stress may do so with the added assistance of Cannabis oil.

As New Jersey yoga studios continue to attract more audiences in the wake of the recent legalizations, there’s no denying that these are gaining more traction and popularity from people coming from all walks of life. Want to know what sets this type of yoga apart from the rest? Here’s what you can expect.

Cannabis Oil Can be Used Throughout the Class

Unknown to many individuals, cannabidiol acts as a great barrier or defense against inflammation. With its ability to limit or significantly reduce inflammation and other painful bodily responses, it comes as no surprise that countless individuals are jumping on this miracle worker of sorts. While it is usually applied after strenuous activities such as yoga and other physical sports, most wellness studios today find it helpful to incorporate CBD oil for pain management throughout the whole session.

Interested in CBD Yoga

Internal medicine doctor and cannabis expert who specializes in the field of sports medicine, Dr. Mary Clifton, said cannabis before and after class. Taking it prior to starting the session allows patients to relax and be more comfortable in their own skin, while those who take it after their activity experience relief and recovery faster compared to their peers.

Even Jolie Parcher’s class in Amagansett, New York corroborates these claims. In a class, she lectured students about the benefits of using CBD oil, highlighting the advantages it offers such as pain reduction and management, thereby granting more freedom to move.

There are Unlimited Possibilities

To make it easier for beginners and newbie enthusiasts, Tribe Hot Yoga provides different and downright creative ways of introducing cannabis products. For their own classes, instructors make it a point to show a variety of takes on this good. For one, cannabidiol ointment is constantly being rubbed on the shoulders of attendees to ease bodily pain and soothe tired muscles.

Apart from these, CBD edibles and another dose of the non-psychoactive oil are also introduced to the students, especially towards the end of the class as a form of reward. Think of brownies and other small parting gifts as part of your goodie bag. Depending on your studio’s location and the current state laws in effect, you may also find yourself tinkering with tinctures and other similar products.

Community is Key

There is no one approach to health and wellness. While each person is in charge of taking care of themselves, there is a bigger community that helps them look after themselves in a much better way. This includes the much raved about CBD yoga.

Manager of Harmony Dispensary says it’s important that they raise awareness within their community. Though some patients may have been prescribed with this, there are some members of society who still remain unaware of the effects that cannabis has to offer.

Because of this, professionals take it upon themselves to suggest microdoses and strains which may work well with a person. Rather than pushing products for the sake of selling, these budtenders and yogis unite to create a safe space where everyone can explore what they like and what fits with their type of lifestyle.

Ready to take health and wellness to a whole new level? Make sure to book a CBD yoga class near you today. Who knows, you might just find your life transformed with these new practices.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Washington State U and BRC Team Up for Medical Marijuana Research

Stacey Wellington



Medical Marijuana Research

Washington State University, one of the oldest land-grant universities in the American West, announced Wednesday, Nov 6, it will be partnering with DEA-registered pharmaceutical company Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC) to further study medical marijuana and its effects.

In a press release, the public research university said it had agreed to launch an innovative new partnership with BRC to “to evaluate cannabis and accelerate the pace of cannabis research.”

As part of the arrangement, WSU researchers will use BRC analytical services and expertise to explore the health effects of cannabis on physical and mental health, along with the impact of cannabis-related policies on the health and safety of the public.

We know less about the health benefits and risks of cannabis than almost any other drug. Currently, cannabis researchers must jump over extensive barriers to obtain cannabis they need to conduct human and animal research on the effects on health,” said Dr. Michael McDonell, chair of WSU’s Collaborative for Cannabis Policy, Research and Outreach (CCPRO). “Our partnership with BRC allows us to begin to work together to problem-solve innovatively through federally compliant strategies to obtain cannabis for research purposes.

Source of Marijuana Research Data

For over half a century, there is only one federally-approved source from which researchers are allowed to obtain marijuana for clinical research – the University of Mississippi farm, which is run by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

This long-occurring monopoly has put researchers hand-tied and slowed the advancement of cannabis studies for years. It is not only until August 2019 that the federal government announced plans to change this and increase the number of producers who can grow marijuana for scientific research.

Although neither WSU nor BRC is currently allowed to cultivate cannabis, the collaboration is expected to help address the need for easy access to high-quality cannabis for research purposes.

Partnering with a research institution of Washington State University’s caliber ensures that we are working with premier investigators to uncover the promise of these products and, also, that we are meeting our responsibilities, as far as public safety risks are concerned,” commented BRC CEO George Hodgin. “We know these products have shown a great deal of promise in aiding patients suffering from a variety of health conditions, including PTSD and chronic pain, yet federally-compliant research in the United States is sorely lacking.

Working as a pharmaceutical company that is federally compliant and registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), BRC’s mission is to address the needs of America’s scientific community for diverse types of research quality and CFR-compliant cannabis.

In 2016, it has filed for a cultivation permit, which, if granted, would allow the company to produce its own cannabis and cannabis-derived products for federally approved research.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

What You Should Discuss With Your Doctor About CBD

Daniel King



CBD as health and wellness alternative? Ask your doctor!

Many people searching for health and wellness alternatives have discovered CBD in the wake of the United States government legalizing hemp in the Farm Bill of 2018. More and more people are seeking comfort in substitutes for pills and prescriptions through the use of a variety of choices in their daily routine. Now, since the ingredients in the hemp plant are up for grabs, one of the most commonly found compounds in hemp is quickly becoming the fastest growing industry in America.

The popular ingredient America has fallen in love with is a compound called CBD, or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is being used by thousands of people daily with several positive results. However, if you are someone who sees your doctor on a regular basis, and you are thinking about using CBD products, it is important to discuss this decision with your doctor. Here are some talking points that you should bring up that you both should know before you begin a daily regimen of CBD.

The Quick Science Behind CBD

It is important to understand that CBD products are not something new to this world. For thousands of years, many people have experienced this herb on several levels, worked with it, and generally embedded this plant into their society from as early as 750 B.C. Currently, there is only one CBD product that has been approved by the FDA. It is available through a prescription and mostly used to help treat/prevent seizures. This medicine is called Epidiolex and it has been extremely beneficial to people who suffer from Dravet syndrome and other epilepsy symptoms.

The hemp plant is nothing new to science, however, the effects of CBD are still being studied and researched and it’s important to know some quick facts for discussion. CBD is the predominant ingredient in the hemp plant and is more often known as a cannabinoid. When growers harvest the hemp plant and create the CBD products so many people love, several hundred other cannabinoids also follow CBD with which the body has many connections with. These connections are due to the endocannabinoid system within your body. When CBD and these other cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system by binding with the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the body, several things begin to happen and your body begins to benefit from these many compounds.

This study suggests that CBD products can reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in a person. Thousands of studies have proven that CBD is beneficial from heart health, pain, mental disorders, and much more. Depending on your health and wellness goals, make sure you understand exactly what you want CBD to do for you and bring these topics up with your doctor.

For Discussion: Let’s Put Health First

First of all, several doctors are leaning more towards the treatment plans of CBD products. In fact, many medical professionals are throwing their support behind cannabinoids within the body. Your doctor may or may not be one of these medical professionals, however, make sure you understand what it is you want to say before you make an appointment to talk with your doctor. Remember, they have many patients and probably not a lot of time so make sure you understand all of the facts about CBD clearly before your visit.

You both can agree that your health should be put first and foremost before anything else. Any doctor that wants to force you to do something you’re not comfortable with probably shouldn’t be considered for future care. The fact is, many doctors just don’t know enough about CBD to be able to recommend it to their patients, much less have a personal conversation about it. The doctor is probably in one of three categories:

  1. Is completely against CBD products
  2. Completely agrees with CBD benefits
  3. Supports it somewhat pending further information

The sad truth is some doctors believe only in pharmaceuticals and will need definitive proof that CBD has worked for others in the past. Generally speaking, know what you are talking about when you begin to bring CBD up to your doctor for the first time.

One of the major problems with the CBD market today is there are a lot of dispensaries online who sell CBD that doesn’t have hardly any CBD at all. As a consumer, that’s very discomforting to wrap your head around. Your doctor is going to be adamant that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are getting what you think you’re getting when you purchase CBD. Reputable vendors like Kats Botanicals offer lab tested CBD products where you can measure the purity and levels of the CBD you’re getting. Not only is it embarrassing to purchase CBD without knowing the labs, it is very dangerous. Don’t bring your doctor a CBD bottle from the corner store without also sharing the lab reports.

Your health and wellness should always be the number one concern. However, when you can show the doctor thought out and researched information, he will understand this is something that you feel could benefit and he should also take it seriously as well.

A Possible Treatment With CBD

Another discussion to have with your doctor about CBD is the current treatment you are receiving for an ailment right now. If you are not responding to current treatment, and have exhausted a lot of options, CBD could be a route to take to see how your body responds.

If your doctor is open to discussing CBD, make sure to include him/her in every little detail of the process. Questions like “How much CBD oil should I take?” or “What are some studies linked with my condition that CBD could help?” These questions could get the ball rolling as per a possible treatment plant with reputable CBD products.

One study suggests that CBD could help relieve arthritis pain. Another report shares details of how CBD products could help with chronic pain management. There are many options when it comes to CBD because this compound has so many varieties that piggyback with it. Make sure you have read up on the conditional approach of CBD with your own ailment to see if it could be a possible path to take.

The Last Thought

Many people who have discovered CBD are sharing how this product is changing their lives. The truth of the matter is, CBD is not the only cannabinoid your body will experience. There is an entire host of ingredients that are proven beneficial for the human body and when you understand that, CBD quickly becomes a topic for discussion with your family doctor. Make sure you approach the topics with care and understand the facts of this plant before you make your next appointment.

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