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CBD Flower: What Is It and Why Should It Be Your CBD Go-To?



There is no shortage of CBD products on the market nowadays. CBD has taken many forms over the recent years, ranging from gummies to oils and even topical ointments. While some people may have a preference over what works best for their needs and lifestyle, our suggestion, if you are overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you, is to go back to the basics.

The basics we’re referring to is CBD flower, an unprocessed and original form of CBD that is the perfect choice for any traditional cannabis fan.

What Is The CBD Flower?

CBD flower is the original yellow or green flower that grows on the hemp plant. Picked and dried, CBD flowers are often referred to as buds. Similar to the rest of the parts of the hemp plant, the flowers contain an equivalent amount of CBD.

Does CBD Flower Contain THC?

Just like the other CBD products, the CBD flower contains only traces of THC, making it completely legal. In the UK, CBD’s THC content should be around 0.2% or less to be legal. Hemp and marijuana flowers are extremely similar in nature and are very difficult to distinguish simply by looks alone. It is important to purchase CBD flower from a reputable source to ensure you are purchasing CBD and not THC. Both the smell and looks of CBD flowers resonate with marijuana and could only be distinguished via lab testing.

How To Use CBD Flower?

Like marijuana flowers, there are many ways one could use CBD flowers in their daily lives. Those that prefer the old tested ways should opt-in for smoking the flower. Separate the flower into tiny pieces using a grinder or hands and use it in your pipe or roll a CBD cigarette using rolling papers.

Other individuals that are fonder of ingesting CBD rather than smoking it could benefit from adding CBD flower into their food, especially baked goods. Lost in the sweetness of your dessert treat, you won’t be able to taste the bitterness of the flower itself but you’ll still reap the benefits of CBD such as calmness and relaxation. It is especially convenient on the go and does not require any additional supplies. So get your sugar and flour ready, we’re baking CBD cookies! 

Where To Buy CBD Flower?

With so many choices available on the market, it is easy to get lost in the sea of CBD products. By choosing CBD flowers instead of the commonly advertised oil or gummies, you are already filtering through the masses. It is especially important that you purchase your CBD flower from a reputable source that has completed the lab testing ensuring that the amount of THC found in the product is trace only and that you are receiving a high-quality and legal product. In the UK, suppliers like

There are a few sources where you could purchase CBD flower, one of them being your local smoke shop, where you can physically examine the product or a trusted online source. Always opt-in for high-quality products to ensure you get a safe and enjoyable effect.

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CBD Gummies

Product Review: Innovative Extracts Night Time CBD Gummies w/ Melatonin



CBD for sleep

Nearly 1 year ago, I did a review on the 20 CBD Gummies for Sleep where I took a look at some of the industry’s top products specifically designed for helping you get those zzz’s. Since this time, I have looked into other products that help with sleep, and one that piqued my interest was Innovative Extracts sleep gummies. It was one product I found to be captivating specifically because not only does it have CBD as an active ingredient but also another well-known sleep aid, melatonin. 

CBD + Melatonin Gummies by Innovative Extracts

How did it measure up you ask? Here is what I discovered after I gave these a try for a full 7 days:


I found that the flavors of the gummies were not overpowering and tasted good. There are several different colors, indicating different flavors however, they tasted rather similar to me. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best, I would give these and 8.75-9 out of 10 on taste. Another facet of taste I considered was texture and the gummies were right on par in terms of texture. Very similar to the standard candy gummies you get at your local grocery store. A stellar 10 out of 10 on texture and they didn’t melt or stick together like some of the other gummies in the space.


Simple “bear-shaped” gummies look great and the packaging was just as appealing. I also liked the variety of colors/flavors. No qualms here.


The most important attribute for this review is just how well it helped me sleep. In general, I do find it hard to go to sleep and stay asleep for more then 3-4 hours at a time. I sometimes take CBD oil before bed or melatonin gummies, which both work well most times. For the Innovative Extracts gummies, and the combination of CBD+Melatonin, I can say is a fantastic combination. I was able to stay asleep for 5-6 hours on average after consuming 1 gummy before bed. I am now curious if I were to take my previous CBD oil and melatonin together if it would have the same effectiveness, but at this point, why bother? Innovative Extracts gummies are a one-stop-shop for better sleep.


In conclusion, I really liked the Innovative Extracts Night Time CBD Gummies with Melatonin and its effectiveness. I would give this product a solid 9.5 out of 10 and recommend others to try to help them get better sleep in a hurry!

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CBD Beauty & Skin Care

How CBD skin cream can help you with your Eczema



CBD Skincare Products

Have you or anyone you know ever experienced red, itchy, and inflamed patches of skin? If so, you may have eczema. Eczema, also referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that is more common than you think!

These skin flares can cause painful and uncomfortable conditions for those who experience them. The discomfort can urge you to seek various lotions and creams all in the hopes that they will soothe the flare-ups and ease the pain, but at what cost?

If you have exhausted your search for skin creams, look no further for you have found your safe space and the best solution for your skincare needs!

Can CBD help treat eczema?

At this moment, there are few existing studies on the treatment of eczema using CBD, however, with time, more are coming forth confirming its benefits.

In a study conducted in 2019, participants with eczema applied a CBD-enriched ointment to flare-ups twice daily for three months.

The researchers concluded that CBD beauty products like CBD skin cream are safe and can be an effective alternative for combating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. This is of course considering the ointment lacks traces of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol which also stems from the cannabis plant.

In another study conducted in 2020, participants collected data after applying CBD skin cream to their inflamed areas. The findings were that fifty percent of the participants reported that their eczema improved by more than sixty percent.

How to use CBD cream for eczema

Before applying the product to inflamed areas, check the directions for your product, and ensure you are following the steps correctly.

Some factors that may affect the product usage for your body include body weight, personal experience with CBD use, and the product’s potency.

If you are testing out CBD beauty products for the first time, it is best to use a product with a low dosage of CBD to see how your body responds. With time, the potency used can be increased.

Other Benefits of CBD Skincare

While more research is needed, studies have found that CBD beauty is highly effective when used to treat psoriasis, acne, and inflamed areas of the skin. It helps to clear up problem areas and keeps existing clear skin healthy.

CBD can also help with soothing redness caused by rosacea, help regulate oil production and balance skin, and promote hydration to prevent skin dryness. Research has also found that CBD skincare neutralizes damage from free radicals and toxins from the environment. Therefore, leaving your skin healthy and glowing!

So What?

At this point, while there exists a limited amount of research supporting the use of CBD in skincare, the findings are consistent in each research study. CBD can be used for many topical treatments for many skincare needs including skin inflammation caused by eczema. By adding high-quality CBD to your daily skincare routine, you are sure to see improvements not only in eczema but other skin problems as well. Thus, now the question remains: What are you waiting for?

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Cannabis Blogs

Learn More About CBD Shampoo and Why It is Worth Your While



Learn More About CBD Shampoo

One of these novel CBD-infused items is CBD shampoo. Perfect for individuals who take the time to pamper themselves, this product is packed with one of the best ingredients for hair care.

The popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) has been skyrocketing over the past years. With the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is considered technically legal as long as it is hemp-derived and contains cannabinoids within the allowed threshold. This opened up a world of possibilities for producers to create new products infused with CBD.

Introducing CBD Shampoo

CBD Shampoo

CBD shampoo is used just like any regular shampoo out there, except it is infused with all the benefits CBD can offer. Because it has CBD as a primary ingredient, it contains amino acids that provide various protections to your hair, helping you achieve a young, healthy, and nourished look for your locks.

Now, making such products can seem simple. After all, manufacturers just need to mix CBD into their shampoo formula, right? What you need to know is that the compound is typically added in CBD hemp oil form, which means that it needs to interact with water-based ingredients. The two don’t mix, so producers usually use an emulsifying agent.

This is where you need to do your research as some agents may not be compatible with your needs, preferences, and conditions. Aside from this, you can always rely on CBD as long as you are familiar with its effects on your mind and body.

The Benefits of Using CBD Shampoo

For many people, using this kind of hair care product offers a host of advantages for their mane and scalp. This is why these consumers always have a bottle of CBD shampoo in their arsenal. One of the reasons why it is a staple in many bathrooms is because of its moisturizing properties with the help of amino acids.

The cannabis plant contains more than 15 amino acids, some of which are known to lock in moisture. When used on the hair, amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine work to hydrate cells, while also keeping the moisture in. This can result in healthy, bouncy, and shiny hair.

Aside from this, another amino acid in CBD helps in maintaining the natural color of your hair. Tyrosine helps in the production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives your hair the color it naturally has. By shampooing with CBD-infused products, you can keep your hair’s lush and organic color without any artificial aids.

The addition of cannabidiol in your hair routine also helps strengthen every strand. Aside from amino acids, CBD also comes with fatty acids that help produce collagen. Collagen is known to rejuvenate skin cells and help keep them look younger. It also makes cells more resistant to tearing and other damages. Those who are concerned about thinning hair can also use this product to address the issue. Collagen increases hair growth, helping you get the luscious hair you are going for.

Besides your hair, the increased collagen production also offers some benefits for your scalp. If you have been struggling with dandruff, this new product can help you minimize itching, skin damage, and flaking thanks to its rejuvenating properties.

The Bottom Line

CBD shampoo offers a whole lot of possibilities for consumers. With the various benefits it has to offer, you can never go wrong with trying out cannabidiol-infused hair products. To further help your venture into the world of this cannabinoid, you can also try out different CBD products such as oils, topicals, gummies, and other edibles. There are a lot of sources to choose from so you will never run out of options.

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