It’s the time of the year again to witness live performances of artists in the Coachella Valley for the phenomenon music festival Coachella. Besides the celebrities scattered on the venue and lots of booze, you can also check out nearby dispensaries after the concert and try out intense strains to put you to dreamland in minutes.

No-Weed Policy of Coachella

You’re probably confused why Coachella Music Festival doesn’t allow marijuana despite the fact that California legalizes recreational use of weed. The answer is because Indio, the town that hosts the festival each year, has its own preferences and guidance when it comes to marijuana. The town kept a no-pot policy even though the rest of California legalizes it.

In addition, the music festival’s founder, Philip Anschutz opposed the legalization of recreational use, hence, no one should step into the venue with a stash on hand.

What you can do is to simply use weed after the concert and visit nearby dispensaries that offer top-quality stash and other marijuana products.

Dispensaries to Check Out

California is embedded with marijuana dispensaries in almost every street, since the policy on recreational use became loose. For first-timers, you want to check out places where you can be assisted properly on the best strains and products to get. Here are some dispensaries to head to:

  • Palm Springs Safe Access

Located near the airport, this place is completely sick. From the interiors to the collection of products meant for both medical and recreational use, it has almost everything. There is a waiting room and the shop is divided into counters to help customers do their business. The staff is well-curated about the products, so it’s easier to find something that suits for you.

Moreover, the place doesn’t intimidate first-timers at all because of the friendly ambiance and assistive staff.

  • Lighthouse Dispensary

A state-of-the-art dispensary unlike any other, this boutique is definitely a must-visit in the beautiful countryside. It’s not just a store but also offers online ordering and delivering of top-tier marijuana grown in California.

It’s also the place to visit to purchase unique cannabis accessories, CBD and THC products. Can’t get enough of the local strains? Check out the best-selling buds that will give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Deserts Finest

For those who need weed for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, Deserts Finest is the place to be. Its got all the best marijuana medicines in California because the taste, smell and effect works like magic.

This dispensary claims that they have the best medicinal marijuana supply all over California, hence, they are mostly crowded especially in April.

  • Cathedral City Care Collective North

What’s great about this dispensary is the variety of products being sold. From California-grown weed to CBD products of any kind, edibles, vape oils and also organic weed medicines. They carry out smoking accessories and even has a gluten-free option for edibles.

The highlight of this dispensary is the staff that is knowledgeable on the products they sell and make sure everything the customers need is provided.

What to Avoid Bringing in Coachella

Aside from explosives, sharp objects, guns and substances, weed in any form is prohibited. Each year, the music festival has upgraded their security and if ever you are caught with something illegal, you’re in trouble. There are K9 and patrols circulating on the grounds and inspections are being done on the entrance points.

Just smoke your precious stash before and after the concert so you won’t be in any trouble. If you ever got short in supply, make sure to visit these dispensaries and taste the famous California-grown weed.