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How Hemp Food Boosts Immunity and Leads to Healthy Living



Green Salad with CBD Hemp Oil Vinaigrette

Hemp, the new superfood, has been around for several thousand years but for a long time, it got an undeserved bad rap. The same plant species (cannabis sativa) is also the source of cannabis compound THC, but the two are different altogether.

The hemp plant yields two types of products that aid healthy living and prevent maladies – CBD hemp seeds and CBD oil. From Morgan Freeman to Jennifer Anniston, there is no dearth of celebs who swear it is the next greatest thing to hit the shelves since sliced bread.

Hemp contains negligible quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gives cannabis its mood-altering properties.

Best Hemp Foods

Cultivation of hemp has been going on for thousands of years. It was used for making rope and fiber. Recently hemp has hit the headlines as a nutrient-dense food.

Hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp milk, hemp flavored cheese, and infusion drinks are commonly available in supermarkets. These products do not have any similarities with marijuana and can be safely consumed by people of any age.

Hemp Seeds

With a mild nutty flavor, they are perfect for adding to any type of salad. A hundred grams contains 550 calories so beware and don’t overindulge.

Hemp Milk

Hemp can be dried and ground into a powder that is dissolved to make hemp milk. It is an excellent alternative to natural milk and finds favor among vegans who are allergic to soya milk.

Hemp Cheese

Hemp milk can be pressed and made into slabs that have a cheese-like consistency. It tastes delicious when consumed as a spread.

Hemp Oil

Probably the most favorite hemp product is hemp seed oil. It is obtained by cold pressing, much like mustard and sunflower seed oil. Hemp seed oil is low in saturated fat and excellent for health.

Why is Hemp a Superfood?

Rich source of protein

Hemp contains 23% protein by weight. Compared to 30% protein content of red meat and  27% from chicken, this is quite impressive. Three large spoons of hemp seeds or about an ounce contain as much protein as an egg.

Not only does it have lots of protein, but it has an excellent amino acid profile. There are 18 different amino acids including the nine essential aminos which the human body cannot synthesize.

Hulled hemp seeds are far better than flax or chia which also shot to fame at the same time. Hemp’s advantage over flax is its content of edestin. Biologists believe edestin to be an essential building block of DNA.

For its high-quality plant-based protein, hemp powder is growing in demand among vegan athletes who do not want to consume whey.

Full of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids

An ounce or 30 grams of hemp seeds contain over 11 grams of polyunsaturated fats like Omega 6 and Omega 3. These fatty acids cannot be produced inside the body and have to be absorbed from outside. Traditionally we consume these in the form of fish and eggs.

Scientists have shown through studies Omega 3 lipids reduce cardiac problems and improve lipid profile by augmenting HDL, the good cholesterol, and reducing triglycerides. Reduction of cholesterol lowers the build-up of plaque, thus reducing the probability of stroke.

Omega 6 performs multiple functions inside the human body, from regulating metabolism to increasing bone density and reducing osteoporosis. It also reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.

There is some evidence that Omega 6 helps in treating ADHD.

An abundant source of fiber

The outer endosperm or hull of the seed is exceptional as a source of fiber. That is why it is best to buy seeds with the shell intact. A spoon of hemp seeds contains 1.5 grams of fiber.

Fiber is lacking in the modern diet that is overflowing with processed food. It is an indigestible carb that acts as a sponge and removes toxins from the digestive tract. Dietary fiber helps in intestinal motility and causes a bowel movement.

Psyllium husk does the same but does not have the other nutritional advantages of hemp seeds. Due to the clearing of the colon, general health improves, and skin becomes clearer. Fiber is also an effective appetite suppressant due to its volume and helps in weight management.

A storehouse of trace elements

Hemp seeds are not only packed with protein and fiber but also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Topping the list is Vitamin E, an invaluable antioxidant that slows aging.

It is also a good source of carotene that forms Vitamin A.

Among minerals, it is a source of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium, all of which regulate various metabolic functions and maintain vitality.

CBD Oil – a Miracle Biochemical

Cannabidiol or CBD is widely thought of as a revolutionary product. It is also extracted from the same Cannabis sativa plant, and just like hemp seeds, it is not high in THC that makes marijuana a recreational drug.

There are literally scores or cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD is the one that is easy to extract and consume in dilution with hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is not a product of the seed, like hemp milk and powder, but the flower. Aficionados use it to treat a range of health problems, and research into its benefits are revealing new and surprising facts daily.

Superb anxiety management

CBD oil attaches itself to brain receptors and reduces their activity. This makes it a powerful natural therapy for helping those suffering from anxiety.

From high blood pressure to bruxism (unconsciously grinding teeth), anxiety is an unwelcome lifestyle disease.

It is an agonist and produces the opposite effect when it attaches to receptors. The best part is that it requires a very low dose of a few milligrams per kilo of weight to achieve the desired effect.

The use of benzodiazepines such as alprazolam leads to the same effects, but they are habit-forming artificial chemicals. The use of CBD oil for anxiety treatment is welcome news for millions who live in chronic stress.

Deaddiction benefits

Addiction to any substance, such as drugs or alcohol, is hard to overcome. The root of the problem is these substances produce pleasure-giving neurotransmitter dopamine which creates a so-called high, which causes physical dependence.

CBD oil is able to pacify the need for dopamine and lower the craving for addiction. This makes it an invaluable tool in therapy. Of course, the reader has to note this aspect is still being experimented on. Even though studies have confirmed the positives, it is yet to be a part of the everyday withdrawal regimen.

Nerve pain management

Neuralgia is the pain of the nerve, usually affecting nerves of the limbs. It is an extremely distressing condition and is treated with exceptionally strong painkilling drugs. There is no permanent cure, and the situation is debilitating.

Due to its calming effect, CBD oil is being adopted in nerve pain management. CBD oil injections in the spine have been used to try and slow the speed with which nerves transmit pain signals.

Heart health

Any biochemical which is calming will invariably help the heart. Placebo trials have shown that adult men who took 600 milligrams of CBD oil daily for several weeks had lower blood pressure.

In addition, a fascinating fact is the heart has a more significant ejection fraction; this means it expels out more blood. CBD oil is suggested as a valid alternative therapy for those with a hypertensive condition.

Other benefits

From PMS to acne, CBD oil has been anecdotally thanked for being a miracle chemical. It all boils down to the ability of CBD oil to fight inflammation.

CBD oil is proven to reduce cytokines, which are tiny protein cells produced by the immune system. While cytokines are excellent for fighting off a fever, it is damaging when they attack the body.

This is why so many diseases are autoimmune such as arthritis and MS. The body attacks itself due to wrong chemical messages. We don’t understand a lot of science and it is thought that anxiety and stress play a large role in this. CBD oil, with its calming effect, is, therefore, able to make us healthy and also boost our immunity.

Last Words

One of the problems with CBD oil and hemp seeds is there are no dosage indications. Without access to any particular study on the subject, it is best to have a handful of hemp seeds a day – about three tablespoons worth.

CBD oil is best taken as 500 mg capsules through some OTC brands go as high as 1500 mg. Try and purchase organic produce that is pure and not mixed with unnecessary additives.

A common mistake is to buy hemp seed oil, thinking it to be CBD oil. Though hemp seed oil is not without benefits as we have seen above, they are of a different kind. Some prefer to use CBD oil in the form of a topical ointment.

Hemp and CBD oil have gained fame in the west recently, but they have been around in other civilizations for a lot longer and are a standard part of Chinese medicine.

Author Bio: Jaspreet Singh, Co-founder of the NGO Hemp Foundation which works for the empowerment of economically challenged farmers in Uttarakhand. He works as a bridge between the people and the business to make the farmers economically grow. He loves to hear their problems to provide them an explicit solution. He is also passionate about adventures tours, trekking, and long bike rides.


Is It Safe to Use CBD While Pregnant?



The use of CBD oil has been all the rage in recent years, thanks to its treatment and relief from a number of ailments including stress and pain. From lotions to beauty treatments, CBD therapeutic products are popping up everywhere. So it’s no surprise that pregnant mamas might reach for a CBD salve to help alleviate any of their uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, like anxiety, nausea and sore feet.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid in the family of cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana.  Unlike THC — which is marijuana’s most active ingredient that leaves you feeling high — CBD is touted for its medicinal usage without leaving you feeling buzzed. “It is the sister that stays home and cleans the house, while the THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, is the life of the party,” Dr. Mary Clifton, M.D., an NYC-based CBD and Cannabis expert, tells SheKnows.

Why Pregnant Women Might Want to Try it

“While there are pharmaceutical treatments for all these ailments, many health-conscious women want to use more natural treatments wherever possible. As a plant-based supplement, an increasing number of pregnant women are interested in CBD products,” Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis, Cannabis Specialist at Heally, tells SheKnows.

The reasons are valid.

Clinical research has shown that CBD has demonstrated to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as insomnia.

However, says Bugailiskis, the use of CBD during pregnancy remains “controversial.”

Why it’s controversial

“The FDA released a warning in October 2019 cautioning against the use of cannabis products, including CBD, while pregnant,” says Bugailiskis. “While CBD research remains limited at this time, some animal studies have shown impairment of fetuses when CBD was used. Lack of regulation of CBD products is also a concern – while reputable providers offer quality products, less scrupulous ones have been found to sell products contaminated with harmful chemicals.”

According to Dr. Sarah Melancon, Ph.D, a sociologist and clinical sexologist, who has done extensive research on CBD, sexuality and pregnancy, CBD increases the signaling of the cannabinoid anandamide (AEA), and, as a result, has a dose-dependent effect on aspects related to reproduction, “which is cause for concern,” she says. Melancon says high levels of AEA are associated with miscarriage in humans, particularly in the first trimester. “On the other hand, low levels of AEA help with implantation and placenta development,” she says. “AEA levels stay low during pregnancy, rising during the third trimester of pregnancy 2-4x and are connected with labor onset.” According to Melancon women with preterm labor/birth have higher levels of AEA, and even among premature births, “those with the highest levels of AEA delivered fastest.”

Since CBD can elevate AEA levels, Melancon says using CBD during pregnancy has the potential to cause miscarriage in the first trimester, as well as increased risk of preterm labor and birth.

“This is especially concerning, because many women may be using CBD before they know they are pregnant, which may be contributing to miscarriages,” she says. “More research is needed, but at present a better-safe-than-sorry approach is warranted.”

Studies that are available regarding CBD and pregnancy include women who have chosen to use cannabis during their pregnancies. These studies “support that the use of cannabinoids result in intrauterine growth retardation  — stunting the growth of the unborn baby,” says Clifton.

“At this point, studies suggest that there is not only risk to the growth to the fetus in general, but also that early exposure to cannabinoids may impact the developing brain,” she says. “Pregnant women should avoid the use of cannabinoid formulations.” While the research on CBD has remained limited, according to Clifton, the studies done “are consistent that the growth of the baby is affected.”

What can pregnant women use instead?

“There are a number of things that stimulate and balance the tone of encodcannabinoid system (ECS),” says Clifton. “Pinene, for example, from pine trees or more commonly pine nuts or basil, is excellent for the ECS. Limonene from lemons and other citrus is also delicious and helpful.  Beta Caryophyllene and the extracts from black pepper support the tone of the ECS marvelously.” She recommends talking with your essential oils expert — as well as those at Boomer Natural Wellness — since they carry products “that support ECS tone without exposure to cannabinoids.”

Looking for something completely natural and safe? Bugailiski says that “many women swear by ginger tea or candies to alleviate nausea. Some herbal teas and natural supplements can help with insomnia, and therapy is always an excellent option for dealing with depression or anxiety.”

A version of this story was published March 2020.

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How CBD Can Help You Cope with the Pandemic



Here’s How to Use CBD Safely Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While the current pandemic has caused many businesses, both small and large, to shut down, CBD products have received an unusually large amount of attention and an increase in sales volume. Although still not fully mainstream, CBD is growing increasingly popular during these difficult times as a coping method for many people.

There is a multitude of reasons behind stress during the Covid-19 pandemic, ranging from potential health problems to business shutdowns and job layoffs. Families are divided, businesses are struggling, and the public is living in fear as a whole. With the increase in anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues, CBD has become a focal point in their management. Even other areas of the world such as CBD Oil Costa Rica are taking leaps into the CBD realm to cope with the pandemic.

CBD and Stress

First, it is important that we clear some things up. CBD does not relieve stress and anxiety the way that THC in Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, does. CBD does not create a high feeling and does not have any psychoactive effects. CBD works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. Increased levels of Cortisol can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. CBD works by lowering the levels of Cortisol in your blood, thus reducing the effects that stress is having on your brain and body.

hemp oils

CBD has also been proven to increase the production of Serotonin in the brain, which works hand in hand with the lowering of Cortisol. CBD eases anxiety and creates a more relaxed state of mind, which is especially important in the current situation.

Surprisingly, a group that has particularly benefited from incorporating CBD into their daily routine has proven to be students, both high school and college. Northwestern University has reported that the trend of their students using CBD to manage the stress associated with their college workload has significantly increased during the course of the pandemic. The uncertainty of the job market post-graduation in combination with the stress of virtual learning is driving students to find alternatives to stress and anxiety management other than medication.

CBD and Health

Health is a trending topic during the pandemic, as expected more people are searching for ways to not only boost their immunity but also treat their current conditions in a more natural and safer way that does not compromise their immune system. CBD has become the go-to choice for many people struggling with epilepsy, due to its anti-convulsant properties, as well as those struggling with illnesses that are caused by the inflammation of the body, such as IBS and arthritis. CBD lowers inflammation in the body and affects your brain receptors that are responsible for managing pain. It is a great option for those that are struggling with chronic pain or migraines. There have not been many negative side-effects reported as a result of the use of CBD, although more studies are being conducted to ensure the safety of the treatment.

CBD has become even more popular during the course of the pandemic as it is a safe and effective way to help you deal with the increased stress while also working to manage ongoing conditions you may be suffering with. CBD is a natural option for those that have trouble dealing with the pressures that the Covid-19 pandemic creates.

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5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes



CBD Vaping Mistakes

Vaping is one of the most preferred ways to consume CBD. However, if you’re a beginner, there will be a tendency to commit one or a few of these CBD Vaping mistakes. Watch this video to have a better idea of how to vape CBD in the proper way.

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