For many Americans, their breakfast is not complete without a cup of coffee. As the nation’s third most consumed beverage, behind water and carbonated soft drinks, this drink has provided Americans a jolt of energy to start their day.

But while a cup of joe can stimulate your mind and body for another busy day, it can also provide health benefits. And recent studies have shown that these therapeutic properties can even be enhanced if they are combined with the hottest substance in the medical community today — medical cannabis.

Caffeine and Health

Coffee contains caffeine, a substance known primarily for its mind stimulating property. It has become the most widely consumed psychoactive compound. This is mainly because of its effects, such as sharpening one’s focus and concentration. Caffeine helps improve other mental and physical activities like memory, mood, reaction times, energy levels, and overall mental function.

Apart from being the socially acceptable psychoactive drug, caffeine can also bring other science-backed benefits to your body such as:

Burns Fat – Caffeine can be found in nearly every commercial fat-burning supplement because of its efficacy in torching fat. According to multiple studies, caffeine can raise your metabolic rate by up to 11%. While other studies show the compound can step up fat burning by almost 10% in obese and 29% in lean people.

Prevents progress of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia – Several studies proved the coffee drinkers have almost 65% reduction in likelihood to suffer from cognitive decline, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Protects your Liver – Caffeine is one of the substances that is known to prevent the advancement of cirrhosis, wherein scar tissues replace a considerable portion of the liver.

Reduces the risk of certain cancers – Science has discovered that caffeine can protect the body against the development of liver cancer and colorectal cancer.

Promotes a healthy heart – There is some scientific proof that women who frequently drink coffee have a decreased risk of suffering heart disease while other studies found coffee drinkers have a 20% decreased likelihood of stroke.

Is a Potent Antioxidant – Studies show that many people source antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables, making the beverage one of the healthiest in the market.

CBD Oil and Coffee Combination

With the rise of CBD, manufacturers include this cannabis-derived substance in many food items and beverages. And because coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks, the cannabis industry has started selling CBD-infused brands. Even big names like Starbucks are planning to serve cups of coffee with pot essence.

Coffee and Pot

While this move can be appealing to both caffeine and cannabis lovers, many people are skeptical of the product’s medicinal value. The contradicting stimulating property of the beverage and the relaxing effect of cannabidiol can only make the drink less useful. But even as science lacks findings on the therapeutic properties of the mixture of the two highly potent substances, we have some anecdotal evidence from drinkers.

CBD coffee drinkers commented that the drink gave them an alert and focused energy from the drink without the jitters. Jewel Zimmer, the founder of cannabis and CBD oil brand Juna, attested to this claim, saying that mixing CBD into her cup of joe lowers this side effect of caffeine.

The coffee and cannabis combination can also provide these benefits:

  • Boosts your energy while reducing anxiety – Both CBD hemp oil and caffeine has the power to stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone.
  • Enhanced antioxidant properties – The combination of the two compounds means an increased level of antioxidants in your body. The more antioxidants rid of toxins in your body, the more your DNA and cells get protection from damage. They also contribute to cell regeneration and aging.
  • CBD coffee boosts brain health – Both caffeine and CBD oil can protect your nerve cells from degeneration.

Combining two highly beneficial substances can lead to a better product. But, still, you need the guidance of doctors, and cannabis experts make sure you are getting the right dosage.