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Weed Detox Practices to Flush Your System of THC



Raleigh County Welcomes Medical Cannabis, Votes Unanimously

While cannabis is decriminalized and legal in many states, it is sometimes necessary to go through a weed detox to pass a drug test successfully. Often – especially in states where cannabis is not yet legal – employers will require prospective employees to take a drug test before their complete onboarding process. 

A familiar scenario to many, passing a drug test is required to fulfill a new job you have been working hard for. However, if you are a consumer of cannabis – new or experienced – you may not understand how THC can ultimately affect the results of your drug test. 

A drug test will reveal the psychoactive compound in your body’s system if you recently lit up a potent joint high in THC levels. Furthermore, THC toxins can be detected in blood, urine, saliva, or even hair. Yet, most employers are not likely to sample your hair in drug screenings. 

Accordingly, sometimes an in-depth THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) detox is necessary to thoroughly expel weed toxins from the body’s system. Continue reading to learn the best detoxification methods to successfully pass a drug test and factors that may affect the detoxification process.

Why Detox from Cannabis?

In short, there are various reasons to detox from cannabis, whether it’s to set back your tolerance levels, increase your energy, or prepare for a drug test at work. A detoxification process has to do with the utmost removal of toxic substances from the body’s bloodstream. It is considered more healthy to allow THC toxins from cannabis to leave your system unassisted. However, sometimes it is imperative to go through a detoxification process.

According to in-depth research, employers administer up to 55 million drug tests every year. These tests analyze biological substances, including:

  • Blood
  • Sweat
  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Breath
  • Saliva
  • Fingernails

When you consume cannabis, THC levels rise temporarily in your system. As a result, THC toxins can easily be detected in your body if you go for a blood test, even after 24 hours of usage. Although THC levels may drop drastically after several days, there are other methods of determining whether or not you recently consumed cannabis.

Drug Test

Almost every employer asks their potential employees to undergo drug tests. A drug test readily identifies traces of THC or cannabinoids in a person’s system. And the most common type of drug test for cannabis is a urine test. 

Most doctors use urine tests because it is straightforward to perform. But, more importantly, it can help identify the presence of metabolites and THC toxins up to three months after use.

Low Energy Levels

Low energy is a common feature exhibited by smokers. This is because THC metabolites can alter brain feeding control, reducing appetite and low energy. However, detoxing can flush out these metabolites from the body.

Tolerance Break

A tolerance break – or t-break – is a short-term break from cannabis to clear one’s body of THC. Does it work? Well, studies show that regular consumers of cannabis build up a tolerance to the narcotic. 

According to a study by Dr. Miles Herkenham of the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) on the cannabinoid receptor system and its tolerance to cannabis, the overall effect is dose- and time-dependent, as well as reversible.

How to Detox From THC

There are several detoxification methods you can do to rid your body of unwanted THC toxins. Nevertheless, the most popular of them are the following:

Natural Detox 

Most people who wish to undergo a weed detox can complete a natural cleanse within 30 days. However, to do this successfully, you may have to change your lifestyle and eating habits. This helps ensure your entire body eliminates the fat-soluble THC stored in your system. 

People detox from THC at different paces. Most people can efficiently complete natural detoxification from THC within a few weeks. This is because cannabis is generally stored within the fat cells in the human body. 

Thus, the rate at which an individual body will detox THC will be different from one another according to their respective and personal body features like height, weight, and gender. That said, if you are a heavy THC user, it may take up to 90 days before you test clean of THC after your last puff.

At-Home Approach

When some people go for a cannabis detox, they believe the rumored information about quick fixes for THC detox.

To point out, here are some of the so-called super-fast weed detoxes include:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Vinegar
  • Detox teas
  • Bleach (you shouldn’t ingest bleach for any reason)
  • Niacin detox

These ‘quick’ methods are usually based on myth and should never be trusted. Therefore, do not default to unreliable and questionable detoxification methods. Bear in mind a THC detox is a lengthy process. And, no one vitamin, tea, chemical, or juice can magically flush your system of cannabis overnight or within a short period.

Detox Kits

Top-notch detox kits eliminate THC from your urine sample without stripping your body’s system of any other nutrients. Similarly, high-quality detox drinks stimulate your body’s natural detoxification processes. 

However, it is crucial to make sure you are purchasing from a reliable source, which is why we provided links to our favorite detox resources. Most trustworthy detox kits and detox drinks are known to create windows, allowing you to easily test clean within a certain period. That said, some cheap detox products can, without question, strip urine of the same indicators that testers are on the lookout to ensure the authenticity of the sample provided.

Detox kits permanently flush your entire system of traceable THC levels. In most cases, ranging between 5 and 10 days, detox kits leverage herbal supplements that help your body’s natural detoxification processes. But, if you are not so sure of the type of test you may be subjected to, you may want to consider a full-body detox. The latter usually comes with a detox shampoo.

Factors That Affect the Detoxification Process

Unfortunately, some factors may affect both the natural and assisted weed detox process. Here they are in no particular order:

Frequency & Potency

How frequently you consume cannabis, as well as its potency, can have significant impacts. For a regular user, it will take a longer time to flush the cannabinoid from your system.

In comparison, studies show chronic consumers will still have THC in their systems for up to 10 days. This means that any drug test you undergo within this period will not favor you.

Alcohol & Caffeine Consumption

Alcohol and caffeine consumption can affect THC detox. According to research, 8 ounces of alcohol daily forces your body to burn up stored fats, so there will be enough energy to burn the calories in the alcoholic beverage.

This results in the release of trapped THC into your body. If you don’t take alcohol or caffeine above 8 ounces every day, your system will fail to adjust. And your body will start storing the calories in the alcoholic beverage as fat. This makes the entire cannabis detox harder as more fat layers are stacked on the existing ones in your body.

Body Fat

Every individual has a distinct metabolism that processes cannabis at a different rate. In addition, individual lifestyle choices such as eating habits, level of exercise, etc., can also affect the time required to pass a drug test.

People with a higher level of fat content in their bodies store cannabinoids much more readily than their slimmer counterparts. When you perform exercises, your fat cells break down, thereby releasing THC. This makes it even more challenging to carry out complete cannabis detox.


Not keeping yourself hydrated – with 2 to 3 liters of water per day – can severely hamper the THC detox process. This is because dehydration helps concentrate your urine, which can affect any drug test results you undergo.

Therefore, always ensure you are hydrated by taking at least 2 liters of water per day. If you can drink green tea during the detoxification process, it will do remarkably well for your overall health. Avoid caffeinated, sugary beverages like soda, etc., as they can also hinder THC detox.

Physical Activity 

Hitting the gym has been proven to speed up the weed detox. The more body fat you have, the more tissue will be available to store cannabinoids, resulting in an extensive window of detection. Additionally, sweating encourages your body’s natural detoxification systems and helps you flush out toxins.

Method Used

By now, you already know that different methods of detox from cannabis at-home exist. However, the efficacy of these other methods can significantly affect the detoxification process.

In other words, the methods used for detox from cannabis at-home have a different effect. They do not produce the same results within the same stipulated period. For instance, it may take longer to naturally detox compared to if you use detox kits.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can stay in an individual’s body for a pretty long time, depending on the individual’s body type, the potency of the cannabis they use, and how much they consume. 

If you are a heavy cannabis user, expect to wait a long time before your entire system is clear of every last trace of cannabis. You may also experience or undergo a much more challenging weed detox process. This will occur due to withdrawal.

It is impossible to accurately predict how long cannabis will stay in a person’s system. Timelines are an average and vary individual to individual. Your body will eventually cleanse of THC after you stop consuming and if you don’t have the time to wait for your natural detoxification system, trusted detox products will cleanse your system of weed in a shorter period of time.

Cannabis Business

4 Smart Ways Cannabis Companies can Promote their Business on Social Media



Cannabis in the Age of Social Media

In recent times, the cannabis industry has been booming with no signs of slowing up soon. In the last few years, more and more states have legalized the use of cannabis. In fact, most states have legalized the use of medical cannabis, and a few have even legalized it for recreational use. Cannabis has grown from a taboo subject to a high-flying billion-dollar industry. With many people wanting to try cannabis products, it is no surprise that the industry has grown so rapidly. The industry is going through a significant change, and much of it is thanks to social media.

Here are four smart ways that cannabis companies today are utilizing the benefits of cannabis social media to promote their products and services:

1. Utilize Hashtags to your advantage.

One of the fundamental aspects of getting your post discovered by people interested in your products and services is by making sure your keyword is hashtagged in your posts. Adding a #hastag to your posts allows people searching for that specific keyword or keyword phrase to find your posts easily. This could open some excellent doors for you and your cannabis business. Not only that, by properly hashtagging your posts, you enhance your chances of making it to the coveted “explore” page on Instagram.

2. Using Facebook to promote your Cannabis Product.

If you’re in the Cannabis industry, then you need to be on Facebook. It’s as simple as that. Facebook has over 2 Billion users, and it’s estimated that around 30% of them use Facebook to find places to eat and drink and find/buy products and services. Although it’s pretty challenging to promote your cannabis products or services on FB due to its current policies, there are clever ways you can still get the word out about your brand utilizing Facebook and its pixel as a conduit. You can run campaigns both paid and unpaid that highlight the benefits of your product. Let’s say you have a cannabis gummy product; you could create an ad or post that shows how natural health can help cure anxiety and depression. Once they land on your website, your Facebook pixel will “cookie” them, and you can retarget them in another campaign where you can work on collecting email addresses to run a more targeted campaign to your desired demographic.

3. Twitter is a powerful platform for social signaling

Twitter is not just a social network. It is also a powerful platform for social signaling. In the business world, social signaling is a powerful tool. When you post a tweet on your Twitter account, not only do people on Twitter see it, but it also gets some love from Google themselves. Google sees your post and gives a tiny bit of “link juice” and some trust signals as well! This is important in terms of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

4. Working with a TikTok Influencer to boost your cannabis brands visibility

Working with TikTok influencers can help your cannabis brand’s exposure. Tiktok has been all of the rage lately, and the engagement on that platform is immense. Cannabis brands can look to work with micro-influencers subtly to push their products to the influencer’s audience. This can be a great way to increase exposure through microchannels and influencers on TikTok.


Social media is a great way to promote a cannabis business in a variety of ways. Social media is generally the beginning of building your company’s presence online, but it definitely should not be your only marketing strategy. With careful thought and a little creativity, it’s possible to build a strong following and a thriving business using social media. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to promote your marijuana business on social media!

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Cannabis 101

Why are Cannabis Delivery Services in Los Angeles so Popular?



Cannabis Delivery Service

Imagine sitting at home on a cool California evening, smoking a spliff and nestled in with a good flick on TV. You are just enjoying some downtime, and you realize you’re out of weed, and you are in no shape to operate a motor vehicle! Unless you have someone there with you that can make a quick supply run for you, you may end the day coming down from an incredibly relaxing high that was too short-lived. That is where cannabis delivery Los Angeles can make a real impact in your life!

You may have heard of weed delivery services before, but you may not know how they operate. Marijuana delivery services are companies that will deliver weed directly to your doorstep for a nominal fee. The heightened use of cannabis during the COVID-19 Pandemic has elevated the popularity of these types of businesses in LA. One of the main reasons this is going on is that it is legal to get your cannabis delivered to you when you buy from a licensed dispensary. This is fantastic as you never even have to leave your home to get quality cannabis. Not only that, it’s super convenient, and you never have to worry about being seen at a dispensary and being judged by those that don’t get down with cannabis consumption.

Cannabis delivery services are a super-easy way to get weed straight to your home

A legal dispensary tied in with a cannabis delivery service can be a perfectly convenient way to get weed at your home in Los Angeles. An increasing array of online services allows you to order weed from dispensaries and deliver it right to your door. This means no more having difficulty buying cannabis in public since the transaction can be done entirely behind closed doors. 

Weed delivery services are an easy and discreet way of getting weed

If you’re looking for a sensible and straightforward way to get weed without the hassle of having to travel or interact with anyone in person, then using a cannabis delivery is your best bet. Many different services can deliver marijuana right to your home (even during this Pandemic). The process itself is simple: order from any one of these cannabis delivery services, and they’ll deliver it right to your door! 

Weed delivery services offer a wide variety of strains that can be delivered directly to your home 

If you’re looking for an easy way to find strains that suit your needs, weed delivery services can do just the trick. They offer convenience by delivering straight to your door. They allow you to try multiple types of cannabis without having to visit dispensaries yourself; no need to stop on the way home from work! All that is required for these eCommerce websites are an internet purchase; then, a doorbell ring will be all it takes before you’re enjoying some quality cannabis on your couch! If you want to enjoy convenient, high-quality marijuana at home but don’t like the idea of going outside and buying it yourself; online weed delivery services have got your back.


If you are a busy professional or have an injury that prevents you from driving and getting your weed, there is something that will work for everyone: weed delivery services in Los Angeles. You can save time by selecting which dispensary is closest to your home then reading reviews about each location before deciding which one best suits your needs. 

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Cannabis 101

Everything You Need to Know About Packwood Pre-Rolled Blunts



Not a fan of rolling? There’s a convenient solution. Packwood blunts are pre-rolled and hand-rolled masterpieces made for every cannabis connoisseur. Think of premium types of cigarettes that are 100% tobacco-free. It’s an easy way to enjoy its rich flavor, carefully crafted for you so that the experience will be full and the draw will be smooth from tip to end. 

Packwoods is a pre-rolled blunt maker. They are based in Los Angeles, but their products are available in different dispensaries. You can purchase their pre-rolled blunts only in licensed dispensaries. For instance, Ice Kream Shop carries them but is still subject to availability. Best to contact them before dropping by. Better yet, online purchases are also possible, and delivery can be done within minutes if you are within the dispensary vicinity.

How do pre-rolled blunt work?

One of the common misconceptions of pre-rolled blunt work is that it is prepared by hand. However, what most people do not know is that it is loaded and rolled using a machine. It varies simply in weight and potency, which makes it unique. 

The structure of a pre-rolled blunt consists first of the glass filter at one end where you draw. The outer covering is a smooth and slow-burning wrap made of a natural leaf or usually a hemp leaf that’s 100% tobacco-free.

Inside the wrap is 2 grams of high-potency concentrate of a premium strain of your choice, with extract-infused flower. Every pre-rolled blunt contains only top-shelf and lab-tested ingredients. It is handled carefully with the component hand-broken and not grounded. The outer part of the wrap is dusted in kief. 

Wait for 30 minutes to 2 hours to be able to experience the full results of pre-rolled blunts. The duration will depend on two factors – the fill of the pre-roll and the tolerance of the user. 

Pre-rolled blunt options

The following are some of the Packwood pre-rolled blunts products to choose from:

Classic blunts

This classic is the most in-demand of all. Each blunt contains 2 grams of premium flower with a high-potency concentration of extracts. Each roll is dusted in kief in a 100% tobacco-free wrap.


Talk about cuties. Packarillos are the mini versions of the classics but with a slight difference. Each blunt contains 0.75 grams of premium flower and has a cross-cut glass filter for a better draw of a smaller blunt. If you are wondering how to purchase these minis, this product comes in 3 pieces per packet.

These items are a hit for it has different types of packaging and colors to differentiate each one. Some of these are Animal cookies, platinum sherbet, Strawnana, Gelato, Mint Kush, Gorilla Cookies, and Venom OG. 

Roll Your Own (RYO) Kits

RYO kits are like the deconstructed version of the pre-rolled blunts. Inside every kit are 3.5 grams of premium flowers, a book of 1 ¼ size Vibes rolling sheet, and three pieces of cross-cut glass filters. The RYO box looks exciting and yummy, so in case a child accidentally gets hold of the box, rest assured that its child-proof features will keep it from opening. The box is also smell-proof for safer transport. RYO kits are the latest addition to Packwood’s product lineups.

Packwood Collaboration

Packwoods has also collaborated with other brands, including Cookies, Runtz, Sherbinskis, Gashouse, and Big Al’s, to create unique mixes of pre-rolled blunts.

Cookies Collab

When peeking inside the Cookies collab pre-rolled blunts, consumers will see 2 grams of cannabis flower that are hand-broken mixed with 0.25g high-potency Nug Run sauce. This combination is then wrapped using a 100% tobacco-free Packwrap. Just like any other Packwoods pre-rolled blunts, this collab also has a glass filter finish. 

Runtz Collab

Believe it or not, Runtz Collab is one of the top pre-rolls that are used to feel relaxed. Aside from its eye-catching and cool packaging, customers love buying this product because of its sugary-sweet profile. These characteristics are brought about by its cross between Gelato and Zkittlez and is one of the rarest strains of cannabis in the world. These pre-rolls hold 2g of either Pink Runtz, White Runtz, or Original Runtz wrapped with the signature 100% tobacco-free wrap of Packsoowds. It is also dusted in 0.25g in indoor Keif and an engineered glass filter. 

Sherbinskis Collab

This collab between Sherbinskis and Packwoods is composed of 2 grams of hemp blunt and 0.25 g of nurgrun sauce. After combining these two, it is then coated with 0.25 g of Sherbinskis indoor kief. Its composition offers a rich, thick, and heavy smoke. This is primarily from the characteristics of its mashup of Thin Mint Cookies (OG Kush and F1) and Sunset Sherbert (Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies). 

It also has a unique taste of heady, earthy tones alongside a hint of sweetness as if you’re eating a bowl of yummy gelato. Keep in mind, however, that this strain has higher THC compared to other Gelato strains. Therefore, this is not recommended for those users who are only starting. Its characteristics are perfect for high-tolerance smokers who are smoking day in day out. 

Gas House Collab

This Gas House collab is composed of 2 grams of Gas House premium indoor flower with 0.25 grams of premium nugrun sauce from Gas House and dusted with 0.25 grams of Kief. Due to its high levels of THC, it provides soothing cerebral relaxation alongside sensory pleasure and excellent body simulation. However, this high-potency THC is not friendly to the cannabis world newcomers. 

Planning To Buy One?

So how much does it cost? That depends, but each blunt costs around $10 to $35, depending on the product type. Packarillos will be about $40 to $45.

Some of the most in-demand flavors include strawnana, gelato, guava, lemon drop, and mint. Every Packwoods product has to undergo testing for safety requirements. Packwood blunts pre-rolled are best when it’s fresh. Pro tip when purchasing? Ask for the latest batches and choose from there.

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