Now that medical marijuana has been largely legalized throughout the United States, you might be tempted to try it to address some of your medical and even recreational needs.  If you are overwhelmed by the number of strains to choose from, this guide will walk you through the various strains available to help you make a decision based on the effects you want and need.

Main Species of Cannabis

Cannabis sativa and indica are the two main strains of cannabis.  These two varieties are generally characterized by the kind of high they give. Sativa has an active stimulant effect, due to its equal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis) and cannabidiol (CBD, a cannabinoid-rich with medicinal properties). Because of this, sativa is known to give a ‘cerebral’ or ‘head’ high which enhances creativity and boosts energy.

Indica, on the other hand, is known to induce a ‘body’ high as it has potent sedative properties caused by the amount of THC it contains. It has a soporific effect on the body, making it perfect as a relaxant and sleep aid.

Budtenders tend to cross-breed these two species to create different strains with varying levels of THC and CBD content. Read on to find out what strains are perfect for your needs.

CBD and THC for Mental Health

CBD has a stimulating effect, making it a good component for those looking for ways to enhance their mood. A strain that is perfect for improving mood and focus is Harlequin as it contains high amounts of CBD and low levels of THC.  Harlequin is also suited to help prevent the onset of anxiety. If you want to lower your stress levels, Grandaddy Purple, known as one of the most relaxing strains, might just be the strain for you.

Other strains that can aid in treating mental health issues include Cannatonic (high CBD), Northern Lights (to curb OCD-like behaviors), and Pineapple Kush (can help treat depression).

CBD and THC For Pain Management

A combination of CBD and THC is good for pain relief. ACDC Strain also offers effective pain management, as it has a balanced amount of the two cannabinoids. If you want to minimize any discomfort caused by inflammation, Blue Widow will be your best choice as it has high amounts of THC, known for its anti-inflammatory effects. For other types of pain relief, Sour Diesel is generally favored because it doesn’t cause drowsiness but is still effective for relieving aches.

Other strains that help with pain management include Blueberry Kush (this can cause drowsiness so is good for bedtime use) and Canna-Tsu (this has minimal psychoactive properties so is good for daytime use).

Cannabis Strains For Better Sleep

Those who have insomnia or are having trouble getting a restful night’s sleep might want to give Afghanica a try. It has high CBD and THC content, making it a potent relaxant while minimizing the sedative effects. Aside from this, you could also try Lavender, named after the herb because of the similar effects they produce, which is to relieve stress and offer peaceful sleep.

Other strains available to aid sleep and relaxation are Phantom Cookies (powerful relaxant) and The Church (offers a ‘peaceful mind’).

For Creativity and Energy Boost

If you are looking for an energy boost, give Super Lemon Haze a try. It has a citrusy aroma and flavor, making it perfect as a morning perk up. It contains mostly sativa, making it perfect as a morning fix. Durban Poison is 100% sativa, giving users an extreme ‘cerebral’ high, which improves creativity and offers euphoria. It is also great for treating PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

To help you get the creative juices flowing and the energy levels up, you can also get Green Crack, which helps to alleviate fatigue.

Using this guide, getting your fix of medical marijuana can be a hassle-free experience. Reap the benefits of this wonder plant and see the effects for yourself!