With the recent developments and successes that the cannabis industry attained in 2018, it seems that there is no looking back. For many who belong to this industry, 2019 will be a year that will exceed new heights. From hopeful legalizations, tasting more edibles, and seeing more skincare products infused with CBD, 2019 has many more in store for you.

To keep up with all the latest news and developments about cannabis, look at what this article has for you.

Expected States to Legalize Marijuana – Cannabis Update

The midterm elections last November ended up favoring the legalization of marijuana. Here, many states were in favor of the use of cannabis for adults. As per writing, medical marijuana has been recognized and legalized in thirty-three states. This is in addition to the ten which have legalized cannabis for recreational adult usage.

With numerous governor candidates winning, you can expect these numbers to rise in 2019. Armed with continued public support around the country, lawmakers are foreseeing policy reform when it comes to the usage of this herb. For one, at least nine states are slated to pass and regulate marijuana use. These states include Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The state of Kansas, through Governor-elect Laura Kelly, showed support for medical marijuana use, even joining Missouri and Oklahoma to rally behind its back.

The Rise of Hemp Edibles

Together with the overwhelming support for this herb, users can expect edibles to be legalized and be on the shelves this year. Gone are the days when pot brownies are the only ones you can make or buy from your friendly store. Today, law enforcers are looking for efficient ways they can regulate dosages when it comes to food consumption.

While CBD oil and marijuana aren’t widely consumed in all states, chefs and other culinary experts are predicting that they will be widely used and developed for trade shows. Even other hemp product such as hearts, seeds, and oils will have attention.

CBD-Infused Skincare

With more individuals getting into skincare, it comes as no surprise that many companies have been developing newer lines that target skin improvement. For this year, you can see more businesses coming out with CBD or hemp being at the forefront of their new products. Not only is it great for reducing inflammation, but it is also helpful for soothing inflamed skin and tired muscles.

2018, had a successful run in the cannabis industry. As you can see, 2019 has just started, and it already has so much to offer. So, wait and see what the year has in store for the cannabis industry.