Last time, we gave you four different mobile games that let you cultivate and sell cannabis. Now, we are back with games you can play on your trusty personal computer. So, without further ado, here are 4 PC games that feature weed:

The Grand Theft Auto Franchise

First on our list is the GTA franchise, a well-loved series of games set in various cities inspired by actual cities in the U.S. This open-world game allows you to explore the cities, which can take you hours and hours, especially with the huge maps the developers designed. You are also tasked to complete various missions including acquiring, growing and distributing marijuana.

This game has received critical acclaim for its rich world-building and its almost limitless gameplay. Moreover, it has allowed millions of players to experience living life in the fast lane, even if it is just in the virtual world.

Weed Shop 2

Whilst GTA games are in the third-person perspective, Weed Shop 2 allows you to play in the first person. So, fans of first-person games, this one is for you. Set in California, Weed Shop 2 lets you manage your own dispensary where you will encounter various characters including aliens who steal your plants! You also get to grow your own plant, decorate your shop and experience what it feels and looks like when you are high.

iGrow Game

Weed Shop 2, iGrow Game is a first-person game that allows you to build your own cannabis factory from scratch. Basically, you are in the UK starting your weed farm in a tower. Seems simple right? The catch is, the game generates a different tower for every game you start, making it more challenging, whilst letting you plan your strategy every time you start over.

Weedcraft Inc.

If you liked the weed farming simulator games on your mobile phone, you will surely love this PC game. This game gives the same feel as Pot Farm, Weed Firm 2 and other similar mobile games, but with a bit more fun with the abundance of details. You get to cross breed and mutate different strains, as well as manage your dispensary employees and manage your distributions. The characters are even amazingly detailed, complete with backstories and profiles, and you even have a say in in-game marijuana-related political issues!

Actually Living the High Life

Now, if you love these games and you want to have a taste of what it feels like in real life, here are some things you can do:

  • Visit a Dispensary

Because most of these games deal with the cultivation and distribution of weed, why not visit a dispensary? This way, you can experience what your character might feel like!

  • Use CBD Oil on Everything

Cannabis oil is an extremely versatile product. You can use it to cook your favorite food or you can mix it with your favorite drink. The possibilities are endless with this product and you might as well live the high life enjoying what this has to offer.

  • Enjoy a Joint

Lastly, what is the high life without enjoying a good joint? So, during your visit to the dispensary, you can talk with the budtender and ask for their best strains. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two, which you can apply for your in-game strategy!

Whilst playing as a weed kingpin is a great feeling, nothing beats actually living the cannabis life. So, give your local dispensary a visit and talk to their expert budtenders to know what it feels like to own and run the shop.