Cannabis has been garnering the attention of many because of its various medical proprieties, but is this only what the plant is good for? Well, you are in for a treat because you can also consume this plant to improve your sexual experience. Not sure how it figures into your sex life? Read on!

It Increases Libido

When talking about sex life, one of the most important things we tackle is libido. After all, this is what gives people the desire for sexual activity. Because of this, the first thing we need to know when looking into the role of cannabis in women’s sex lives is how it affects libido. This is especially due to the misinformation that weed lessens libido.

If you are concerned about this, worry not because studies show that this plant increases libido in women. In fact, Melanie Bone, a gynaecologist, prescribes medical cannabis for women who have problems with their sexual appetite.

It Reduces Inhibitions

Medical marijuana is also prescribed for patients who experience excruciating pain. This is because the herb has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Along with these, the plant also has relaxing properties, which lowers your inhibitions. The pain-relieving and relaxing effects of this plant can definitely improve your sex life as it reduces the pain you experience during sex and putting you in a more adventurous mood.

The cannabinoids responsible for these is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a psychoactive compound. Don’t worry, in regulated amounts and with the right ratio with cannabidiol (CBD), this will not leave you locked in the couch.

It Improves Orgasms

Now, onto the big finish. Because this plant gives you a great time before and during sex, you might be wondering about its effects towards the end. Well, good news because this herb is proven to improve orgasms. According to studies, it intensifies genital sensitivity and orgasms, making it a great addition to your romantic night (or day).

The Big Secret

If you are wondering how it works, you will be surprised by how simple it is. Basically, our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, which produces its own endocannabinoids and is responsive to the effects of cannabis and its cannabinoids. Moreover, this system is in charge of regulating pain and pleasure, making it more receptive to what cannabinoids have to offer. So, this is why cannabis has an effect on our bodies that lessens pain and increases pleasure.

How You Can Use Weed to Improve Your Experience

  • Make Your Date More Romantic by Cooking Using CBD Oil

If you and your partner are planning a date night, you might want to surprise them with a big helping of the cannabis-infused dish. You can prepare your very own pesto pasta, complete with CBD oil and buds as the main ingredient for your sauce. You can also prepare pot cookies or brownies for dessert to complete your meal.

  • Smoke a Hit or Two

Partners that do things together, stays together. We bet that this is also true for smoking weed. So, if you and your partner are enthusiasts, then why not blaze up your favorite buds and have a good time?

  • Use Cannabis-Infused Lubes

If you think food and joints are the only things you can use to improve your sex life, then you are wrong. You can now buy cannabis-infused lubes to make your time more exciting and adventurous!

This plant never ceases to amaze many people. Now that you know that you can also use it to enhance your sex life, why not grab your favorite cannabis product and have a good time with your partner.