Every cannabis enthusiast’s dream is to have their own supply of this wonder plant. While you can certainly grow a limited number of plants in your home depending on your state’s laws, this can be too big a task for some. This is true especially if you do not have enough space and resources to cultivate these babies.

So, what’s your alternative? Simulating weed farming, of course! Luckily, you can play cannabis-planting games on your trusty Apple or Android device. Here are 4 awesome cannabis mobile-app games and what you can do with them:

Grow and Sell Cannabis on Weed Firm 2

First on the list is Weed Firm 2: Back to College. Developed by Manitoba Games, this application lets you play the role of a college student who grows and distributes his own stash right within the campus. This game familiarizes you with various cannabis strains such as White Widow and Purple Haze, making it an informative one as well. Weed Firm 2 certainly gives you the pleasure of achievement as you can expand your shop, upgrade your materials and even plant other exciting plants.

What’s exciting about this game is you get to meet a variety of buyers, from the hippie-type Ultimatrix and skater chick Melony to Aliens looking to get a taste of your intergalactic buds and zombies!

Make CBD Oil on Ganja Farm

If you are looking forward to not only growing your own plants but also to making other stuff using their buds, then Ganja Farm is for you. Available on both iOS and Android, this game also lets you try your hand on cultivating a variety of strains such as Super Skunk, Bubba Kush and Mary Jane. Aside from this, you can truly create a haven for your in-game characters as you can upgrade the place with hookahs, statues and even an alien spaceship.

What makes this game special is that you can increase your in-game profits by using your buds to create hemp oil, space cakes and the good old blunts.

Bake Cannabis Goodies on Pot Farm

Just like the first two games we mentioned, Pot Farm introduces the player to various strains. With this game, however, you are given a clearer idea about what buds of these different strains look like. So, with this game, you are only a few steps away from becoming a cannabis expert!

While selling buds get you a few bucks, canna-butter and baked goods can yield bigger profits.

This colourful and attractive-looking weed game is one of our favorites as it allows you to buy and sell products with fellow players via online. You can also visit the farms of other online players and even compete with them on the leader board.

Conquer the World on Weed Tycoon iHD

Set in a future when this beloved herb is legal all over the world, Weed Tycoon iHD lets you live the life of a cannabis entrepreneur aiming to grow your small business into a multination empire. The unique thing about this game is you get to choose which strains you will cultivate and even set prices for them, thus truly testing your entrepreneurial skills. You have access to a map that lets you strategize and venture into foreign territories such as Amsterdam, The Netherlands and other parts of the USA.

With the help of these games, you can have your own cannabis business inside your pocket. Who knows, this may be a training ground for you into becoming the next big weed entrepreneur not only in the US but also all across the globe!