Stress and pressure at work combined with tons of distractions at work often cause employees to lose productivity at work. To combat this feeling of lethargy and boredom at work, many people find ways to boost their energy at the office.

Marijuana is known for its capacity to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. But many avoid using weed for receiving the other effect of this plant—making you feel spacey and distracted. The incorrect information that this plant transforms you into a slacker, who sits on the couch watching TV while eating junk food is being challenged by budtenders and pot experts.

Cannabis to Boost Physical and Mental Energy

The good news is, science backs the budtenders’ claims. A study revealed weed use increased mental activity and creativity. The research found that marijuana produces substances in the body that increase our capability to connect concepts that are seemingly unrelated.

Commenting on the brain stimulating powers of marijuana, Dr. Peter Solomon of HelloMD explained how weed could act as mind booster. For Dr. Solomon, cannabis’ can calm the body amid the plethora of distractions that makes us, tensed, nervous and anxious. This relaxed state will help you improve your focus and concentration at your current tasks.

Sativa-Based Strains for Productivity

Users should take note of the strain they are using. Marijuana’s two commonly known strains, sativa and indica have opposite effects on individuals. Known as the daytime strain, sativa is known to promote productivity during the day by making you physically and mentally active. On the other hand, indica is famous for being a night strain because of its capacity to cause deep relaxation. While there are hybrid strains that contain a mixture of both, you still need to choose the sativa-dominants. Here are some of them:

Space Queen

– This sativa-dominant hybrid enhances focus and concentration while working. It also can motivate you by lifting your mood and making you happy. Furthermore, it reduces stress and depression, two moods that often prevent you from starting on a high note and achieving your goals.

Sour Diesel

– If you feel very lazy, try taking Sour Diesel. This sativa-dominant strain smells like diesel, hence the name. What’s more, Sour Diesel can fuel your desire to do more. Because of its capacity to reduce stress, pain, and depression, even patients with severe medical conditions become invigorated when they take this strain.

Allen Wrench

– You can kiss caffeine goodbye if you take Allen Wrench. This sativa-dominant strain has the power to clear your mind and provide a needed boost of energy to kickstart your day. Aside from fixing your mood from gloomy to euphoric, it can also inspire your creative juices. With the combination of optimism and creativity that Allen Wrench can give you will boost your drive to do more.

Durban Poison

– Contrary to its name, Durban Poison will boost your energy instead of sapping it. Aside from giving you seeming restless energy, it can also allow you to continue working while stimulating your creativity, making your boring routine more fun and exciting.


– Tangie has that tangy taste of citruses like oranges or tangerines. Unlike other sativas that can be overwhelming to the body and can make you a little anxious, Tangie keeps your body calm while getting you stimulated.

While we need more studies to support the claims of cannabis users about energizing properties, we have plenty of anecdotal evidence that indeed weed can bring positive effects to your productivity. But even as you enjoy the energizing feeling in using certain strains, you still need to consult doctors and medical professionals.