For fresh graduates, unemployed and career shifters, finding a job can be a challenge. As of this writing, even as the U.S. unemployment rate drops at its 48-year low, tens of thousands of Americans are still having a hard time getting their much-needed jobs. What’s more, many employees are at risk of being retrenched because of company downsizing or because technological advancements make their positions irrelevant.

Faced with these employment problems, applicants and aspiring career shifters should find ways to increase their chances of getting hired. And one industry that needs more workforce in the coming months is cannabis.

Weed Industry — The Next Business Growth Area

Market analysts are bullish and optimistic about the prospects of marijuana. One person who believes in the growth potential of weed is Danny Moses. He is a legendary investor who became famous after the film “The Big Short” that portrayed his investment activities during the Great Recession.  Moses sees a big boom in the industry because of the overwhelming support it gets from politicians, corporations and the medical community.

Investors also pour in billions of dollars to the marijuana industry; which analysts expect to challenge or even outperform Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Carol Pepper, founder and CEO of the wealth advising firm Pepper International, attributed the surge in demand for weed stocks to the plant’s “staggering” health benefits. Tons of studies have already proven the efficacy of medical pot in treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and a host of other health issues.

Because of the plant’s health benefits, it has gained support from politicians. Thirty-three states have already legalized medical marijuana while more state and federal politicians are pushing to decriminalize the medicinal use of the plant at the national level.

Moreover, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill decriminalizing hemp-derived products such as cannabidiol also contributed to the surge in demand for cannabis products.

In-Demand Cannabis Professions

Thanks to these developments, market analysts expect the CBD industry to skyrocket from a $9 billion market in 2017 to $22 billion in 2022. And to sustain the growth of the industry, businesses need to hire cannabis-related jobs such as:


These people will attend to questions and concerns of customers at dispensaries. They are the “pharmacists” in the field who provide the correct information and provide recommendations about the best strains to use for a certain condition. To succeed as budtenders, applicants should have excellent listening, sales, and customer service skills. They must also have passion and enthusiasm in informing, educating and promoting cannabis products like CBD oil and hemp oil.

Master Extractors

Experienced biochemists and bioengineers with doctorate degrees can shift careers into becoming a high-paid master extractor. This position involves supervising the production of cannabis oils and concentrates from harvested marijuana plants. They should also accurately extract precise amounts of CBD and THC (the cannabis compounds with healing powers). Likewise, they should manage their laboratories and ensure that they abide by safety standards and government regulations.


To produce CBD oil and other weed products, they must come from healthy marijuana plants. Hence, the industry needs specialists who tend to and manage the growth of marijuana and hemp plantations. Their tasks include planting, ensuring adequate crop nutrition, cloning, pest management, and harvesting. This job needs people with a background in agriculture, botany, or horticulture with plenty of first-hand experience in cultivating marijuana.

Edibles Chefs

The boom in cannabis extends to the food industry as CBD oil, THC oil, and other weed components are added to different edibles. People with a culinary arts and food technology background can pursue this career. Companies producing edible cannabis products need specialist chefs and pastry artists who can develop, create, and oversee the production of various marijuana-infused food items like candies, chocolates, pastries, soda, coffee, and tea.

With the boom in cannabis, the industry opens opportunities to people who are having a hard time seeking work.