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Top High-Paying Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Jordan Webber



Cannabis Jobs

For fresh graduates, unemployed and career shifters, finding a job can be a challenge. As of this writing, even as the U.S. unemployment rate drops at its 48-year low, tens of thousands of Americans are still having a hard time getting their much-needed jobs. What’s more, many employees are at risk of being retrenched because of company downsizing or because technological advancements make their positions irrelevant.

Faced with these employment problems, applicants and aspiring career shifters should find ways to increase their chances of getting hired. And one industry that needs more workforce in the coming months is cannabis.

Weed Industry — The Next Business Growth Area

Market analysts are bullish and optimistic about the prospects of marijuana. One person who believes in the growth potential of weed is Danny Moses. He is a legendary investor who became famous after the film “The Big Short” that portrayed his investment activities during the Great Recession.  Moses sees a big boom in the industry because of the overwhelming support it gets from politicians, corporations and the medical community.

Investors also pour in billions of dollars to the marijuana industry; which analysts expect to challenge or even outperform Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Carol Pepper, founder and CEO of the wealth advising firm Pepper International, attributed the surge in demand for weed stocks to the plant’s “staggering” health benefits. Tons of studies have already proven the efficacy of medical pot in treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and a host of other health issues.

Because of the plant’s health benefits, it has gained support from politicians. Thirty-three states have already legalized medical marijuana while more state and federal politicians are pushing to decriminalize the medicinal use of the plant at the national level.

Moreover, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill decriminalizing hemp-derived products such as cannabidiol also contributed to the surge in demand for cannabis products.

In-Demand Cannabis Professions

Thanks to these developments, market analysts expect the CBD industry to skyrocket from a $9 billion market in 2017 to $22 billion in 2022. And to sustain the growth of the industry, businesses need to hire cannabis-related jobs such as:


These people will attend to questions and concerns of customers at dispensaries. They are the “pharmacists” in the field who provide the correct information and provide recommendations about the best strains to use for a certain condition. To succeed as budtenders, applicants should have excellent listening, sales, and customer service skills. They must also have passion and enthusiasm in informing, educating and promoting cannabis products like CBD oil and hemp oil.

Master Extractors

Experienced biochemists and bioengineers with doctorate degrees can shift careers into becoming a high-paid master extractor. This position involves supervising the production of cannabis oils and concentrates from harvested marijuana plants. They should also accurately extract precise amounts of CBD and THC (the cannabis compounds with healing powers). Likewise, they should manage their laboratories and ensure that they abide by safety standards and government regulations.


To produce CBD oil and other weed products, they must come from healthy marijuana plants. Hence, the industry needs specialists who tend to and manage the growth of marijuana and hemp plantations. Their tasks include planting, ensuring adequate crop nutrition, cloning, pest management, and harvesting. This job needs people with a background in agriculture, botany, or horticulture with plenty of first-hand experience in cultivating marijuana.

Edibles Chefs

The boom in cannabis extends to the food industry as CBD oil, THC oil, and other weed components are added to different edibles. People with a culinary arts and food technology background can pursue this career. Companies producing edible cannabis products need specialist chefs and pastry artists who can develop, create, and oversee the production of various marijuana-infused food items like candies, chocolates, pastries, soda, coffee, and tea.

With the boom in cannabis, the industry opens opportunities to people who are having a hard time seeking work.

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Cannabis News

Cannabis Courses Offered at Lake Superior State University

Stacey Wellington



Lake Superior State University Cannabis Course

Students who are looking into getting a MJ-related degree can enroll in Lake Superior State University (LSSU). The university offers courses focused on the study of the plant including Cannabis Chemistry and Cannabis Business. LSSU is the only regionally accredited university for this particular chemistry course, said 9&10 News.

The program offers higher education on technical skills and tools to participate in what is known as “the country’s fastest-growing fields.” A student at the university, Kylie Trisch, said that they anticipate to “be a part” of the marijuana and scientific communities. Trisch is a senior majoring in Cannabis Chemistry and Environmental Science.

Partnership with Agilent

LSSU is able to offer these courses in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, which was announced back in August 2019. Agilent is a public research, development, and manufacturing company, aimed at studying and screening solutions for the medical and recreational applications of the plant.

As a result of this cooperation, LSSU established its Cannabis Center of Excellence (CoE), According to a report by Cannabis Science and Technology, the partnership seeks to “facilitate education and research” in the analysis and chemistry of the plant.

President of the university Dr. Rodney Hanley also said that the “strategic partnership is going to focus on the serious intellectual scientific inquiry” of the plant. Upon completing the course, Hanley expects their graduates to be able to contribute as qualified analytical chemists not only in the marijuana sector what also in the scientific community.

The university is known as the only institution in that region that received accreditation for this course. This means that it was able to satisfy a set of formal standards set by an organization within this region.

MJ Business program

Aside from chemistry focused on the plant, LSSU also offers a Cannabis Business course. The university’s website said that this program is “designed for future managers, supervisors, and business development leaders within a commercial enterprise.”

Students majoring in this subject are expected to combine basic business management principles to the nature of marijuana-related businesses. Moreover, students will learn about distinct issues that permeate the market.

Aside from LSSU other educational institutions have started offering programs related to the plant including the University of Maryland and Atlantic Cope Community College.

Meanwhile, LSSU Cannabis Chemistry student Justin Blalock said that studying under such programs come with misconceptions, especially with the stigma behind marijuana and its uses.

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Cannabis News

Medical Marijuana Now Free in Sicily

Jordan Webber



Medical Marijuana Now Free in Sicily

Medical marijuana is now free-of-charge in the region of Sicily, Italy.

The regional government of Sicily has just made medical marijuana more accessible to citizens after Sicilian health official Ruggero Razza signed a decree Tuesday that makes medical marijuana supplies free-of-charge to certain qualified program participants.

Under the said decree, the regional government of Sicily will now cover the medical cannabis costs of patients affected by chronic or neuropathic pain, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis. This makes Sicily the latest region to join the ranks of national governments in EU who had passed laws that made cannabis treatment free to certain qualified patients. Among these include Ireland and the Czech Republic.

As part of the program, patients must present a doctor’s prescription and purchase their medical cannabis products from licensed pharmacists, which could either get their supply from the Italian Ministry of defense or import the needed products from regulated growers abroad.

The prescription of the drug must be made exclusively on the basis of a therapeutic plan lasting up to six months, possibly renewable,” a report from News1 explained.

Not all doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis, but only doctors employed by regional public health companies, specialists in anesthesia and resuscitation, neurology and pain therapy centers. Cannabis can be prescribed through papers for oral use (for the preparation of decoctions), papers and capsules for inhalation use (through specific vaporizers) and through oil for oral use,” it added.

Cannabis in Italy

In 1999, Italian doctors have been allowed to prescribe medical cannabis to patients. However, it was not only until 2013 that medical cannabis has been formally legalized in the country. To date, while recreational cannabis is still considered illegal under international law, possession of cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized, and people who are to be caught with certain amount will be subjected only to fines and confiscation of documents, including driving license and/or passport.

The new law was introduced only weeks after the Italian Supreme Court ruled growing cannabis for personal consumption as legal – a decision that opposes a law introduced in the 1990s, which prohibits the cultivation and sale of marijuana.

The decision was said to be motivated by a prior case in 2013 involving an Italian man sentenced to a year of incarceration and fined with 3,000 euros after being discovered to had grown a pair of cannabis plants in his home.

In an opinion post published in December, the country’s Supreme Court maintained that “at home, small-scale cultivation activities are to be considered excluded from the application of the penal code.”

The latest decisions are expected to help boost the cannabis industry in the country.

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Cannabis News

Cann Social Tonics Gains $5m in Funding

Jordan Webber



CBD Infused Drink

Los Angeles-based cannabis-infused drink producer, Cann Social Tonics, announced its successful acquisition of $5 million investment funding. The funding round was spearheaded by Imaginary and JM10, an early-stage investment firm and marijuana company, respectively.

Cann’s beverages include 4 milligrams of CBD and 2 milligrams of THC. Unlike beer and other alcoholic drinks, this market offering is geared towards people who want to enhance socialization without the hangover, notes Forbes.

In a statement, the drink is said to be “uniquely designed to be approachable even for someone who has never previously considered cannabis as a part of their social lives – and appealing to that consumer is what it takes for a product to break the ‘stoner’ stigma and cross over into the mainstream,” shares co-founder Luke Anderson.

As of writing, the continued success of Cann is astonishing, with the brand just having sold 150,000 of its beverages.

Both Anderson and fellow co-founder Jake Bullock shared that the initial public response toward their products is astounding, especially having sold out a couple of times. Despite their increasing popularity with target audiences, Tech Crunch reports that there are still regulatory and supply chain challenges that stand in the way.

JM10’s investment in the cannabis-infused company allows it to expand its strong cannabis portfolio, with the likes of Lord Jones in its ranks. Founding partner JM10 Gregory Thomaier said, “Cann is unique in that its flavor profiles, ingredient purity and smokeless format sets the brand apart not only within the cannabis space, but also the beverage industry as a whole. We feel beverages like Cann provide the perfect product for the cannabis-curious.”

Meanwhile, Forbes reports that Cann is Imaginary’s first foray into marijuana investment markets and opportunities. Prior to this cannabis-infused drink maker, Imaginary only reportedly invested in renowned direct to consumer brands, including Daily Harvest, Everlane, Glossier, Reformation, and Kim Kardashian-West’s Skims.

According to Forbes, the $5 million seed investment round is slated to boost the growth of Cann’s cannabis-infused social tonic throughout different parts of California. In addition, the business is expected to bring its offerings to other states this 2020, as well.

Cann Social Tonics also plans to use its funding toward growing its business in new legal markets. Moreover, the brand intends to intensify is production capacity, as well as investing in product development to meet the demands of its existing pool of clients and potential customers.


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