The legalization of medical marijuana in 33 US states and many other countries has spurred on the now booming cannabis industry. With doctors and medical experts backing the use of medicinal marijuana, medicinal marijuana manufacturers are now experimenting with different cannabis edibles. With the consumption of weed-infused food products, consumers can enjoy the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and other substances from marijuana. Aside from gummies, chocolates, and brownies, medicinal cannabis has also now been added to beverages such as sodas, tonic drinks, and beers.

Weed-Infused Beverages: Some Facts

Most manufacturers include CBD and other cannabis-derived substances in foods and drinks. According to a report by the WHO, CBD is safe for human consumption. The compound does not include properties that can affect the mood or mental state of a person. Aside from this, it has amazing properties that even scientists and researchers are excited about.

With these benefits, beverage companies are cashing in on one of the hottest medical discoveries of this era. Cannabis-infused drinks are set to explode in the coming years. In fact, some analysts have projected that weed-infused drinks could reach $600 million in sales in the US alone by 2022. Even major beverage companies are interested in the new business segment. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Heineken are just a few of the giants that are currently in talks with weed producers for the possible production of their marijuana-infused product lines.

Drink Cannabis with Caution

While the beverage industry is currently showing interest in potentially lucrative cannabis drinks, experts warn the public about the possible dangers of consuming them. Even though the WHO consider CBD to be safe, the substance can cause health problems if not consumed in moderation. Just like any medication, it can have many side-effects. Without thorough research and guidance, you might end up experiencing the ugly side of medicinal cannabis instead of benefitting from its numerous health properties.

Here are some of the things you should be aware of before you gulp down any sort of cannabis-infused drink.

Dangers of Cannabis Overdose

The cannabis industry is still young. Hence, many people are not yet well informed enough about the dangers of too much intake of medicinal weed, and many patients may be buying cannabis products without consulting their doctors first. They are excited about the potential of the medical wonders of weed without considering what effects overconsumption can have on them. According to experts, the symptoms of too much marijuana intake include anxiety or panic attacks, dizziness, nausea, sweating, vomiting, and sensations of dying.

  • Only a few states have legalized medicinal weed

In the US, medicinal cannabis has yet to be legalized at a federal level. This means that you can potentially be arrested in certain states if you are caught using or even just carrying cannabis edibles. This arrest could even lead to jail time for possessing weed-infused beverages.

  • There’s a lack of Cannabis regulation

Another issue is the lack of regulation. Even in the states where medicinal marijuana is legal, there is no clear set of guidelines on the right dosage of weed coming from doctors or other medical experts. And since there are no strict guidelines on the correct way of medicating with CBD or other marijuana-derived substances, the abuse of these drinks is highly probable. Another danger caused by a lack of regulation is the possibility that manufacturers may include weed-derived substances which may be harmful to people.

  • Dangerous concoctions

Some substances should not be combined with cannabis, one of which is alcohol. In its present form, weed can have serious effects when mixed with alcoholic beverages, like alcohol poisoning and paranoia.

As proven by science, drinking cannabis-infused beverages can be good for your health but, before consuming them, people should take extra precautions and, to be safe, drinkers should consult with doctors first before ordering their first bottle of cannabis drink.