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A Short Guide for Vaping Cannabis Oil

Daniel King



Cannabis Vape

Medical marijuana is currently making waves in the medical industry. Since medicinal weed has been recognized by the WHO, doctors have been prescribing cannabidiol (CBD) products to their patients. Production and sales of this medical wonder have exploded. From just pure CBD oil, manufacturers were able to produce variants, ranging from candies and brownies to balms and sleeping masks and now vapers can enjoy the health benefits of medical cannabis by vaping CBD oil. This article aims to shed some light on vaping medical cannabis.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is one of the substances extracted from marijuana buds and flowers. Unlike other compounds from this plant, it has no harmful effect on the brain. Aside from being harmless, study after study has proven that this substance has medicinal properties too, especially for relief from different types of pain.

Clinical experiments are proving that it can help cure serious medical conditions prevalent in this modern world, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, some types of cancer and even AIDS. No wonder sales of CBD oil and products have skyrocketed since medicinal cannabis became legal in many US states and many other countries.

The best thing about cannabidiol oil is the WHO declared this substance as safe for human consumption. Moreover, the international body acknowledged its healing properties to help treat certain diseases listed in one of its reports.

What is CBD Vaping?

CBD vaping is the act of inhaling the vapor from e-cigarettes, also known casually as vapes. Primarily used as an alternative to cigarettes, e-cigarettes have become a popular pastime. In fact, vaping has become a profitable industry with the rise of hundreds of manufacturers of replaceable e-cigarette parts and e-juice flavors. In fact, vapers can choose from a wide range of flavors, from cigarettes and cigars to coffee, fruit, and candies. And now, manufacturers have produced cannabidiol oil specially designed for vaping.

There are many types of vapes. CBD oil vapers often use pen style or tank style vapes. Pen-style vapes are made up of a chamber connected to a metal heating coil in the bottom. The coil vaporizes concentrated cannabidiol oil made for this purpose. While this model is more convenient to use, users need to replace the coil from time to time once it burns out.

On the other hand, tank-style vapes have more components. It requires e-liquid, which is a concoction of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, various types of flavoring and CBD oil. While vaping with tank-style vapes is more engaging because of the billowing smoke and added flavors, the CBD oil is diluted meaning, tank-style vapers need more puffs to get the right dosage than those who use the pen-style variant.

Why vape medical cannabis?

As mentioned above, people can consume medical marijuana in different forms, one of which is placing a few drops of  CBD oil on the tongue, just like conventional medicine. While this is the usual method, many people feel uneasy when they taste the substance. As an alternative, manufacturers produced cannabidiol oils for vaping. What’s more, vapers can add flavors to make vaping a more pleasant experience.

Aside from the unpleasant taste and sensation of the drops, inhaling CBD oil provides a faster way for the marijuana to enter the body as opposed to ingesting it orally which will take longer to process. In some cases, like extreme pain, a person may be looking for immediate absorption of the chemical into the bloodstream. By vaping, patients can immediately feel the relief and other medical benefits of CBD.

Is medical marijuana vaping safe?

In general, inhaling the cannabidiol vapor is safe. However, some people may be allergic to certain chemicals and metals used in vapes. What’s more, vapes that are available on the market may also contain different metals such as cadmium and lead that are dangerous to one’s health, especially when heated. For these reasons, doctors recommend that their patients consult them first before vaping medical cannabis to avoid allergic reactions and possible contamination.

In just a short time, medical cannabis has evolved. Now, it can be used as CBD Vape Oil. But, just like any medicine, experts advise users to get prescription a from a physician first before they try vaping cannabis oil. This way, they can avoid any potential health complications.

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Benefits of CBD for Women – What You Should Know

Jordan Webber



Cannabis Role on Women's Sex Lives

CBD products have become increasingly popular in the passing years; however, most people are not familiar with the benefits it can provide aside from pain management and relaxation. What many women are not aware of is the multitude of benefits that CBD has on their beauty and health, both mental and physical. By incorporating CBD products like CBD oil and CBD Topicals into their routine, women can manage things such as hormonal imbalance, insomnia, PMS symptoms, and skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Let’s discuss these in further detail.


Premenstrual Syndrome, commonly referred to as PMS, is a combination of symptoms that the majority of women experience in the days leading up to their menstrual cycle. The symptoms can include bloating, headaches, cramping, and mood changes. While there is no active treatment that can help prevent these symptoms from happening, there are ways they can be managed to decrease the effects that it has on the day-to-day lives of women who experience them. One of the methods is CBD therapy. Studies have found that CBD has proven effective to alleviate PMS symptoms, moderate mood changes, and improve overall mental health. CBD reduces inflammation and improves liver functions, leading to less bloating and cramping before and during a woman’s menstruation. Although it is not a panacea, CBD can help with the management of the PMS symptoms in a safe manner.

CBD and Hormone Regulation

Many women struggle with a hormonal imbalance that can be caused by a wide range of factors. Whether your stress levels are increased, have recently gotten off the pill, or you suffer from a hormonal imbalance due to thyroid dysfunction, CBD can help to manage and with time help in balancing the hormones. The most important way in which CBD helps to regulate hormones is by lowering the stress hormone, cortisol. By reducing the stress hormone secretion, it allows the body to manage stressful situations with more ease and with a lesser effect on the body,
preventing an imbalance. Another way that CBD can help to manage hormones is by aiding in the treatment of insomnia. Good quality of sleep is key to any hormone therapy, and a variety of factors can influence your sleep cycle, including heightened cortisol levels. By regularly getting good-quality sleep, you allow your body to heal and restore overnight, further aiding in hormone balancing.

CBD and Beauty

According to Harvard research, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects on oil-secreting glands in the skin. This may have implications for acne, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Additionally, inflammation is the primary cause of premature skin aging and CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can prevent premature wrinkles and have overall anti-aging properties on the skin. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty community in the form of serums, lotions, and skincare and have claims to reduce discoloration and improve the overall quality and health of the skin.

Is CBD Right for Me?

If you are a woman looking to improve any of the above conditions and symptoms, trying out CBD might be a solution you’re looking for. While there are not extensive studies, as CBD is quite novel to the mainstream market, there is research that confirms the positive and beneficial qualities of CBD in the form of dietary supplement and topical products. Before incorporating anything into your routine, it is important to find a reputable distributor and brand that aligns with your goals, to ensure that you receive the best-quality product aimed at improving your well-being.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a CBD Manufacturer

Stacey Wellington



Surveys find that one in seven Americans are currently using products that contain cannabidiol. It is to no surprise that the CBD market is booming and with that, the demand for CBD manufacturers is rising as well. Deciding which manufacturer to work with when it comes to your CBD business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Providing your customers with a product that is of the quality you want your brand to reflect is key. But what should you look for when the options are ample? Below are some things to look for when deciding which CBD manufacturer fits your business goals.

Always Go with a Company That Fits Your Brand Standards

If your brand claims to sell an all-organic, high-quality product, make sure that your manufacturer supports this. Is your product being grown sustainably? How about the processing of the product? Does the manufacturer have proof of an actual facility in which your product is created? Those are all questions to ask when choosing a CBD manufacturer.

Choose Manufacturers That Have Regulatory Licenses

Selling a product with an active ingredient, such as CBD, can prove to be quite difficult. Unfortunately, at the time being, there is little regulation in the CBD industry, and just about anyone claim that their product is of high quality without being fact-checked. For you to ensure that your customers receive only the best quality, consistent, and safe product, you must work with a manufacturer that is being regulated. A couple of regulatory licenses you should consider when choosing your manufacturer are the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and Governance and Professional Practice (GPP).

Manufacturers with the EU GMP rating is especially important when choosing a CBD manufacturer UK, as it is European specific regulation. By choosing an EU GMP contracted facility, you are ensuring that your product and its manufacturing is government regulated, safe, and effective. Although having the GMP or GPP certification can reflect in the pricing of the product, it is highly recommended. This will ensure that your finalized product is of consistent quality and ready to be distributed directly to the consumer.

Choose a Partnership

In business, you must have a great working relationship between yourself and the suppliers. Having open and transparent communication will make both of your jobs easier and help avoid any larger issues down the road. By choosing a CBD distributor that has a reliable customer service team that is available to answer any of your questions, it promotes transparency. Having a team that can resolve complaints before they escalate into further problems enables you to smoothly run your operations. By opting in for a partnership with an easily accessible manufacturer, you will save heaps of time spent on issue escalation and communication.

Whether you are a beginner in the CBD field or are looking to upgrade your current CBD manufacturer, there are many factors to consider that are personal to you and your brand. The three above, however, are universal rules of thumb that will decrease any potential problems you may experience with your manufacturer and increase your chances of success in this rapidly growing market.

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What’s All of the Hype About with Hemp Toilet Paper?

Jordan Webber



Needless to say, sustainability is the new cool. While many people are choosing to stay away from single-use plastic, carrying their own reusable grocery bags, or opting in for a water filtration system, few of us actually consider that our bathroom essential -toilet paper – may also offer a more sustainable alternative. 

Worry not, being sustainable doesn’t mean having to completely give up your tissue, but there are certain alternatives that you should consider on your next trip, one of them being hemp toilet paper.

What is hemp toilet paper?

Hemp toilet paper is a less chemically processed toilet paper alternative made out of the Cannabis Sativa plant. While the process of turning hemp into paper is similar to that of trees and bamboo, due to its softer fibers, hemp requires little to no processing or chemical treatment. This makes hemp toilet paper a much more sustainable alternative to your regular “ole” toilet paper.

Using hemp to create paper products is no novelty. The hemp plant has been used around the world for hundreds of years for a myriad of products. The Chinese were one of the first people to turn hemp into paper, and up until the twentieth century, nearly all of the paper production came from hemp.

Why hemp toilet paper can be the better choice?

An average of 270,000 trees a day are cut down in order to support the average use of toilet paper in the United States. Three rolls of toilet paper a week may not sound like a huge amount, but it does have a heavy impact on the environment and creates a lot of excess waste. By choosing a more environmentally friendly alternative, you are not also helping the environment, but making a better choice for yourself, here’s why:

1. Hemp toilet paper is said to be softer than conventional toilet paper. Due to the naturally soft fibers of hemp, it is gentle and soft on your skin without all the extra processing.

2. Hemp is naturally antibacterial. Toilet paper is a cause of many different types of infections and we must be especially careful about what we use in sensitive areas. Wiping with hemp toilet paper reduces the risk of a bacterial infection, which is especially important for any woman.

3. Hemp toilet paper absorbs 5x its weight in water. It is also a lot more durable and stronger than traditional toilet paper. 

How is hemp toilet paper better for the environment?

Hemp is a renewable resource, and although so are trees, hemp harvests are ready in a much shorter amount of time – an average of 4 months. It can also be recycled several more times than standard paper can. Hemp is also biodegradable. Due to the fact that hemp is typically processed with fewer toxins and harmful chemicals than traditional paper, it can be safely composted and degraded back into the earth. Last but not least, producing hemp toilet paper requires one-fourth of the amount of pulp as producing the same amount of toilet paper from trees. It can help prevent deforestation and save precious land and resources.

Whether your reasons for switching to hemp toilet paper are sustainability or you are looking for an overall better alternative for your own benefit, there is little doubt over the potential huge gain incorporating this hemp alternative has for your life. 

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