Consuming marijuana is becoming more and more mainstream which has led to more inventive delivery methods to replace the good old practice of smoking cannabis. In deciding whether vape pens offer a safer method to consume cannabis, it is important to review the benefits of vaping compared to smoking:


Perhaps the most obvious difference between smoking and vaping cannabis is the amount of smoke (or lack thereof) produced. Smoking involves rolling dried buds and leaves and then burning them resulting in smoke that can cause harm to your lungs. It can also affect the health of other people who may be inhaling your second-hand smoke. Vaping allows you to be more conscious of your health and the health of those around you.

Vaping does not produce smoke. Ordinary vapes and juices release clouds. You might be thinking: is this safer? The answer is yes. With CBD Vape Oil extracted from this plant, the resulting cloud is more like steam, which is incredibly thin and dissipates quickly. In fact, research shows that vapor does not contain the carcinogens, or the toxins usually found in cigarette smoke.

Offers Discretion

While there have been major developments in the legalization of marijuana in the United States, it cannot be denied that there is still a certain stigma held about the herb. If you want to avoid getting odd looks from random strangers or even your friends, vaping is a viable option. You can inhale cannabis and cannabinoid extracts without attracting unwanted attention, especially as vaping non-marijuana juices is a common sight nowadays.

Aside from blending in, cannabis vapor is not as pungent as tobacco smoke. Moreover, it does not have the same distinctive smell as marijuana smoke, making it more acceptable for non-smokers. In fact, there is minimal chance that others will notice you consuming this herb when you vape instead of smoke.

Vape Pens are more Effective

Another reason why vaping is preferred by many is that it does not involve combustion. Aside from being healthier, vaporizing the bud is better because it does not reduce the potency of your cannabinoids. This way, you do not have to inhale more, prolonging the use of your marijuana bud or oil. Bear in mind that this might take longer to take effect as compared to smoking, so make sure to wait for a little while before inhaling more.

Some Tips for Maintaining Your Vape Pen

To make sure that your pen works flawlessly and safely, you need to keep your device in tip-top shape. This minimizes any possibility of issues while allowing you to enjoy your vape pen for longer.

• Clean Regularly

The key to maintaining your device is to keep it clean. When you use oil, there is a chance of residue sticking to your tank and regular cleaning will help remove this. You can do this simply by soaking your tank in soapy water or alcohol.

• Keep Spare Coils

Your coil is the component that heats the bud or the juice. Because of this, it can sometimes burn out, resulting in a burnt taste. Continuous use of a vape with a burnt coil can be bad for your device. To ensure that you can keep vaping even when your current one is burnt out, keep some spare coils to replace it.

• Replace CBD Vape Pen Parts When Needed

Vape tanks are usually made of glass, making them fragile especially when handled roughly. Should you notice cracks, replace your tank immediately. This way, you are not in danger of getting cut by broken glass while using your device.

Your safety should be your number one priority. By taking care of your vape device, you can safely inhale cannabis vapors with minimal risk.