Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated by millions of loving couples around the world. With this day approaching fast, couples are starting to plan out their night for the famous Day of Love. If you are yet to finish your Valentine’s Day plans, why not consider including cannabis somewhere in there? Here’s why:

It Increases Libido in Women

Because it is Valentine’s Day, many couples will be going on a romantic date. If you and your partner are looking forward to ending your night on a nice note, you might want to involve cannabis in your plans. The cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of ingesting the plant. Incidentally, this compound is also known for its ability to increase libido in women.

To understand this better, we must talk about the body’s natural cannabinoid source, the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates pleasure, pain and relaxation, which is why cannabis works well with our bodies. THC affects this system, reducing pain and decreasing inhibitions. With this information, you know that incorporating THC oil will give you and your partner a more exciting night.

It Enhances Pleasure for Women

One of the most important reasons you should include marijuana in your plans for the Day of Love is because it can enhance the pleasure you and your partner will feel during sex. THC plays an important role in this as the cannabinoids attach to receptors responsible for pleasure. Girls, take note of this and get your hands on CBD oil, preferably one with THC!

It Doesn’t Affect Potency in Men

CBD Products for Valentines

One of the reasons many people avoid consuming marijuana is because of the claims that it can lower the sperm count of men. However, this claim has been debunked very recently just in time for Valentine’s Day. A study by Harvard scientists reveals that this plant does not lower their sperm count. In fact, men who had lit up at least a joint or two in their whole lives have an excellent count that out-performs non-marijuana smokers!

It does not matter if your last fix was yesterday or a few years back, the fact is, the plant possibly increases a man’s potency. So, if you and your partner are ready to have a child or have been trying for one can get a dose of hemp oil during your date.

Cannabis Oil is Versatile

You do not have to go out for the night to make your celebrations exciting. You can simply cook a sumptuous meal infused with cannabidiol and THC oil. Its versatility makes it a great ingredient for dishes such as pasta, steak and other food with lots of fat and cholesterol. Remember, these cannabinoids tend to bind well with fats.

If you and your partner have sweet teeth, baked goods are the best way to go. You can top your meal off with cookies and brownies mixed with these compounds, giving you a more delightful experience.

Aside from gastronomic delights, can help improve your night by using cannabis adult products. Did you know that there are cannabis lubricants? Foria, a lube infused with cannabis, is safe for women. It is mixed with coconut oil, making it great for preventing yeast infections. Moreover, it gets you high!

Cannabis is truly a great plant, but what makes it more wonderful is its ability to improve not only our personal health but also our sex lives! With these 4 reasons, you should definitely grab a cannabis product which you and your partner can enjoy. Whether it is a bottle of hemp oil or a joint, including marijuana in your plans is definitely worth it.