This May 1, we will be commemorating the International Worker’s Day. In fact, many countries celebrate Labor Day on this date while some countries celebrate it on other dates such as the United States and Canada (honored on the first Monday of September), as well as Australia (first Monday of March). If you are wondering if you should celebrate this day with marijuana, read on to find out the best reasons why you should.

The Origin of May Day

When talking about Labor Day, it is important to look back on the dire working conditions that laborers suffered back then. During the 19th century, robber barons ordered laborers to turn in 70 hours of grueling work or more. On the 1st of May in 1886, union members have resorted to labor action to show their support of the 8-hour work day. This was part of a series of demonstrations in Chicago and other cities in the US which spanned a few days. This event is now known as the Haymarket Affair. A few years later, May 1 was declared as a global holiday for labor. So, this day is the reason many people across the world now work a 40-hour week and enjoy work-life balance

Why recognize this day with weed?

  • The Cannabis Industry Generated Thousands of Jobs

Marijuana Business Daily reports that the industry was supporting around 160,000 full-time jobs in 2018. This is truly a significant leap when compared with other professions such as kindergarten teachers (with 154,400 jobs) and librarians (with 138,200 jobs). This figure is even almost 300% more than the number of jobs supported by the U.S. coal industry.

If you think that this number is pretty impressive, you will be amazed to know that estimates reveal that the number of jobs supported by the marijuana sector will blow up over the next few years. Even experts anticipate a whopping 340,000 cannabis-related full-time jobs by 2022, possibly showing a growth of around 21% per year.

  • The Cannabis Union Fights for its Members’ Rights

Just like in the Haymarket Affair, unions are acting to fight for their members’ rights. The Canadian branch of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) asserts that while there are standards for quality assurance and regulation of weed, cannabis workers should also have clearly outlined workplace rights and safety standards. After all, how will we have access to the best buds and strains without these people?

To this end, members of UFCW Canada has launched an online training for interested individuals. This aims to expand workers’ knowledge regarding their product, its variety, benefits and side effects. It is also pushing for workplace safety and labor rights even for non-members. If this pushes through, your local budtender can provide you with higher quality products and better assistance.

  • The Cannabis Sector Offers Fulfilling Compensation

Because of legalizations of this plant left and right, the medical marijuana sector has become a billion-dollar industry. However, this industry not only benefits its CEOs who, by the way, have average salaries of $528,090 based on data from the top five cannabis companies. Instead, it also rewards even your favorite budtender with an average salary of $32,240. Dispensary managers can rake in an average of $63,333, while edibles producers can earn an average of $46,640. Security workers and bud trimmers can have an average earning of $34,320 and $29,667, respectively.

With the cannabis industry’s contributions to job generation, unions and compensations, it is definitely worth it to celebrate International Workers’ Day with weed. So, on May 1, make sure to blaze up in recognition of workers worldwide!