Kim Kardashian-West recently held an intimate baby shower for her fourth child with husband Kanye West. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the media personality decided to throw a CBD-themed baby bash to celebrate the event.

Fans and followers of the American personality caught the play by play on Kim K’s Instagram profile, where the socialite and businesswoman showed all the details of her party via the stories feature. It seems that with the Kardashian-West brood growing and with the social media star handling a lot on her plate, a CBD oil-themed shower was the way to go.

Take a look at how you can recreate this event yourself.

Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

Pure cannabidiol has numerous benefits designed to address an array of issues. While the plant is definitely known for its pain management and pain relief properties, it is also known to have a relaxing effect on its users. At times, CBD hemp oil is also taken to help reduce anxiety and depression, allowing users to calm down and be more relaxed with their current state.

In skin care products, CBD oil benefits are also prevalent. Aside from moisturizing the skin, regular users of these infused goods will also experience less acne and inflammation.

Kim’s Choice

The KKW Beauty founder is no stranger to holding big events, with her wedding to Kanye West taking center stage in the past. As the star awaits the coming of her fourth child, Kim Kardashian takes on a zen and meditative approach for her baby shower by taking on a CBD-themed party.

According to a variety of news sites, the reality television star shared that with her new baby coming at a busy time in her life, she feels that there is no “better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD.” After all, its calming properties will definitely come a long way in easing the star’s anxiety, especially with baby number four coming in around two weeks via surrogate.

Tapping HelloMD, the star highlighted some of her favorite stations and activities for the day. With the help of their board-certified cannabis and medical professionals supervising throughout the day, guests were treated to a wonderful day of pampering and relaxation.

Tons of CBD-Themed Activities

In her Instagram story, Kim Kardashian showed tons of exciting activities designed to help her guests feel more peaceful and comfortable throughout the day. One of the highlights of her stories included the star showing Epsom salts infused with 200 milligrams of CBD oil. Here, guests can add essential oils of their choice such as lavender and the like, allowing them to use this scrub during their bathing rituals.

Another video showed on the Instagram profile included Kim Kardashian making body oils infused with CBD hemp oil. These can be used to help moisturize the skin.

Apart from these CBD-themed activities, the reality television celebrity also featured a sound bath for the day’s event. Here, all guests lounged on yoga mats. Even North West lay beside her mother while doing the sound bath and yoga actions. Guests were also free to suggest cute nicknames for the future baby on the ‘Name Game’ board.

Make sure to include these for your bash as well.

Goodie Bag

Since this is Kim Kardashian we are talking about, the KKW Beauty founder went all out for this supposedly chill event. Her guests were given with a goody bag filled to the brim. Some of the items included in the giveaway are Mr. Moxey’s Mints, a famous type of CBD oil edibles, bath salts, bath scrubs, and other CBD beauty products.

Being married to Kanye also has its perks. For the events, guests also provided Yeezy flats and shoes to wear all day.

If you want to make a baby shower that’s CBD-themed, take a cue from Kim Kardashian. This famous personality definitely knows how to throw a fun party that everyone will surely remember.