For some people, getting high with marijuana is an easily achievable feat because they have the means and access to the wonderful plant. However, there are individuals who cannot get their hands on the herb, making them wonder what it feels like to be high. If you are one of these people, worry not because you can listen to songs that let you experience that particular feeling given by marijuana.

What to Listen to for a Taste that Feeling

Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

First on our list is the legendary Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. Named after the cannabis strain, this song literally talks about the effect of the THC-rich marijuana variety. As tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is known for being the psychoactive component of weed, this strain is sure to give the consumer a sense of euphoria and enhanced creative energies. Purple Haze is so THC-rich that its highest recorded THC-content is 20%.

This must be the reason why Hendrix was talking about ‘acting funny’ and ‘kissing the sky.’ Whilst this variety gave the singer an extraordinary sense of happiness, he also tackled other effects of this type such as confusion (‘Don’t know if it’s night or day’). Well, there is no wonder because THC can give a body high that locks you in the couch and gives you a sedated feeling.

I Am the Walrus by The Beatles

With the immense popularity of The Beatles, it could be safe to assume that nobody has not heard of this illustrious band. And if you are familiar with this band, you may recognize their use of wit and humor, evident in their song I Am the Walrus. Listening to this song is really a trippy experience, especially as it was written while they were riding a high from another substance.

With lyrics such as ‘sittin’ on a cornflake’ and ‘I am the egg man, they are the egg men,’ you get a taste of how it is to be high, especially with the added creativity and otherworldly feeling given by weed. If you think this is everything that this song offers, try watching its music video to witness a whole new level of high.

Youforia by Mac Miller

Aside from the lyrics, other important elements in songs are the melody, beats and instruments found in the background. The backing track in Mac Miller’s Youforia has this fascinating quality to it that resembles the feeling of being high. From the pulsating and buzzing synthesizer sounds to soothing beats, this song can lull you into a gentle sense of relaxation which marijuana can help achieve. The title even plays with the word ‘euphoria,’ which is commonly experienced by tokers once they take a hit or two,

Binaural Beats

Commonly called audio or digital drugs, these types of tracks are used to induce a feeling of being high. Some even claim that it actually gets you high. If you are wondering what these are, binaural tracks are digitally created audio tracks that have a trippy quality to them. These tracks concentrate frequencies that tap your brain to achieve the desired effect. So, basically, listening to these tracks allow you to achieve different purposes. You can find that improves concentration, relaxation and sleep, just like the effects of CBD and THC to our bodies.

Nothing beats the feeling of actually consuming cannabis but in the event that you do not have a joint to enjoy, listening to these tracks can do the trick. Better yet, try listening to them while blazing up if you have the means to truly indulge on the plant, as well as the pleasure these pieces of art have to offer.