Feeling a bit dry down there? This is normal if you’re already in your late 40s because your body produces lesser estrogen. During this time you can immediately notice vaginal dryness, which means your sex life will be affected. But no worries, because you can count on cannabis to spice up romance and help enhance orgasm.

Cannabis lube is not like any ordinary lube you can buy. It’s got added pleasure components for couples who want nonstop pleasure. It’s handy, made of natural oil and is safe for your vagina.

Why Try Cannabis Lube?

In case you’re interested but don’t know anything about this product, here’s some facts explaining the reasons why you must go for the cannabis lube:

It doesn’t have smell

If you think your vagina will smell like a freshly lit joint, you’re wrong. Marijuana lubricants doesn’t give off harsh smell but there’s a hint of herbal aroma in every spray. Using this product as frequent as you want don’t mean it can make your honey pot smelling weird. It’s nothing to worry about beside the intense bedroom actions you will experience with your partner.

You will feel extra wet down there

This product is more of an CBD oil rather than lube that’s why it’s going to help your vagina become moist. Most women who already used this product can testify to how their precious quim can feel wet and intensely sensitive. Areas like clitoris and the inner or outer labia can feel a little delicate, which is great for foreplay and intercourse itself.

Imagine getting the tongue action with every movement giving you a hint of orgasm. Using this product will surely change your sex life.

It won’t make you high

Unless you’ll try to consume the CBD oil with THC, you will not get high by spraying the contents of the lubricant into your vagina. Hence, you’ve nothing to worry about getting all wasted and nothing being able to perform during the intercourse. Just make sure that you spray the product into the right areas for enhanced experience.

Enjoy better orgasms

If it takes time to get you off without the help of an enhancer, then you’re about to discover how effortless it is to get to the climax. Feel the increase of blood flow minus the hot feeling and slowly be stimulated until everything is released. Get out-of-this-world kind of orgasm that you’ve never felt before.

Relaxes your mind

Because your vagina gets really sensitive, there’s no time to think about anything and simply focus on the feeling and the experience. Using the cannabis lube will help you improve your performance because you and your partner will enjoy every second of the intercourse. As the passage becomes moist, every entry is smooth and at the same time, glides easily, which makes you turned on. Men love the idea that they can feel moisture inside, so every entry won’t hurt.

Prevent bacterial growth


There are cannabis lubes with tea tree oil ingredients which fights bacterial growth, removing odor in the vagina. This can also help prevent yeast infections and other issues. In addition to this, pubic hair can also feel smoother and less bumpy.

Overall, switching to the cannabis version of lubricants can give many positive things that you cannot acquire from any ordinary product. It will not only help enhance your sex life but also prevents bacterial growth in your vagina due to sweat and sexual activities. Take the time to explore your options and don’t be afraid to experiment to know which works for you.