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Television Shows that Highlight the Use of Cannabis

Stacey Wellington



Weed Shows

Gone are the days when the use of marijuana remains taboo. As a matter of fact, in the present, there are more and more cannabis TV shows around the world which highlight the use of pot. Perhaps the continued support of the people for this herbal plant has helped pop culture to become more accepting and lenient to showing the benefits of this as well. Compared to the past, weed is now being embraced by viewers of both film and television. While the use of cannabis was initially deemed more appropriate for bums and freeloaders, the shows of today try to paint this herb in a good light.

The premiere of Weeds on the small screen helped normalize the use of cannabis in everyday society. This show, spanning an eight-season run on Showtime, helped paved the way for a slew of weed-related programs to air across the globe. Below are some shows which highlight the use of hemp. Try your hand at one of these entertainment shows and you might just see the appeal of the characters as well as the benefits pot has to bring.

Cannabis TV Shows

Broad City

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer on Broad City seem to encompass what it truly means to live in New York City. Throughout the length of their show, both of these characters use pot as well as weed references. They even nonchalantly walk down the street of the Big Apple while using their vape. If you must know, CBD vape oil might just be the magic these characters are using as they strut down the street.

In another episode, Ilana whips up a “firecracker smoothies” which includes a few grams of cannabis, graham crackers, chocolate gelato, Nutella, and marshmallows. The smoothie was made in to help alleviate the pain after getting teeth surgery. If you are interested in trying their concoction for yourself, putting in a few drops of CBD oil in lieu of cannabis might just do the trick if you’re in a pinch. You know what they say, cannabis for pain relief goes a long way.

This is Us

While this family drama show revolves around the dynamics of the Pearson family and the enviable Jack and Rebecca love story, there were several times when the use of marijuana found its way on the screen.

Perhaps one of the most memorable and tear-jerking moments from This is Us was when Beth and William, Randall’s birth father, get high together! With Beth harbouring a secret stash inside their home, she immediately whipped up a glorious pot brownie recipe. With Randall spending the night away and with the girls to bed, both of these characters shared piece after piece of brownie. They even shared poetry together!

If you want to do the same with your friends, you might want to check out Martha Stewart’s pot brownie recipe. If you don’t have fresh herbs on you, using a few drops of hemp oil will do the trick. Just like Beth and William, the CBD oil for anxiety will put all your worries behind.

Mary + Jane

A smart play on words, Mary + Jane follows the adventures of two entrepreneurs who run a weed delivery business in the city of Los Angeles. Even Snoop Dogg, the poster boy for pot, jumped on the bandwagon and signed up as one of the show’s executive producers. The show premiered last September 5, 2016. MTV decided to cancel the show after one season. Its last episode was aired on February 9, 2017.

While you are watching these shows, make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun. Buy some cannabidiol oil and let this do its magic. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Literally.

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Cannabis News

Canndescent Closes $27.5M Series C Funding, Launches New Products

Jordan Webber



Canndescent Closes $27.5M Funding

The California-based cannabis company Canndescent recently closed a whopping $27.5M Series C Preferred Funding held last September 10, 2019.

Green Acre Capital, a Canada-based cannabis-specific investment firm, spearheaded the concluded Series C Preferred Funding Round. Other investors include Altitude Investment Management, Carnegie Arch Capital, JW Asset Management, and Sentera, LLC. Financial advisors Benchmark and DelMorgan & Company provided guidance and support for the business transactions.

In a statement, chief executive officer of Canndescent Adrian Sedlin states the investment towards their company allows them to increase their reach and widen their product offerings, saying “the institutional investment community recognizes our attractive risk-reward profile and continues to validate our strategy of driving growth through more brands, products and geographic markets.”

The same sentiments are echoed by Green Acre Capital, who said “Canndescent’s exceptional products, execution, and forward-thinking leadership will definitely earn it a significant stake in the future of the cannabis industry,” said Tyler Stuart, the managing director of the Canada-based firm.

Canndescent’s New Cannabis Products

Following this, the company is slated to launch new cannabis products designed to cater to the affluent. The luxury cannabis brand is slated to expand towards Canada and Asia, intending to cater to a more exclusive market and distributing high-end vaping products. The company’s partnership with Fume Labs allows them to supposedly gain more traction in the market once they officially launch their products to the Canadian market in December of this year, reports The Guardian.

Apart from selling premium stylus series, Fume Labs will also stock up on Canndescent’s ready-to-use vape pen, cartridges, and stylus battery to complete the whole range. A top-shelf brand, Canndescent plans to engage the public interest through its luxe packaging and branding, mirroring the simplicity and elegance of the renowned fashion brand Hermes.

In an interview with Cheddar, Sedlin disclosed that its partnership with Green Acre Capital opened doors towards its expansion in the Canadian market. “With a seasoned venture capitalist out of Canada, which is a federally legal market, it’s really given us exposure to the Canadian market and around the world,” says Sedlin. While the business initially aimed to expand operations within the confines of the United States, it reveals that expanding with a global perspective allowed them to achieve their goals.

Despite product launches and partnerships coinciding with recent events surrounding vaping-related illnesses in the country, Canndescent believes that cannabis regulation will greatly help the underserved and largely unregulated sector.

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Cannabis News

Curaleaf Launches Cannabis Tablets, The First in Florida

Daniel King



Curaleaf Cannabis Tablets

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. recently launched the first-ever cannabis tablets in the state of Florida. It is also the first company in entire Florida to offer medical cannabis in the form of tablets.

The medical marijuana firm is the largest retail operator in the whole of the United States. Curaleaf currently has 49 dispensaries available in the country, 26 of which are located in the Sunshine State.

The product will be available across the 26 Curaleaf dispensaries in Florida. Apart from its dispensaries on the coast, the company also sells its products in four other states, including Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. The business intends to expand its operations to other states as well.

In a press release, the firm reveals the tablets are mint-flavored, giving patients a refreshing alternative to earthy and plant-based products on the market. Apart from its refreshing flavor, Curaleaf highlights the convenience and portability the product brings to its clientele. In light of its agreement with the Florida Department of Health, the cannabis company designed its packaging to come in child-proof containers.

While the company launched its products on the market, its press release states that physicians should determine the best course of action for their patients’ needs.

Chief executive officer of the company, Joe Lusardi, says that “knowing that our premium quality medical cannabis products allow so many of our patients to live life well, we are always looking for alternative administration methods to meet our patients’ needs.” Furthermore, Lusardi shares that they are “proud to be the first to offer Florida’s patients the option of medical cannabis tablets.”

Market Realist reports that Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.’s cannabis tablets launch is the company’s latest move to increase its reach within the medical marijuana market in the state. The main competitor of the firm in the state is Truelieve Cannabis, with a total selling of 49.2 percent of CBD and THC sold in the area. Meanwhile, Market Realists says that Curaleaf only takes third place, accounting for 11.6 percent of CBD and THC sold in the market.

Despite the initial buzz surrounding the release of these tablets, shares of the business fell by 6 percent last September 12, 2019. As a result, shares were valued at $7.43 per stock. However, come Friday morning, September 13, 2019, the company shares rose by 0.86 percent. This brought the total amount per share to $7.49.

We also discussed earlier regarding the company’s plan to acquire Grassroots Cannabis. The deal is expected to close in early 2020.

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Cannabis Legalization

Teva Pharmaceuticals to Enter Cannabis Market

Jordan Webber



Teva Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis Market

Globally leading firm Teva Pharmaceuticals recently announced its intention to venture into the cannabis industry. In an exclusive from Forbes, the Teva has partnered up with Israeli firm Canndoc to supply Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) products to consumers in hospitals, health maintenance organizations and all Israel pharmacies.

Teva is considered one of the largest pharma firms worldwide, topping the industry in almost all aspects including its market cap and revenue. It is also recognized as the “biggest generic drug manufacturer” in the world.

With its deal with Canndoc, Teva’s affiliate company Salomon, Levin, Elstein (SLE) will distribute Canndoc products. SLE will also “provide logistics capability for exporting Canndoc’s products” to countries which allow the entry, sale, and consumption of medical marijuana items.

SLE CEO Aviad Bossi said that the deal enables both firms to take advantage of its each others’ specializations. On one hand, Teva will offer its “well-established pharmaceutical distribution network” to work with Canndoc’s “medical cannabis industry presence and market leadership.”

With this first agreement between the companies, Teva and Canndoc will work together for three years. The deal includes a provision allowing automatic extensions of two years at a time.

Canndoc is a subsidiary of InterCure, a medical device company

Pharma and Cannabis

Forbes noted that this collaboration is considered the biggest deal between pharma and medical marijuana companies. This can be because the pharmaceutical sector is treading with caution when it comes to entering the cannabis market.

Aside from Teva and Canndoc, Novartis and Tilray are also partnering up. Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has embraced cannabis as it worked with the Canada-based medical marijuana producer.

Moreover, Johnson & Johnson is also dabbling in marijuana-related ventures as JLABS @ Toronto accepted a cannabis-focused bioresearch company. JLABS @ Toronto is Johnson & Johnson’s incubator arm.

While the pharma industry has been careful as it enters marijuana-related deals, several large names in the United States and Canada have been making progress in cannabis research. In fact, a few of them have registered cannabis-related clinical trials in the two countries. The list of companies currently conducting these trials includes key players such as Sanofi, Merck, and Pfizer.

Meanwhile, Abbvie has registered a marijuana-focused patent in the US.

The continuous success and demand for medical marijuana guarantee that more pharmaceutical companies are likely to join the trend in the form of deals and even with their own entries.

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