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The Trouble With Most CBD Products Is Too Many Ingredients



In just a few short years, CBD oils have become a sensation.  Ever since the Sanjay Gupta special on CNN a number of years ago where CBD was discussed in relation to a young girl’s apparent successful treatment for a certain type of seizures, it was off to the races for CBD. Then the substance was controversial and believed to the illegal by many. That all changed for the most part a number of years later with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which created a sort of legal cover for CBD derived from hemp provided it had below a certain miniscule amount of THC, the substance in marijuana that produces a psychoactive response.

Prior to the Farm Bill of 2018 there were a relatively small number of CBD companies, including Charlotte’s Web, the company whose owners were interviewed by Sanjay Gupta for the aforementioned CNN Special. Most of these companies were then producing basic pure CBD products, which mostly consisted of the extracted CBD in oil, or carrier oil. At this point in time there were no gummies or capsules but just the basic extracted CBD in an oil.

After the Farm Bill, the floodgates opened and many new companies started getting in on the bandwagon. The more the competition expanded the more the new entrants into the market sought to differentiate their products in an attempt to grab some market share. One of the ways the companies did this was to combine CBD with other ingredients, often many other ingredients. An example of this is the brand Garden Of Life CBD whose products have many different ingredients.

There are a number of products nowadays that are loaded with unnecessary ingredients. There are a number of potential problems that can accrue as a result of numerous different added ingredients, as well.

First and foremost, there are a number of potential, albeit often unproven, benefits to using CBD itself. So, who needs all the extra ingredients? Further, if you examine most of the ingredients that are being used as added ingredients in many of these more recent CBD products, many of these extra ingredients have potential side effects. There is limited science as to the benefits but lots of evidence as to the possible side effects. Added to this is the issue of what happens when all these ingredients are added together. How do they interact with one another?

Let’ say a person takes a CBD formula with twelve added ingredients. There are a number of products that fits this scenario. Then let’s say the person taking the product develops stomach cramps when taking the product. Is it the CBD that is causing the problem or one of the other twelve ingredients? Of course it is impossible to know.

The bottom line is why mess around with a promising substance like CBD by adulterating it with a bunch of totally unnecessary ingredients. Seems the best bet is a pure, lab-tested authentic CBD with minimal ingredients.

CBD Products

What to Consider When Buying CBD Online in the UK and Europe



purchasing cbd online

A lot of people are asking themselves, “Is it safe to buy CBD online?” The answer is yes, as long as you do your research and know what to look for in the product you want. Some great companies in the UK and Europe sell high-quality CBD products at reasonable prices online. The internet has made it easier than ever to shop for CBD, but you should know some general rules when shopping online. There are a lot of scams out there, so please be cautious. It’s essential to do your research before purchasing CBD products and always make sure the company is credible with lab results to verify the safety and efficacy of their products.

What is CBD?

Hemp plants are not psychoactive, but they contain many compounds of potential medical and therapeutic value. One such compound is cannabidiol (CBD), which has been shown to have some potentially beneficial effects in animal studies and human research. However, more research about the potential benefits needs to be done before making any claims as safe or effective for medical treatment.

The Benefits of CBD

What are the benefits of CBD? For starters, it can help with chronic pain. There is a lot of research to back up these claims, and studies have shown that CBD oil can be as effective as opiates in reducing pain. It also helps with anxiety and depression, which makes sense considering how our endocannabinoid system regulates moods, sleep cycles, appetite, and so much more! Finally, many other health benefits attributed to CBD include skincare (from acne prevention to moisturizing), anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis or joint pain relief, relieving digestive issues like IBS or Crohn’s Disease. The best part about this is that you have control over dosages – meaning more comfort without all the side effects from prescription medications.

Where to Buy CBD Online in the UK and Europe

Are you looking to buy CBD oil online but have no idea where? We are here to help. We will cover the best places to purchase high-quality CBD oil in the UK and Europe

The first step is knowing what kind of product you are looking for: do you want full spectrum or isolate only? Do you need it in liquid form or capsules? What about dosage size? All these factors will determine which supplier is suitable for your needs. 

If you don’t know where to start or what questions to ask, here’s a list of helpful tips on how to buy CBD oil online: 

  • Find a company with lab reports and third-party test results available for viewing, but be sure to read the information provided by these companies and try looking them up on Google and other review sites. 
  • Read customer reviews about their experience with the products they purchased from the company.
  • Avoid brands with negative reviews online or do not have lab testing from an accredited 3rd party research laboratory.


When you’re in the market for CBD, it’s essential to know that there are many different types of products available. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for this product because everyone has their own unique needs and preferences. With so many options out there today, we recommend doing some general research online or consulting with experts before making your purchase. We want to help make sure that you find what works best for your lifestyle and budget!

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CBD Products

CBD Tea for Baby Mothers? The Main Rules.



Cannabis Teas

Using CBD teas has plenty of beneficial effects on both the nervous system and the body. Of course, after giving birth, new mothers typically go through a lot of stress, pain, and unpleasant moments already. Additional symptoms like postpartum depression, insomnia, or anxiety certainly are not helpful at all, so a naturally extracted cure to some of those conditions can come in very handy.

One of these natural, curative substances is CBD or cannabidiol, and it can be used very easily in the shape of a cup of tea. CBD tea is known for its beneficial effects of reducing anxiety, fighting postpartum depression, pain, and insomnia, which baby mothers often struggle with.  

Is it safe?

So, we now know that CBD tea has plenty of benefits for the mother, but is it safe for the baby? That is an important question to ask since some of the substances are likely to be transmitted to the baby through breast milk, even though it is a very low percentage.

Unfortunately, answering the safety question is not quite that easy since very little research has been done on the effect of CBD on a baby, and particularly on its brain development. Because of the lack of scientific data, doctors will probably recommend avoiding CBD teas while breastfeeding.

On the other hand, a lack of scientific data stating that it is safe does not necessarily mean it is unsafe, and indeed there are no studies confirming that CBD is unsafe for babies either. Either way, it is definitely recommended to keep an eye on the effects and talking with a pediatrician about the use of CBD tea after giving birth before taking action.

If the positive effects of using CBD tea when breastfeeding – such as relieving serious pain, insomnia, or postpartum depression – outweigh the possible, slightly negative effects, it is probably a good idea to use CBD tea against those symptoms and the doctor might approve of your decision. If symptoms like depression or pain become too strong to handle, it might even be better to use CBD tea instead of antidepressants or pain killers, which are often not approved while breastfeeding and may complicate the bonding process between the mom and her baby. However, the substance should be used in moderation in any case and only in the amounts that are necessary to cure the symptoms.

Rules when using CBD

Nevertheless, despite the lack of research, there are a few rules to follow when using CBD tea after giving birth. Firstly, although CBD has not proven to have any negative effects on babies, THC definitely has. So, if you decide to use CBD tea, make sure it is 100% THC-free – which CBD tea usually is anyway, but it is worth the effort to doublecheck either way.

Secondly, not all CBD teas are the same, and not all of them are of the same quality. The following is generally a good idea, but particularly when CBD tea is used while breastfeeding: It is important to purchase a high-quality product. So, if you decide to use CBD tea while breastfeeding, make sure it is free from contaminants, pesticides, or solvents that sometimes remain in the substance from the production process. Therefore, it is best to use products that have been tested by a third-party laboratory.

Thirdly, it is recommended to use CBD tea with low potency when breastfeeding (about 25 mg), to make sure only a minimal amount of the substance gets through to the infant.


Now that we have seen the pros and cons of using CBD tea when breastfeeding, let us take another close look at the matter. On the one hand, doctors will probably not approve of the use of CBD tea while breastfeeding, especially when the symptoms that you are trying to treat are not too severe. However, using CBD teas could be beneficial when the symptoms are very strong and would otherwise require the mother to take antidepressants or pain killers. Furthermore, the amount of substance that gets through to the baby is very small and there is no evidence that it will harm the baby. And, last but not least, if you decide to use CBD tea while breastfeeding, make sure it is a high-quality product that was tested by a third party and only contains a small dose of CBD.

A cup of CBD tea will help you relax, fight anxiety and be in a better mood for the rest of your day. If you want to know more about the dosage and general rules of drinking cannabis tea, check out CBD shop Essen-Werden, your German expert in all things related to CBD.

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CBD Beauty & Skin Care

CBD for Acne [VIDEO]



CBD Acne

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is increasingly becoming known as a treatment for acne. If you’re suffering from acne, find out if CBD is right for you.

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