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What makes Custom CBD Boxes so Essential?



Packaging always plays a great role in the
increasing sales of businesses. Because people prefer to get the product with
the aesthetic packaging. So, the packaging mainly should be made of sturdy
material for enhanced protection. Secondly, it should have creative designs
printed on it to give a charming expression. 

Whether you are buying food products,
cosmetics or other products, the packaging is important for all. The same goes
for CBD products. The sales of CBD boxes are
in the air in today’s market for the packaging of medical and other products.
Due to the increased demand for medicinal and other CBD products, the need for
CBD boxes automatically increases. 

OBT Packaging also manufactures different types of boxes for CBD products with the
enhanced customization of designs. That’s another reason that makes them

Let’s go into the details further to know
the importance of custom CBD boxes
and how they help to boss the businesses sales. 

Importance of CBD Boxes 

The introduction of a variety of
customization of designs, stickers and different labels on the boxes are
increasing the demand for CBD boxes. Hence, people always prefer packaging that
gives the first impression as a lasting one. 

The other benefits it provides tends to
increase the importance of these boxes. The main is brand recognition. Let’s
have a look at the other merits. 

Customizable Shapes of Boxes  

They provide the desired packaging shapes.
It’s easy to get the different dimensions in a variety of shapes of the

Getting the customized sizes of the custom
CBD is an amazing feature that makes them essential for the use of variety of
products other than bottle CBD products. The fitting size according to the size
of the product helps to achieve protection as well. Because in this way, the
product is not move in the box that helps set and fix them inside the

Also, a definite size gives a definite
shape that increases the visibility of the CBD boxes. 

Variety of Designs with Customized Printing 

The first impression becomes the last
impression in the case of packaging for all types of products. In the same way,
to increase the practical use of CBD packaging, you have to focus on the
incredible packaging designs. The different drawings and visual illustrations
can greatly enhance the attractive look. 

Moreover, the fantastic fonts print on the
box also add as a decorative element. To give an outstanding look, you can also
add graphic designs, different colors themes, or ribbons addition can give an
embossing look. 

To increase brand recognition, you can ask
for the brand logo customization in the box. Furthermore, a small chit having a
message of the brand also attracts the customers. That can be a tagline or a
business story. 

Another way to add in the design is the
addition of highlighting the qualities of a product. This helps the audience to
know the features of the product without opening the box. It also adds to the
credibility by showing a specific box is made for a specific product. 

Optimizing the exterior look of the box is
a tricky way to attract the audience. Hence, increasing the sales of your

The Enhanced Durability  

The durability of the CBD boxes matters a
lot. This is because for the protection of CBD products need ultra-protection.
These products are usually in glass bottles that need sturdy packaging. 

The packaging should be durable and sturdy
for both the single item and also wholesale CBD products. Both the small and
large-sized items should be made of hard material that gives long life to the
box. Hence, increasing the sturdiness and durability. 

Moreover, the need for a hard material is
necessary to ship the products safely over long distances. It gives a lasting
impression to customers if the product is shipped with the original condition
and the retained packaging condition. 

Environment-Friendly Packaging 

In today’s world, where e-commerce is
increasing, people are also preferring to get products and everything that
provides a friendly environment. The increased pollution and global warming in
recent years due to the use of plastic packaging have cast a bad impression on
the earth. It also adds to the increased diseases in different people. 

Thus, for this, people prefer to choose
environment-friendly material not only in the products but also in the
packaging as well. They’re concerned about their health and environment. So,
recyclable material and eco-friendly material used in the custom CBD boxes
increase their importance. That’s why they’re very essential.

The Average Packaging Costs 

The easily accessible, eco-friendly and
fresh material used in the production of CBD boxes significantly reduce the prices of packaging. The
corrugated material is usually not much costly. This is why people choose these
boxes over the simpler ones for the packaging of CBD products like essential
oils and other tints, etc. 

Moreover, it also reduces the cost of
transport because they already are made of durable material that doesn’t
require extra protection. Hence, there will be no need to spend extra money
during the shipment process. 

Furthermore, the use of recyclable
material greatly reduces the costs of packaging these boxes. This helps the
businesses to gain customer satisfaction. Hence, they will shop again. 


In the end, we would say prefer CBD boxes for the packaging if CBD
products are the best option you can opt for. Because of the functionality and
practicality of these boxes. Also, they help to level up your business by
providing a variety of boxes for gift packaging, CBD premium packaging, or
wholesale packaging. 

All these benefits help the businesses
stand out in the market. Moreover, the creative and customized designs help to
maximize the visibility of products and also the impact on the customers. Thus,
increasing the sales and ultimately the revenue. 

OBT Packaging
also deals with the production of Custom
CBD boxes. To get the product of your choice, all customization of size,
shape, material and design, you can contact them. 

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However, with huge numbers of municipalities that opt out of the legalization of the sale and consumption of cannabis, many businesses are in muddy water. Watch this video for more details.

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Cannabis Business

One Clear Solution for Cannabis Storage: Mylar Bag



Those who buy a large amount of weed know that it must be stored safely until the buds are ready for consumption. Choosing any surface or bag to store these buds is not right leading to a decrease in shelf life and quality. In order to increase the longevity of cannabis, it is necessary to use special and high-quality eighth (3.5g), ounce 28g), and (448g) pound bags.

If the purchased product is not stored correctly, there is a risk of deterioration of the buds and a decrease in quality. You will be disappointed by the decline in the quality of the cannabis that you have kept for a long time and when the right moment comes to use it. It is quite possible to get rid of this problem easily.

Mylar bags are a very popular method of storing cannabis. It is an ideal method in terms of providing the quality you are looking for.

Mylar Bag?

What are these bags that you have seen used in many places before? Are you wondering what makes these bags used especially in helium balloons special?

Mylar bags, a polyester film made from enhanced terephthalate, have been in use since the 1950s. What makes it special is its chemical structure.

Marijuana lovers know that just keeping the air out is not enough for the storage container. At the same time, it should not pass other gases and odors. Thanks to its special chemical formula, they know that the marijuana and bud odor inside their Mylar Bags will not come out either. This feature provides the owner with both privacy and terpene profile in terms of material.


The numerous effects of these bags are very useful and indispensable for the keeper and their users. If we talk about these;

  • It completely prevents the entry of water and air, which will reduce the quality of cannabis. In this way, your product stays fresh.
  • Thanks to its opaque feature, it prevents unauthorized exposure to light, which is the biggest problem for buds. It keeps the color, smell, and taste of cannabis intact. It also increases the quality.
  • Protects another important feature of marijuana, its smell. It provides this both by preventing the odor inside from coming out and by preventing the odor that can enter from the outside. We wouldn’t want the aromatic smell of our product to change, would we?
  • Thanks to its special chemical structure, there will be no easy wear and tear. Mylar bags, which will maintain their strong structure against any impact, will always be ready to be used again after cleaning.

Purpose of Use

  • For people who love tobacco or cannabis and only consume it, the benefit of mylar bags will be far less than the benefits to retailers. Local marijuana dispensaries or large dispensaries handle these bags without any problems until they deliver the material to the customer.
  • Since it prevents the mysterious smell of cannabis that everyone will recognize instantly, it will keep itself as mysterious as the smell of the user or seller at home or while carrying the product.
  • Thanks to the opacity of the bags, retailers can never stop using Mylar bags to package cannabis. After all, no one can see what you are selling or buying.
  • Just as we love marijuana, a dark, cool, and dry environment is the main characteristic of a marijuana-loving environment. It never allows the plant to deteriorate with light, prevents the amount of THC from falling, and guarantees the stability of the amount of peace and pleasure to be taken afterward.
  • Your bag will be ready to use whenever you want. All you need to do to keep family members that you do not want to reach your marijuana or tobacco product where you live is to carefully seal your product after placing it in your Mylar bag. It will be a very simple but highly effective procedure.
  • In short; If you are a smoker, you no longer have to be afraid of buying marijuana in large quantities. Mylar bags are designed for you. Thanks to its design that has been developed day by day, it is now possible to store your cannabis for a long time without losing its quality.

Have a nice flight…

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