Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world apart from plain water. Drinking this healthy beverage is a crucial part of many cultures, especially in East Asia. For thousands of years, this drink has been used for many uses aside from quenching thirst. Tea drinking is also part of various activities like religious rituals, socialization, and relaxation.

Tea and Cannabis: A Healthy Combination

For many cultures, particularly with the Chinese, tea is also a medicine. When mixed with cannabis, tea has a surprising twist not only in flavor but also in medical potency. Certain compounds from marijuana, particularly cannabidiol, provide tons of health benefits. Cannabis is known to reduce chronic pain, calms anxiety and depression, improves lung capacity, promotes heart health, alleviates problems in digestion and symptoms of nausea. Furthermore, it can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurogenetic diseases. Combined with other herbs, its potency shoots up, giving its drinkers a dose of wellness while sipping the distinct flavors of various tea types.

Five Cannabis Teas to Love

  • Canna Tea CBD Wild Berry White Tea

If you want a cannabis-infused tea with a rustic flavor, you will enjoy Canna Tea. As a holistic brand from Bend, Oregon, it boasts of manufacturing eco-friendly products with a very minimal carbon footprint. The brand has different variants that can suit your unique taste. You can choose CBD Wild Berry White Tea for heightening body sensations and deep body relaxation. You can also buy Canna Tea Honey Ginseng Green Tea for sharpening senses and enhancing relaxation; Honey Lemon Yerba Mate for boosting creativity and clarity of the mind; Honey Rose Chamomile Hot Tea for relieving chronic pain; and CBD Marion Berry Chamomile Tea for giving your body complete relaxation and a calm mood.

  • Kikoko Positivi-Tea

Kikoko is founded by two women who want to perk up and improve the lives of other people through their complete line of cannabis-infused tea. Each of these brands contains various amounts of CBD and THC to produce different effects in your body. It also includes a mixture of different herbs to improve the potency and flavor. If you want to get energized, you may want to drink Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea on the go. Kikoko also produces Tranquili-Tea which helps you get quality sleep; Sympa-Tea for pain and anxiety and Sensuali-Tea which acts as an aphrodisiac to increase sex drive.

  • Subtle Tea’s 1:1 CBD Lemon Ginger with Turmeric

You can choose from a Subtle Tea’s various flavors to satisfy your choosy palate while taking in the medicinal properties of CBD and THC. One of its top variants is 1:1 CBD Lemon Ginger with Turmeric that can soothe your nerves and relaxes tired muscles while providing relief to your sore backs, and achy joints. Meanwhile, Subtle Tea 8:1 CBD Dreamtime PM with Valerian can put you into a deep and energizing slumber.

  • Skyline Boulevard Co.’s Peppermint Cannabis Tea

If you want to try the Cannanis-infused drink without the taste of marijuana, Skyline Boulevard Co.’s Peppermint Cannabis Tea will become your favorite. With its overwhelming peppermint flavor, you will taste a minimal cannabis taste. You can also add milk, cream, or honey to increase potency.

  • Mary’s Wellness Echinacea Tea

To boost your immune system during the flu season, drinking Mary’s Wellness Echinacea Tea could be part of your treatment regime. Echinacea is an herb used by indigenous tribes for its medical properties. Mary’s Wellness also comes with other flavors such as the traditional Green Tea, and Earl Grey Tea. The company also offers Peppermint Tea, Orange Pekoe Tea, and many more. You should be careful sipping Mary’s Wellness teas since all variants contain 60mg THC and 6mg CBD.

Combining tea and medical cannabis is an excellent match for your palate and health. Try one of these cannabis teas now.