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What Does it Take to Build a Multi-Million Dollar CBD Business? [VIDEO]



Build a Multi-Million Dollar CBD Business

In a span of a few decades, the cannabis industry emerged from it’s black market history into a multi-billion dollar trade. Indeed, getting into the cannabis industry is a gold mine that has only been recently unearthed. Interested in making it in the CBD industry? Watching this video can provide you with useful insights.

Cannabis Business

What makes Custom CBD Boxes so Essential?



Packaging always plays a great role in the increasing sales of businesses. Because people prefer to get the product with the aesthetic packaging. So, the packaging mainly should be made of sturdy material for enhanced protection. Secondly, it should have creative designs printed on it to give a charming expression. 

Whether you are buying food products, cosmetics or other products, the packaging is important for all. The same goes for CBD products. The sales of CBD boxes are in the air in today’s market for the packaging of medical and other products. Due to the increased demand for medicinal and other CBD products, the need for CBD boxes automatically increases. 

OBT Packaging also manufactures different types of boxes for CBD products with the enhanced customization of designs. That’s another reason that makes them essential. 

Let’s go into the details further to know the importance of custom CBD boxes and how they help to boss the businesses sales. 

Importance of CBD Boxes 

The introduction of a variety of customization of designs, stickers and different labels on the boxes are increasing the demand for CBD boxes. Hence, people always prefer packaging that gives the first impression as a lasting one. 

The other benefits it provides tends to increase the importance of these boxes. The main is brand recognition. Let’s have a look at the other merits. 

Customizable Shapes of Boxes  

They provide the desired packaging shapes. It’s easy to get the different dimensions in a variety of shapes of the boxes. 

Getting the customized sizes of the custom CBD is an amazing feature that makes them essential for the use of variety of products other than bottle CBD products. The fitting size according to the size of the product helps to achieve protection as well. Because in this way, the product is not move in the box that helps set and fix them inside the box. 

Also, a definite size gives a definite shape that increases the visibility of the CBD boxes. 

Variety of Designs with Customized Printing 

The first impression becomes the last impression in the case of packaging for all types of products. In the same way, to increase the practical use of CBD packaging, you have to focus on the incredible packaging designs. The different drawings and visual illustrations can greatly enhance the attractive look. 

Moreover, the fantastic fonts print on the box also add as a decorative element. To give an outstanding look, you can also add graphic designs, different colors themes, or ribbons addition can give an embossing look. 

To increase brand recognition, you can ask for the brand logo customization in the box. Furthermore, a small chit having a message of the brand also attracts the customers. That can be a tagline or a business story. 

Another way to add in the design is the addition of highlighting the qualities of a product. This helps the audience to know the features of the product without opening the box. It also adds to the credibility by showing a specific box is made for a specific product. 

Optimizing the exterior look of the box is a tricky way to attract the audience. Hence, increasing the sales of your brand. 

The Enhanced Durability  

The durability of the CBD boxes matters a lot. This is because for the protection of CBD products need ultra-protection. These products are usually in glass bottles that need sturdy packaging. 

The packaging should be durable and sturdy for both the single item and also wholesale CBD products. Both the small and large-sized items should be made of hard material that gives long life to the box. Hence, increasing the sturdiness and durability. 

Moreover, the need for a hard material is necessary to ship the products safely over long distances. It gives a lasting impression to customers if the product is shipped with the original condition and the retained packaging condition. 

Environment-Friendly Packaging 

In today’s world, where e-commerce is increasing, people are also preferring to get products and everything that provides a friendly environment. The increased pollution and global warming in recent years due to the use of plastic packaging have cast a bad impression on the earth. It also adds to the increased diseases in different people. 

Thus, for this, people prefer to choose environment-friendly material not only in the products but also in the packaging as well. They’re concerned about their health and environment. So, recyclable material and eco-friendly material used in the custom CBD boxes increase their importance. That’s why they’re very essential.

The Average Packaging Costs 

The easily accessible, eco-friendly and fresh material used in the production of CBD boxes significantly reduce the prices of packaging. The corrugated material is usually not much costly. This is why people choose these boxes over the simpler ones for the packaging of CBD products like essential oils and other tints, etc. 

Moreover, it also reduces the cost of transport because they already are made of durable material that doesn’t require extra protection. Hence, there will be no need to spend extra money during the shipment process. 

Furthermore, the use of recyclable material greatly reduces the costs of packaging these boxes. This helps the businesses to gain customer satisfaction. Hence, they will shop again. 


In the end, we would say prefer CBD boxes for the packaging if CBD products are the best option you can opt for. Because of the functionality and practicality of these boxes. Also, they help to level up your business by providing a variety of boxes for gift packaging, CBD premium packaging, or wholesale packaging. 

All these benefits help the businesses stand out in the market. Moreover, the creative and customized designs help to maximize the visibility of products and also the impact on the customers. Thus, increasing the sales and ultimately the revenue. 

OBT Packaging also deals with the production of Custom CBD boxes. To get the product of your choice, all customization of size, shape, material and design, you can contact them. 

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CBD Business Ideas



Hemp CBD

Cannabis has become a hot topic in the media during the last several years. CBD products are a big cause for the sudden increase in cannabis industry demand.

Cannabis-derived CBD does not make you high despite its presence in the plant. Instead, many people think that CBD offers several health advantages. In addition to alleviating anxiety and soothing pain, it also reduces inflammation and treats a variety of skin problems. Cannabidiol made its debut in 2018 with the first drop!

A recent analysis forecasts that the market would expand by up to 21.2% annually by 2028. This is mostly because CBD has so many healing effects. The emerging industry has quickly become a well-known source of revenue after receiving official clearance in a number of states.

Here are some profitable CBD Business ideas

#1 CBD Cosmetics

CBD may be able to alleviate symptoms of dryness, irritation, and discomfort in the skin. CBD cosmetics have arisen as a new trend in the burgeoning market for natural goods like hemp oil. CBD beauty products are now available in a wide range of forms, including creams, lip balms, face masks, lotions, and more.

Customers who know about the advantages of CBD, particularly in skin care and cosmetics, are the ideal target audience in this industry. Once you’ve decided to give it a shot, be ready to handle things like research and development, packaging, and marketing, and locating potential merchants for your product.

Initial expenditures include insurance, payroll, marketing materials, and your money site, but are not limited to these. For the most part, you may anticipate to pay anywhere between $75,000 to well over $200,000.

#2 CBD-Infused Drinks

CBD Infused Drinks

CBD-infused beverages may become increasingly popular in the future years, according to current trends. It’s possible that CBD beverages might pose a challenge to the alcoholic beverage industry’s dominance in the future, according to a research by Prohibition Partners. According to the findings of the research, the new market has the potential to reach USD four billion by 2024.

Coffee, water, beer, and tea are just a handful of the CBD-infused beverages now available on the market. While CBD-infused coffee may appear perplexing and difficult to understand, it’s actually rather easy. You may make a CBD latte by mixing cannabidiol with cold brew, expresso, or milk.

On the other hand, adding cannabidiol to water might be a challenge because THC and CBD do not mix well with water. Yet another method known as “nanotechnology” may be able to aid in your quest for a solution. Since 2014, a company called CBD Living has made CBD water using this technique. Definitely a promising one of the promising CBD Business ideas you would want to venture.

#3 CBD-Infused Pet Products

A big proportion of the CBD business has enormous potential: pet products. Hemp-based CBD pet products are expected to contribute for 3 to 5 percent of total U.S. hemp CBD sales by 2025, according to a Nielsen research. Seventy-four percent of CBD purchasers own a pet, which is significant.

#4 Skin and Body Essentials

For individuals who prefer not to drink or inhale CBD products, putting it on their skin is a great option. Fast-moving topical treatments include ingredients like aloe vera or goat milk that have dermatological-enhancing effects. Additionally, you have the option of using some CBD in your goods.

Advertising, marketing plans, recommendation, long-term preservation, and fulfillment costs all need to be considered when running this type of business. Rent, wages, insurance payments, and worker’s compensation are all part of running a physical retail store.

#5 Pills and Capsules

CBD Business Ideas - Pills

Given that CBD supplements constitute food, they do have an effect on the health of those who eat them Before you do anything else, be sure you review all of the federal laws and state regulations that are relevant to your industry. Despite this, CBD products sold as tablets are not claimed to be safe by the FDA.

Identify a dependable CBD source before starting with this CBD business ideas to ensure success. Aside from that, check to see if the supplements you purchase are compliant with local and state laws. To ensure high-quality items, a reliable supplier will need customers to submit to extensive testing before receiving their goods.


If you’re ready to take a chance, CBD can open up a world of business prospects for you. However, you’ll have to have a thick skin to endure the industry’s strict restrictions and regulations. Do extensive study about the law’s requirements, your target market, and the items you want to offer if you want a rewarding experience in business.

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Cannabis Business

How To Select A Wholesaler For Your Cannabis Vaporizer Business?



Are you thinking of ​​starting a vape business but don’t have enough motivation to get serious about finding the best Cannabis vaporizer wholesaler, we can assist. It may be interesting to know that the cannabis industry is strong with no signs of slowing down. Stakeholders predict that the industry could be targeted for the big times ahead, with some estimates suggesting that the global vape market could grow to $32.11 billion by 2022. So, there is no better time to start your vape business than now.

But like any startup, you will need to find a suitable wholesaler. That might make you wonder what makes a great vape seller. Well, now you will get a clear guide on how to choose the right wholesaler for your vape business. Read on.

What products do they offer?

Searching for quality vape products can be intimidating and confusing. As you’ll see, there are many products that make vape accessories. The e-cig is also known as a vaporizer or vape device, as well as a vape juice, also known as e-juice or e-liquid. It is not uncommon to find a wholesaler focusing solely on e-cig products or e-juices.

Therefore, the common thing is to ask about the type of products in the vape pen before choosing it. At the very least, the company should offer a variety of pocket scales with LED screens and tons of other vape accessories, including atoms, batteries, vape tanks, suction tips, and e-juices.

If possible, go the extra mile and sample some vape juices while looking for a cannabis vaporizer wholesale distributor. That’s because vape devices vary in their structure and performance, and e-juices also vary in their ingredients so it’s good to test them out together.

Where are they found?
Locations are another key consideration when choosing a Cannabis vaporizer wholesale distributor for your vape business. Ideally, you will be more comfortable finding your vape products at local retailers. Buying from local retailers comes with many benefits, including faster delivery times and lower shipping costs. You also enjoy great customer support, since the wholesaler will work during the same business hours as you. In addition, your interests as a retailer are much more secure when working with local people than with retailers overseas.

What is their quality assurance?
The first tip is to make sure you get high-quality vape products to ask the wholesaler about test results from independent laboratories. This is especially important for e-juices. It is the only way to ensure that the product offered contains the mentioned ingredients and is in the right dosages. It is also wise to ask a wholesaler for ISO quality assurance.

You may have thought about why this is so important. After all, you may just purchase your vape products from a brick and mortar company and sell them at your eCommerce store, right?

Yes, advances in e-commerce technology have led to sales fulfillment models such as dropouts. On the downside, you don’t have to put the products you sell. Instead, when clients order products on your website, you send their information to vendors who send products directly to customers using your shipping information.

What is their price?
Even if a manufacturer inspects all the boxes in other locations, they may not be suitable for you if their products are too expensive. You need low-cost vape products to get the best profit margins.

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