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Get to Know: Women Building Their Empires with Cannabis

Stacey Wellington



Cannabis Entrepreneurs

In history, women don’t enjoy the same privileges as compared to men who were entitled to a myriad of opportunities. Up to this day, gender inequality still exists in some parts of the world, but women are starting to recognize their rights and stand up for each other and change the perception of society.

In light with this, women around the world are now making a name for themselves in different fields and industries. More importantly, some women are engaging in the cannabis industry, a multi-billion-dollar business that will soon change the world. These women are already successful in their respective careers, inspiring others to find their passion, go for their dreams and not be afraid of challenges.

Since marijuana’s legalization in some parts of the globe including Canada and selected states in the US, people have access to alternative medicine. Cannabis is known and proven to be great for alleviating pain and inflammation, so people suffering from arthritis, muscle soreness and body pain can benefit from this wonder plant.

Get to know the women who are building their empire with cannabis:

Maya Elisabeth

(CEO, and Founder of Whoopi and Maya)

Ever since college, Maya Elisabeth had a ‘very deep love’ for cannabis medicine. After graduating from the university, she started working at a local dispensary where she had the opportunity to get to know more about this plant and how patients are benefiting from it. From there, she started to study and create her own medicine and eventually founded her company, Whoopy and Maya.

The type of business she’s engaged in is mainly for medicinal purpose. The products range from cannabis oils, body balm, bath soak, edibles, and tincture. These products offer relaxation and aid to women experiencing severe pain brought on by menstrual cycle and PMS. The body rub and balm are also good for the skin and promote ease to mind and body.

Since Whoopi and Maya’s release last 2016 in California, the brand already received good reviews from customers in California and is now licensed to distribute products to Colorado. CEO and Founder Maya Elisabeth also won eight High Times Cannabis Cup awards since 2008.

Sara Batterby,

(CEO marijuana networking organization Women Grow and Hifi Farm)

Women Grow is founded in 2014, which has the goal of educating leaders on the potentials of cannabis. Sara Batterby helps shape this organization and encourages more women to rise and start cannabis businesses in different US states. Members of Women Grow get access to monthly and annual leadership events that help them expand their cannabis business and develop newer techniques.

Sara Batterby also founded Hifi Farm, which is a sustainable marijuana plantation in Oregon. According to Esquire, it is one of the ‘coolest cannabis farms in Oregon.’ Moreover, she recently founded her very own company, which is Batterby Group, which aims to support start-up investing and distributing capital. In this platform, she’s able to help passionate, driven and strong leaders who need support in their business.

Sara continues to thrive in these platforms, promoting empowerment to women who are already dominating the cannabis industry.

..some women are engaging in the cannabis industry, a multi-billion-dollar business that will soon change the world.

Jewel Zimmer

(Founder of Juna)

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jewel was once a pastry chef, working at renowned restaurants in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Her background to THC and CBD inspired her to discover more about marijuana and its healing properties. Being a chef too has helped her to know the importance of good ingredients to develop a good end product. One good thing about California, she has access to the best sun-grown cannabis flowers which are truly important in making cannabis products.

Currently, with Juna products, Jewel emphasized that she extracted all the botanical actives from the plant and created formulas that work for body pain and even for beauty. Microdose formulas in the form of a tincture and drops are good mood enhancers and designed to boost creativity.

The line currently enjoys international following and receives multiple good reviews from customers in San Francisco.

Jamie Perino

(Founder of Denver-based dispensary Euflora)

Before starting her own dispensary, Jamie had a realization that most dispensaries offer poor customer service which makes her uncomfortable. She emphasized that budtenders aren’t patient with her, and you must wait a long time before you get your supply. This has made her eager and determined to create something that will not just offer premium cannabis but also quality service.

She wanted clean lines, more interaction between a customer and the budtender and of course, empower women. Because she sees a great potential to this industry, Jamie wanted to revolutionize how people get their supplies and go home feeling comfortable and satisfied.

Currently, Euflora has a total of six dispensaries serving Aurora, Denver, and Longmont. It carries top-quality strains, flowers, edibles, CBD products, concentrates, topicals, and vaporizers. Its success has now reached international news and continuously enjoys high sales each month.

Olivia Mannix

 (co-founder of Cannabrand)

Starting out as a marketing officer, Olivia thought it would take her years just to ‘get a pay raise and a title change.’ So, in 2014, she and her partner started a marketing agency that’s mainly for cannabis. It is now the world’s first marketing agency of its kind and has been making headlines since.

They are providing full-service marketing services to cannabis businesses to boost their sales, get better digital presence and improve their overall branding. Moreover, they help create campaigns that work for people who are still unaware of the potentials of cannabis.

Right now, Cannabrand is a distinguished marketing agency with clients all over the United States.

Role of Women in Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industries

The legalization of marijuana has brought development to the cannabis industry as more have access to medical and recreational use. Women, specifically, have seen lots of potential to marijuana in curing symptoms related to PMS, menstruation and even menopause. Those who suffer extreme symptoms can simply rub, consume or smoke cannabis to numb the pain so they are in a better mood.

Although it’s still a fact that more men are into the cannabis industry than women, the number is gradually decreasing as more women are engaging in marijuana-related businesses. In fact, according to Marijuana Business Daily, the percentage of women who held executive positions in the cannabis industry for 2015 is at 36%. This is a good number and is expected to rise through the years. Lots of opportunities await females as long as they’re committed and continue to support the cannabis industry.

Women are also seen to create a softer side on the marijuana industry, with more dispensaries providing care and education to its customers. Take the Euflora for example, the founder Jaime Perino is pushing for top-quality service aside from merely providing people with the supplies that they need. Older people with complications can benefit from this change, as long lines can be reduced, and they can learn more products that can help deal with arthritis, muscle spasms, skin, and mental conditions.

What’s in Store for Cannabis Industry

The future looks green, both literally and figuratively for the cannabis industry, with Americans spending roughly $40B annually for marijuana products and strains last 2018. In Canada, the amount is slightly lower but is significant at $6B for 2018 alone. Imagine how much more this number can increase if the whole of America and other Asian countries legalize the recreational use of this plant.

It is no wonder why CBD products are also on the rise with its non-psychoactive claim, unlike the THC compound. There are tons of products in the market ranging from beauty and skin care, cosmetics, body oils, topicals, vaporizers, edibles, and even beverages. Start-ups are also increasing in number, offering new and improved cannabis supplies that don’t need a permit to buy. In fact, in some US states, ordering marijuana supply can be as easy as ordering a burger from a fast food chain.

Indeed, the industry is fast-growing, thanks to the minds behind every brand, plus the loosening of laws and regulations in different states and Canada.

One thing is for sure there will be more innovations in the coming years with the help of researchers and scientists who are continuously unveiling the capability of marijuana. We can expect to see more findings on the plant’s healing powers and nourishing properties that are truly beneficial for the human body. Who knows, researchers can validate marijuana’s potential to eradicate life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and neurological conditions. And finally, stigma to cannabis use can be removed, with more people becoming aware of the properties of marijuana.

For now, people can enjoy cannabis for both medical and recreational use, providing they observe proper dosage and purchase quality strains. This is essential to the experience to get the desired effect for a specific period of time. It is also important to store strains in proper places, to preserve its quality, taste, and effect.


Cannabis Legalization

The Wonderful World of Weed Edibles

Jordan Webber



Cartoons to Watch with CBD Edibles

Smoking anything can be very harmful to your body and many people prefer not to smoke. Although some people believe that smoking marijuana is better for your overall health than smoking cigarettes, the smoke can still have harmful effects. Many people want and sometimes NEED an alternative to this. They want to feel the effects of marijuana, without actually smoking it. Weed edibles are the best way to do so. In this article. we’re going to be talking about what are weed edibles and how they affect your body and the modern cannabis market of today.

What Are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles are different kinds of foods and drinks that have been infused with marijuana. This is achieved by creating marijuana oil and adding it to a desired food or drink. Some may argue that a drink infused with marijuana is not a weed edible, as you drink it, not eat it, but they may refer to it as a weed drink. The most common types of edibles include baked goods and candies, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to weed edibles. If marijuana and weed edibles are legal in your state or whichever country you live in, you can purchase premade weed edibles at a marijuana dispensary. You can also make your own if you have access to some cannabis.

How Do Weed Edibles Effect The Body?

There are two main types of weed edibles that you can purchase; THC weed edibles or CBD weed edibles which both have different effects. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid and the main psychoactive component in marijuana. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the major active ingredients in cannabis that comes from the hemp plant which is apart of the marijuana family. If you choose a weed edible with THC, then you will feel a high or a sense of euphoria and some sedation, whereas if you choose CBD, then you won’t experience a high, but you may feel more relaxed or relief from any chronic pain you may be suffering from.

Weed edibles can be a great option if you don’t want to smoke marijuana, but you do need to be careful of how much you eat as they are a lot more potent than your average joint. When eating weed edibles, it is absorbed differently than if you were to smoke it. In short, when cannabis is consumed rather than smoked, it gets metabolized by the liver and changed from delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy-THC. This creates more of a psychedelic effect which is completely different compared to your average high.

Another thing is that it is a lot easier to dose yourself correctly when you smoke because you can control how much weed you want in your joint, blunt, or bong. With weed edibles, if you eat too much, you may experience extreme paranoia especially if you are inexperienced with marijuana plus it takes longer to feel the effects from an edible than if you were to smoke, so it can be very easy to consume too much. If you are new to marijuana and experimenting, then it is advisable if you decide to eat a weed edible, you only eat a small amount and see how you feel after 30 minutes- 1 hour.

To conclude, weed edibles can be the perfect alternative if you want to feel the effects of marijuana without smoking. There are tons of options in regards to the type of edibles you can get and the effects they have on your body. Whether you choose a CBD weed edible or a THC weed edible, make sure to do your research beforehand and decide which type and how much is right for you. Talk to friends and family that have experience which weed edibles and marijuana or even a budtender at your local dispensary as they may be able to guide you in the right direction. Just have fun and be safe while experimenting, because marijuana has great effects and can be a lot of fun plus help with a lot of issues.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The State of Cannabis in Washington State: Things To Know in 2021

Jordan Webber



The Pacific Northwest is well known for its beautifully lush landscapes, crisp apples, fresh air, and progressive lifestyle/health views. Being the only state named after a United States president(George Washington), Washington is a place many happily and willingly call home or their sanctuary.  

In terms of other well-knowns, Washington state was one of the first to legalize cannabis for recreational use nearly a decade ago (2012 to be exact). As long as you are 21 years old or older and reside in the state, you can privately partake in the consumption of cannabis without any legal ramifications. This has been an appeal to many across the country, with some actually moving to the state for this reason.

In 2021, and with the dawn of a new administration in the White House, marijuana looks to have a very bright few years ahead. We’ve already seen an emergence of pot stocks and hometown dispensaries budding up all around the United States and the rest of North America, and that only looks to continue into the near future.

If you’re in the mood to finally take the leap into using cannabis, now could be a great time to learn more about this wonderful plant and its many healing and rejuvenating properties. 

What is it used for mainly in 2021?

Cannabis was once thought only to be good for “getting high.” There has been a plethora of scientific research giving us a better understanding of this miracle plant. It has been used to treat Cancer, Epilepsy, Seizures, Glaucoma, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammation, and even Alzheimer’s disease. In 2021 after a rough 2020, many have been using it as a healthier way to indulge at home, protecting themselves from the ongoing pandemic. Instead of frequent alcohol consumption, there has been a larger shift towards the consumption of cannabis as it has been stated to be less harmful to vital organs like the heart and liver. Alcohol also creates a lot of inflammation within the body, whereas cannabis reportedly fights inflammation. 

Best places to buy it in 2021?

The best places to purchase your cannabis are from state-licensed retailers in Washington. Purchasing weed through private means(aka black-market) is still illegal and should be avoided at all costs. Make sure to do your due diligence when seeking reputable dispensaries as there are “pop-up shops” that claim being licensed but are not, and purchasing from them could result in a hefty fine or even jail time. 

Per WeedMaps, Medical marijuana patients may purchase and possess up to:

  • 3 ounces of marijuana, or 85 grams;
  • 48 ounces, or 1.36 kilograms of marijuana-infused products in solid form;
  • 1.69 gallons, or 6.4 liters of marijuana-infused products in liquid form, or; 
  • 21 grams of marijuana concentrate.

Washington state cannabis Legislation in 2021

As far as growing and cultivation of marijuana for personal use, this is still illegal. Washington cannabis laws are more liberal than other states, but there are still many restrictions, such as not being able to consume it in “public view”. The most notable push in the cannabis space in Washinton state is a bill for home cultivation.


Washington is a great place to visit and, for many, is one of the best places to call home due to its stance on cannabis consumption. With 2021 being a year of progression, it looks like the state of cannabis in Washington will only continue to shine.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Could CBD Help Fight Severe Cases Of COVID-19? [VIDEO]

Carissa Stevens



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Scientists are now investigating how the inflammatory properties of CBD could treat the cytokine storm that comes along during severe cases of Covid-19 infections. According to research, there are a few strains of cannabis that are worth looking at. Watch this video to learn more.

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