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What to Expect In 2019: Best Cannabis Stocks, Market, and New Products

Daniel King



Cannabis Stocks 2019

The year 2018 has been a good year for cannabis, with more opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell marijuana for medical and recreational use. We’ve also witnessed some of the greatest millstones for cannabis, with the Canadian legalization for recreational use. What followed this news was a rampant shortage of marijuana supply across the country. With the year 2018 coming close to an end, experts are predicting that the marijuana industry is set to become bigger by year 2019 with lots of countries pushing for less strict laws on the use of this wonder plant.

The question now is, what’s in store for cannabis this year 2019? We’ve got a few things to spill:

Investment Interests in Cannabis

With Canada being the second country to legalize recreational marijuana use following Uruguay, more and more increase in investments have been witnessed in the country. Not only would local companies take advantage but also foreign investors, who are already eyeing Canada to drive more sales and earn a bigger profit. It is important to note that the height of the foreign investment drives is good for the economy as it offers more resources to produce cannabis-infused products.

Meanwhile, in the US, the federal law still recognize marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug but there are also lots of opportunities here involving the cannabis market. In the 30 states that legalized the use of this plant, businesses can get a permit to run a marijuana-related business like dispensaries.

Let’s also not forget the increasing craze of the people with CBD or cannabidiol products, ranging from skin care to edibles, topicals, and oil for vape. These are continuously in demand, especially for those who suffer from mental disorders and chronic pain.With CBD not giving psychoactive effects, many people who are in the stricter states can benefit from these products.

Overall, 2019 will be a good time for people to list and invest in Canadian stock exchanges as more cannabis companies will likely produce more products.

For more information on investing in marijuana stocks, check out Stocks Marijuana Diary.

Efficient Growth of High-Quality Marijuana Crops

The increasing number of countries that legalize the use of marijuana can be beneficial for the efficient growth of high-quality yields. Because cannabis is still not completely legal in the United States, growing this plant is both challenging in terms of money and physical labor. Some growers are guilty of planting marijuana in tiny spaces, therefore quality is sacrificed.

Quality is definitely important when it comes to marijuana as some bad weed can be associated with bad taste and bowel issues. Top-shelf marijuana are high-quality in terms of strains and taste, with a nice dank and beaster. Most consumers who are using marijuana for medical purposes need top-shelf quality to get the best out of this plant. Now that marijuana is already up for medical and recreational use, we can expect an efficient growth of quality crops from farmers and other cannabis growers.

Advances in Laboratory Testing

Other countries, particularly in Asia, still ban the use of marijuana as it is seen as an addictive compound. Given this situation, many researchers and scientists cannot perform various scientific experiments to test this plant. Stricter laws get in the way for these professionals to discover more potentials of cannabis and its effects on the human body.Although there are recent studies that proved the positive effects of cannabis and some of its active compounds like CBD and THC, there’s still more to learn from this wonder plant.

Good news however, by year 2019, with Canada’s legalization of marijuana use, scientists will have the freedom to test and explore cannabis. A  large conference is scheduled for July 2019which would be held in Bangkok, Thailand, to gather leaders and members of the academe to exchange notable research and experiences about marijuana. This conference will also shed light on medical cannabis and its potential to be an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

We can expect more studies concentrating on the benefits of cannabis and how it can treat diseases like cancer, arthritis and mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and more.

Product Branding and Innovation

Lots of cannabis brands would likely be in a tight competition with more innovations by year 2019. Aside from quality and taste, branding is an equally important aspect of getting more loyal customers.The range of products invented plus the packaging and marketing can be a battle ground for cannabis businesses.

Consumers, on the other hand, will have lots of options with the broadening of the marijuana market. Different products will be made, from CBD oils, marijuana cigars, beverages, topicals, cosmetics, and even edibles.

New Cannabis Products to be On Trend this 2019

Gone are the days when using marijuana is a taboo. With new developments and studies on the potential of this plant, many people have changed their views of cannabis. In fact, some are ditching over-the-counter medicines as marijuana works well for chronic pain, stress and muscle pain. In addition, CBD oil, a compound found in marijuana, is used by many athletes participating in different sports like basketball, UFC, track and field, and boxing.

Listed below are some of the best products that would be on trend this year 2019:

  • Hemp Heart Seeds

This wonderful food staple is incredibly nutritious because it’s rich in healthy fats, protein, and other minerals. It has a mild and nutty flavor, but overall, it won’t affect your appetite. The hemp seeds are similar to chia seeds and flax seeds, containing approximately 18% of protein per serving. You can add these seeds to your fruit shake in the morning, pancakes and even pasta.

The good thing about this product is that it doesn’t give off psychoactive effects as THC levels are greatly reduced. Hence, it’s a perfect superfood to take in the morning for a great source of energy.

This year 2019, expect to see more hemp seeds in cannabis groceries and dispensaries. Take advantage of this product to nurture your body, boost your  immune system and have a healthy heart.

  • Prime Edibles

Enjoy the fruity flavor of this premium edible packed with essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins. This doesn’t contain any additives like sugar and corn syrup, but rather, organic honey, antioxidant fruit juices and cannabis extract. Don’t worry, the potency is just enough and it does not have any psychoactive effects. The best thing about this is, it’s shaped in gummy bears, making it fun to eat.


  1. All natural product
  2. Available in two flavors Citrus Bliss andBeary Berry
  3. Contain 30 capsules
  4. Made from cannabis sativa
  5. Grass-fed collagen with a high concentration of proteins
  • Medical Cannabis Bath Salts

Year 2019 is a new year to start fresh and discover more products for self-care.Aside from food supplements, expect to see more body and skin care made from pure cannabis. The bath soak salt is an example of a product that would be hot this new year. it is produced by Whoopi & Maya. it’s a bath salt that combines the benefits of medical marijuana in terms of pain relief and relaxation properties for a warm and fuzzy night.

This bath salt is pretty potent and can immediately relieve joint and muscle pain. Simply use a decent amount and soak in warm water. Aside from its pain relief properties, your skin can also be smooth and nourished after this amazing bath.

  • CBD-infused Sparkling Water

This refreshing drink can be purchased from selected convenience stores and gas stations in the United States. It comes in two variants, having either onlyCBD or THC. You can choose from these two plus a variety of flavors. Note that this product is derived from hemp, which means it doesn’t evoke the feeling of getting ‘high’. The THC variety, on the other hand, contains just enough potency for a nice and refreshing beverage, with a slight kick.

This no-calorie drink is a great innovation that people will love. It’s not like any ordinary sparkling water and the special ingredient can be beneficial for the body.

  • Pain and Inflammation Cream

Topicals are famous products used to relieve joint, muscle pain and lessen inflammation. According to numerous studies, cannabis has an anti-inflammatory compound which can help in several conditions like arthritis and muscle pain. If you’re suffering from any of these conditions, you can now purchase the best CBD oil for pain and inflammation cream, with a cannabis extract from the brand “Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics”, this magnificent cream can be used for muscle tensions, joint pain, and stiffness. It contains 15mg of THC and 15mg CBD, harnessing the power of cannabis to treat aches and pains. It comes in a neat and compact packaging, which you can carry with you anywhere you go. It also relieves symptoms of eczema, which is non-stop itchiness, dryness of skin and irritations. Simply wipe an ample amount to the skin and wait until the product is working.

Tons of exciting things await cannabis this year 2019. With less strict laws and regulations coupled with more countries legalizing the use of this wonder plant, we can expect more innovations and findings. Who knows, maybe this coming new year can bring marijuana to new heights with substantial discoveries that can benefit mankind.

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Cannabis Legalization

The Wonderful World of Weed Edibles

Jordan Webber



Cartoons to Watch with CBD Edibles

Smoking anything can be very harmful to your body and many people prefer not to smoke. Although some people believe that smoking marijuana is better for your overall health than smoking cigarettes, the smoke can still have harmful effects. Sometimes people want an alternative. They want to feel the effects of marijuana, without actually smoking it. Weed edibles are the best way to do so. In this article. we’re going to be talking about what are weed edibles and how they affect your body and the modern cannabis market of today.

What Are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles are different kinds of foods and drinks that have been infused with marijuana. This is achieved by creating marijuana oil and adding it to a desired food or drink. Some may argue that a drink infused with marijuana is not a weed edible, as you drink it, not eat it, but they may refer to it as a weed drink. The most common types of edibles include baked goods and candies, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to weed edibles. If marijuana and weed edibles are legal in your state or whichever country you live in, you can purchase premade weed edibles at a marijuana dispensary. You can also make your own if you have access to some cannabis.

How Do Weed Edibles Effect The Body?

There are two main types of weed edibles that you can purchase; THC weed edibles or CBD weed edibles which both have different effects. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid and the main psychoactive component in marijuana. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the major active ingredients in cannabis that comes from the hemp plant which is apart of the marijuana family. If you choose a weed edible with THC, then you will feel a high or a sense of euphoria and some sedation, whereas if you choose CBD, then you won’t experience a high, but you may feel more relaxed or relief from any chronic pain you may be suffering from.

Weed edibles can be a great option if you don’t want to smoke marijuana, but you do need to be careful of how much you eat as they are a lot more potent than your average joint. When eating weed edibles, it is absorbed differently than if you were to smoke it. In short, when cannabis is consumed rather than smoked, it gets metabolized by the liver and changed from delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy-THC. This creates more of a psychedelic effect which is completely different compared to your average high.

Another thing is that it is a lot easier to dose yourself correctly when you smoke because you can control how much weed you want in your joint, blunt, or bong. With weed edibles, if you eat too much, you may experience extreme paranoia especially if you are inexperienced with marijuana plus it takes longer to feel the effects from an edible than if you were to smoke, so it can be very easy to consume too much. If you are new to marijuana and experimenting, then it is advisable if you decide to eat a weed edible, you only eat a small amount and see how you feel after 30 minutes- 1 hour.

To conclude, weed edibles can be the perfect alternative if you want to feel the effects of marijuana without smoking. There are tons of options in regards to the type of edibles you can get and the effects they have on your body. Whether you choose a CBD weed edible or a THC weed edible, make sure to do your research beforehand and decide which type and how much is right for you. Talk to friends and family that have experience which weed edibles and marijuana or even a budtender at your local dispensary as they may be able to guide you in the right direction. Just have fun and be safe while experimenting, because marijuana has great effects and can be a lot of fun plus help with a lot of issues.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Can Kratom Boost My Energy Levels?

Jordan Webber




Everyone has their daily list of tasks that they need to complete by the time the day is over. But when you’ve had a terrible night’s sleep prior, it makes waking up and getting all the things you need to do done very hard to do. Coffee and caffeine can only do so much. You may be wondering, is there another alternative? If you find yourself desperate for a solution then you came to the right place! Today we’re going to be talking about a plant called Kratom, what it is and how it affects your energy. We’ll also be discussing other potential benefits this herb may possess.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is an evergreen tree that is a part of the coffee family. It is native throughout Southeast Asia, and it is commonly found in countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Kratom is known for its euphoric like effects and the health benefits it possesses. Although Kratom is legal in the United States and sold in many alternative medicine stores, it is illegal in numerous parts of Southeast Asia due to a lack of testing and knowledge about this plant.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved Kratom for medical use because there have been few clinical trials to fully understand the herb. People take Kratom for a variety of reasons. Some use it for purely recreational purposes, whereas other people use it for pain relief or try to substitute it for opioids or to treat withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is a highly controversial substance that hasn’t been researched enough to know the long term effects.

Kratom For Energy

There are three main strains of Kratom. These strains include red, green, and white variations. The best strain for energy or motivation is white Kratom. Some people state that when taken in small doses, white Kratom makes them feel energized, focused, and sociable when they otherwise won’t be. But when taken in higher doses, people have reported feeling calmness, euphoria, and even sedation, which isn’t good when you are trying to be focused and energized. It is advised if you do plan on taking Kratom of energy, motivation, and focus, that you choose white Bali Kratom. It is one of the milder types of Kratom but will give you the boost that you need. There is also white Maeng Da Kratom or white Borneo which are more potent but they are also good for boosting your energy if taken in small doses.

Other Benefits Of Kratom

Along with Kratom having great energizing properties, it also some other benefits. First of all, many people say that Kratom is a great relief for chronic muscle pain because it works like a sedative in relaxing your muscles. Another thing that people use Kratom for is treatment for anxiety and depression as it can energize you and make you crave more social interaction. Of course, none of these are scientifically proven, but people that actively use Kratom have stated these benefits.

In conclusion, although the Kratom plant is quite a controversial herb, it can have amazing benefits and qualities and may be a useful source for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, treatment for drug addicts, and an energizer. Many people in today’s age are opting for natural path options instead of modern-day medicine, and this could be the new up and coming natural medication. With further research and clinical trials, this plant may one day be approved by the FDA and become as common as THC and CBD are becoming.

The effects are said to usually start within 10 minutes after ingesting the plant and can last up to one and half hour.

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Cannabis Legalization

Why Cannabis Stocks Could Take the World by Storm in 2021

Jordan Webber



Marijuana Stocks, Cannabis Industry

It’s been quite a turbulent year so far, and the world is not entirely out of the woods yet. 2020 was “supposed” to be the dawn of a new decade meant to uplift and inspire all; what a let down it has been for the vast majority of us. As the year closes out, we are all hoping for a more prosperous future ahead. It shouldn’t be too far fetched given just how low of a low we all experienced throughout 2020.

Since the days of marijuana prohibition, marijuana was thought to be this harsh, addicting substance that was a gateway to other “harder” drugs. Adults have kept it away from their children and anyone who used it could easily be deemed a “drug addict,” a “washout,” or a “lush”. All of these were based on falsehoods and the truth is now coming to come to light.

Marijuana and Hemp CBD have definitive medical benefits and many studies are emerging to justify these claims. There are far more harmful substances out there that are currently legal in most of the world such as tobacco and alcohol. It’s looking like the world is starting to understanding the truth about “weed” and that it’s not the horribly addictive and destructive substance that it was hyped up to be in the past. As we ascend into 2021, will cannabis stocks be the next big investment craze? Only time will tell. 

As the new year rolls around, you may be looking for ways to diversify your financial investments and cannabis stocks could very well be the vehicle to do so in 2021. If you’ve been paying attention at all this year, you may have seen marijuana stocks all over the news and expectations of it being legalized on a federal level this year. Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or just someone who is looking to take on the future in a progressive way, there is no way to overlook marijuana stocks in 2021.

2020 was a year of many firsts, such as the football team located in the nation’s capital losing their name (Formerly known as the Washington Redskins), the Pope endorsing same-sex civil unions, and Kamala Harris becoming the first female vice president. Speaking of the vice president-elect, the world flooded into cannabis stocks just after Mrs. Harris mentioned her endorsement of the MORE Act, which would expunge weed convictions and make marijuana legal on the federal level in the United States of America. Stocks like Tilray ($TLRY), Aurora ($ACB), Aphria ($APHA), and Canopy Growth Group ($CGC) skyrocketed shortly after the name drops.


There is no doubt that the buzz around cannabis this year is one of the significant “high” lights that will trend into the new year. Cannabis are on a tear, and there are even Special Purpose Acquisition Company’s (SPAC’s) being created to harvest the growth in the cannabis industries.  It is quite possible that cannabis could be the next real global revolution in health and it’s definitely something to keep in mind in terms of your financial portfolio.

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