Because of the overwhelming support of many politicians and doctors, the demand for cannabis and CBD oil skyrocketed. But even so, many are still unaware of its myriad health benefits while some are misinformed about the plant’s legal and medical status. To further boost the promotion and information campaign on this plant, marketers, and advocates look for different avenues and communication channels. One reliable way to spread the good news of medical marijuana, especially in the age of digital communication, is by using influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing 101

Social media has become a favorite communication medium, especially for the younger generations. According to Mashable, 3 billion or 40% of people around the world are active social media users. Given the overwhelming number of people who use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels, some people take advantage of producing blogs, video clips, and other content that appeals to netizens. Some of them became celebrities and authority figures in a specific niche because of the number of people consuming their posts. In the social media lingo, they are influencers.

Digital marketers, too, capitalize on the growing popularity of influencers by involving them in their marketing campaigns. Just like in traditional media, sharing the post or just even citing the name of an influencer can boost their promotional efforts.

5 Leading Cannabis Influencers

The cannabis industry is not left behind in the use of influencer marketing. Here are some cannabis influencers that you can follow or subscribe:

  • Sanjay Gupta

CNN’s health correspondent is also making waves in the cannabis community by being a promoter of weed. Dr. Sanjay is one of the most active advocates of marijuana legalization. He is also an endorser of cannabis and CBD products in his social media accounts. What’s interesting about his case is his popularity to social media users soared after he apologized in 2009 for being critical of marijuana.

  • Phil Depault

Phil was a Canadian biker for over ten years. His passion for the sport was put on halt after developing fibromyalgia, which was probably triggered by abusing his body. When he was compelled to quit from his athletic endeavors, he established a cannabis business named Maitiri that promotes cannabis to active and curious folks. His Instagram account alone has more than 10.6k followers.

  • Steve Deangelo

Steve has been a marijuana activist, advocate, entrepreneur, and educator for four decades. In those years, he has inspired and educated millions of people about the many benefits of weed. As a cannabis leader, Steve advocates for using the plant as a medicine that will promote personal wellness and must not be used to get intoxicated. He is still active in speaking in conferences and special events to tell his audience about his own experiences in using cannabis, making him an excellent role model, authority and celebrity for all cannabis supporters.

  • Jessica Catalano

As a US-based chef, Jessica became a cannabis influencer by using it as an ingredient in the meals she is preparing. She also rose to digital popularity because of cooking strain-specific foods and writing “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution,” a cookbook for medical cannabis patients and lovers. She now has 15k followers on Instagram for her love for food and marijuana

  • Aaron Justis

Aside from being a marijuana expert, Aaron is also an entrepreneur and an activist for drug law reform.  He is the president of the Bud & Roses dispensary, with a mission of creating the ultimate cannabis shopping experience. Because of his passion for the plant, his business is consistently growing and has received multiple awards. He keeps his commitment of being the voice of marijuana legislation educating different weed enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

You can get deeper insights on marijuana by following these influencers. Follow them now.