The 1980s bore witness to the release of various horror films that are well-loved until today. In fact, some of the cult classic franchises born in the 80s are still on-going, while some are being rebooted. With the immense popularity and prolific production of horror flicks during this decade, there is no wonder that some dub the 80s as the Golden Age of Horror.

Cannabis enthusiasts who grew up during the 1980s will surely remember these beloved flicks. If you are looking to go down memory lane while smoking your favorite cannabis strain or simply consuming CBD edibles and drinks, check out these 4 movie series:

Horror Franchises that are Best Watched with Cannabis

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

First in our list is the film series starring Freddy Krueger (played by Robert Englund). Since the 80s, this smart-mouthed villain has been invading dreams of people in and out of Elm Street. Freddy is known for his claw-like gloves and green-and-red sweater that have permeated the nightmares of adults and children alike. If there’s another thing Freddy is known for his puns and one-liners which you will certainly enjoy while high.

Released in 1984, the first film from this franchise is one of the best-selling entries in this series. What’s best about this movie is that it is the debut of the prolific actor Johnny Depp. So, even if you watched Depp in Edward Scissorhands and the Pirate of the Caribbean series, why not go ahead and watch (or rewatch) him in his first film?

  • Hellraiser

Based on Clive Barker’s Hellbound Heart, the first Hellraiser film is a faithful adaptation of the original material. The subsequent films are treated as an expansion of the lore. However, Barker and Hellraiser fans consider only the first two (maybe three?) films as canon. Yup, that’s how passionate they are about the franchise.

You may be wondering: how is this S&M inspired series enjoyable? Well, the main antagonist Pinhead (played by Doug Bradley), is known to spout semi-philosophical and poetic phrases. As the brain and creativity stimulation given by cannabis can make anyone a philosopher, cannabis enthusiasts who like philosophy and literature might enjoy this series. Be warned, though, Pinhead becomes a caricature of Freddy Krueger further into the series.

  • Child’s Play

Children in the 80s surely remember the creepy and menacing villain in the Child’s Play series. If the main twist of the first film does not tickle your mind, then you will certainly find the talking and murdering doll trippy enough as it is. Just like Freddy, Chucky is popular for his wisecracks. However, if you have taken a liking for the first few films, get ready to witness the decreasing quality and in the most recent ones.

  • Friday the 13th

Out of all the film series in this list, this is the only franchise where the villain does not make witty quips. In fact, the main antagonist Jason Voorhees does not speak at all. However, what’s great about these films is that while the villain does not talk nor make any haste, the build-up in this film is exceptional. For enthusiasts who like the thrill of watching horror movies, this franchise is certainly perfect for you. Keep on watching the films and you will certainly find the twist about Jason’s character mind-blowing.

If there is one thing cannabis enthusiasts are known for, it is that they know how to enjoy movies. So, if you love horror and cannabis and you want to combine these two for hours and hours of fun, then check out these film franchises. Just make sure to prepare your favorite snacks such as chips, nachos and space cookies, as well as cannabis drinks such as juices and hemp soda, and you are good to go.