Thursday, April 25, 2019

Heading to Coachella Music Fest? Visit Nearby Dispensaries for Quality Weed

It’s the time of the year again to witness live performances of artists in the Coachella Valley for the phenomenon music festival ‘Coachella’. Besides...

Female Celebrities Who are Cannabis Enthusiasts

In homage to international women’s month, shedding the spotlight on female cannabis enthusiasts is only but appropriate. With the impending legalization of pot in...
PC Games

Living the Pot Life: 4 PC Games that Lets You Live and Breathe Weed

  Last time, we gave you four different mobile games that let you cultivate and sell cannabis. Now, we are back with games you can...
Weed Mobile Apps

5 Marijuana Mobile Apps You Need to Install

Who would have thought that a few taps on the smartphone can already let you order cannabis off the internet? Well, thanks to technology,...
Weed Shows

Television Shows that Highlight the Use of Cannabis

Gone are the days when the use of marijuana remains taboo. As a matter of fact, in the present, there are more and more...
Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Get to Know: Women Building Their Empires with Cannabis

In history, women don’t enjoy the same privileges as compared to men who were entitled to a myriad of opportunities. Up to this day,...
Instagram IG

Top 3 Cannabis Instagram Accounts to get you laughing

If you’re like us at PBP, you can always use a good laugh. These 3 accounts are sure to get you chuckling your socks...
Cannabis Legalization Update

2018 Map of states with some level of legalization of cannabis

Visit this link to find out more: 
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International Worker's Day

May Day: Where Cannabis Stands in Industry and Employment

The end of April is coming fast, which brings us closer to Labor Day, also known as May Day. On May 1st, we will...
420 Celebration

How North America Celebrated This Year’s 420

4/20 came just a day before Easter, making the weekend sweet and memorable for weed enthusiasts and practicing spirituals alike. For those who are...
Top Cannabis Influencers

5 Cannabis Influencers That You Should Follow Now

Because of the overwhelming support of many politicians and doctors, the demand for cannabis and CBD oil skyrocketed. But even so, many are still...